Trump is Playing Chess, McMaster and the Deep State are going down

A new theory came to me on Thursday, which would explain why it seems that Trump has changed in the past few weeks. I do believe that Trump is playing chess, and that he has a long term plan to take down the Deep State criminals. If this is true, peace is coming rapidly.


Syrian Airstrikes, The Push for WW3, and Is Trump Incompetent or Merely Playing 12D Chess?

A lot has happened in the past week. Was the Syrian chemical attack done by Assad or was it a false flag to force Trump and the USA into war? Where is it heading? Perhaps it will inevitably lead to a clash with Russia and Iran. Is Trump complicit in this war-mongering Deep State, or is he incompetent to see through the morass of fake intel, or is he playing 12 dimensional chess? What is up with the economy short and long term? Mike Cernovich brought new information about the ongoing “Pedogate” conspiracy to compromise our politicians and leaders. Good luck going forward everyone.

Update: Something that I failed to add in the video is that it seems as of now that there is a full alliance being formed between the USA and China. If we see simultaneous attacks on Syria and North Korea, we can be assured the alliance is in place. The USA will concentrate on Syria and China will concentrate on North Korea. This will essentially “spread the blame” of WW3 onto the United States and China, just like the blame was spread in WW2 between Germany and Japan. It is an exact copy, with Turkey being sort of neutral but leaning more into the USA-China alliance. The PTB know exactly how strong Russia is. They know how powerful their military and “self-reliant” economy can be and how “hard” Russians are as a people. Thus, after Syria and North Korea, the battle hardened Americans, Chinese, and Turkish, to a certain extent, will surely set their eyes on Russia. This is what it is looking like to me.

The Chinese model is ultimately the PTB’s wet dream for a future world: 100% control of the population. So ultimately it is everyone versus Russia, who I believe stands closer to truth and God. I would not underestimate the Russian people or Putin, but if Putin is taken out, it could be a major clusterfuck quickly. Watch closely. It would be highly surprising if WW3 is not right around the corner…

This American Sadhu Update: What’s Going on in the USA? New Video Series Ep. 1

What up old friends? Been meaning to write an update for a while… Thought I may try something new and put out a video series… Writing will come in time. Hope you all are well!!! Exciting times we are living in… Hope you like the video!

Rand Paul SHOULD Be The Next President of the United States of America

August 7th, 2015

Well here it goes. I’m going to start being a little more “political” in future writings. When a great chance presents itself, we can either take it or let it go. We can stay silent and observe or become “active” and aspire for what we believe is the right way forward. With the coming election, there is a tremendous opportunity coming around the corner for the USA and the world-at-large. I was hesitant at first about becoming “political” on this blog, but it is what my mind wants to do so I plan on taking this chance and seeing where it goes.

In my younger years I was quite politically active, planting seeds of liberty with the Ron Paul “Revolution” on the grassroots and national level throughout 2007-2012. Now that I look at it from afar, I believe that there was no possible way that Ron could have won it back then. It just wasn’t in the cards. BUT, the 2008 and 2012 elections were not for Ron. They were to build the possibility for his future torch-bearing son, Rand, to lead the cause to victory in 2016.

Unlike his father, Rand has everything he needs now to win – name, fame, youth, intelligence, and soon-to-be, the hearts of Americans. The establishment knows this and they are shaking in their boots just like they were when his father ran in the 2008 elections. Ron Paul’s election potential was just as unlikely in 2012, because the general consensus of Americans was to give Obama four more years to make the change that he promised would come; a change that never came.

No democrat is going to win the next election. The current frontrunner is Hillary Clinton. She has too many skeletons in the closets, an entrenched attachment to the current paradigm and power structure, and a major lack of understanding with young voters (unlike her predecessor Obama). Overall, she won’t be able to overcome the Republican nominee.

There is not going to be a major democratic uprising like there was in 2008 after Bush was leaving and Obama was the nominee. Hillary does not have the personality or charisma of Obama. She isn’t even in the same ballpark. This is the same situation as 2008 except it is the other way around, the Republicans are now the shoe-in to win. With that said, the Republican nomination will be where all the action is and where the fate of our country stands.

A Republican is virtually guaranteed the presidency and the establishment knows this. Who have they chosen as the current “puppet” or “guard” against the ascendency of Paul? Donald “Egomaniac” Trump. Yes, the one from Reality TV fame. It seems like a cruel joke. In 2008, Ron Paul had quite a line-up to contend against with McCain, Romney, Guliani, and Thompson running. Furthermore, the establishment hand-picked their own “semi-worthy” candidates for us to choose from when the popularity of another ran out. Now, who do they pick to lead us into their candidate juggling act? Donald Trump. They are getting desperate. He won’t be the last they propel into the spotlight as their chosen representative.

I predict Trump’s ascendancy is going to be very short-lived. Wait until the debates start and we see who is actually capable of leadership. Trump has never been elected for any political office, nor is he built for the marathon race ahead. He may be a sprinter (I wouldn’t even call him that), but he won’t have the gas to finish this race, nor the ideals or ideas that he will need to continue on and be elected. He will eventually tire out and return to his cushy life as the billionaire that he is; probably before the Republican nomination takes place. The establishment media will only be able to prop him up for so long before they jump to another candidate to hold up against the eventual Rand Paul juggernaut.

Truth will outshine whatever lies they try to spread about Rand and I have a good feeling the “Revolution” that was built on the grassroots level for his father will soon pass onto him. The Revolution has not died, it has merely been waiting in dormancy for the right chance to rise again. I’m not talking about the “Tea Party”. I’m talking about Ron Paul and Liberty-loving foot soldiers, who don’t need to be told what to do to spread the word. And this is the time.

Rand is not his father Ron. This fact is going to present many advantages, as well as disadvantages, but the advantages are in the field of electability which is what his father sorely lacked and will be most crucial to his eventual success. For anyone that doubts Rand’s decision-making skills if elected, they should be comforted to know his father’s constant guidance will be there, either in his head or in person, throughout the presidency.

Unlike his father, Rand can swim in these waters. He can and does change his mind on certain viewpoints. This is not necessarily a bad thing as changing our minds is perfectly natural in life, although it can be looked down upon as “flip-flopping” from a political perspective. Like his father, he has extremely strong core beliefs, but with the added flexibility that his father lacked. Electability-wise, this is a perfect setup moving forward and the type of person we need in the White House.

Who or what type of person will be best for the next presidency? We need someone who is a naturally moral person and can truly think for themselves. Is this so hard to ask? Apparently it is, because we haven’t had one in all the years that I’ve been around. Rand is surely this. He thinks with his heart, he is smart enough to make his own decisions, and he has the “rebel” spirit in him like his father. Whether we know it or not, this is what we have always wanted. The opportunity of having someone like him, who is also highly likable and electable, has not come around since perhaps Kennedy, who was eventually killed for his efforts to bring about the systemic change that was needed.

This is our chance. This is the time for true change. Not the bogus change that we have all witnessed under Obama. Something totally new. A man who will truly fight for what he believes in even if it is not the most popular choice. I won’t have to hold my nose when I cast my ballot this next election and that itself is a victory for our democracy.

I’ll do all in my power to make this aspiration come true and I intend to spark the flame once again that I personally witnessed and took part in the past two elections. Call in the banners. The establishment will do all in it’s power to stop us once again, but this time it won’t succeed. I hope that the readers of this blog will eventually see the light in the field of darkness as I have.

Vote for Freedom. Vote for Liberty. Vote to restore the Republic to the greatness that it once was. Vote for the true candidate who has the will to stop our endless war-making and saber-rattling and can bring our troops home. Vote for the candidate who won’t bow down to corruption or the monied interests and can never be “bought out”. Vote for the only candidate who can bring transparency to the Fed and remove the entrenched powers of the spying military-police state. Vote for the one fearless man who can actually bring about the revolutionary changes that we so desperately need in these dire times.

Rand Paul SHOULD be the next president of the United States.

Vote Rand Paul 2016.

Go Rand Go!

The Inevitability of the Return – Part 1

“Fightin’ for Fightin’s Sake”

The man walked along the dusty road with his hand on a holster and his mind on God. The road led to where he was supposed to meet the “council” to discuss what “councilors” talk about; real important stuff.

Turning off the road onto a canopied driveway, the man felt in the back of his mind he was being watched. Granted he always felt like he was being watched, especially with them damned satellites constantly following his implanted “microchip”. All the past soldiers had them or so he believed. His problem was even the x-rays could not spot his to take out. He was sure it was there somewhere.

After the “War on Terror” ended, the bases shut down across the world and the troops all came home. All of them. He had been a sniper for the Marine Corp doing one tour in Iraq and one tour in the Ukraine. Now he worked as a volunteer firefighter in the small town of Bingston, Arkansas.

The meeting point was an old barn turned machine shop for car reconstruction and the occasional bomb-build. Whatever one needed for either job could be found there. He crossed over the Stone Creek bridge and in front of him the octagon-shaped rusty barn laid in semi ruin. He approached slowly, going from tree to tree, checking to make sure no funny business was brewing otherwise he would have to pop out the trusty .44 Mag.

He could have gone in through the front, but decided against it and crawled under the bull fence to go around to the side entrance. He stepped into the barn through a door built as a horse entrance. The rest of the group must have been waiting for him for some time. He snuck in slowly without anyone being aware. A giant of a man was sitting on top of a stack of square hay-bails looking out a window near the front entrance.

“Hey!”, shouted the sneaking man with a surprise.

Nearly losing his balance and falling off the hay-bails, the giant man was obviously shooken up. “Why you… “, he thought better about what he was going to say. “Where the hell you been Earl? You’re late…”

“You know I gotta be careful leaving town Samson. You forget who I work for?”, responded Earl.

“Nah, I didn’t forget… but maybe you are just being too paranoid again.”

“Paranoid? How can you call me paranoid when you are the one tryin’ to use some got-damn dove to deliver Timmy messages cause you think they still tracking our cellphones?”, said Earl.

“It’s a good idea if you ask me. They are still tracking our cellphones, no matter what they say. That ole libertarian wannabe president may seem like a good ole boy, but you know who is backin’ him.” He paused and stared at Earl with his eyebrows raised. Whisperingly cupping his hands around his mouth, Samson said, “The big one.”

“I know who is backing him. And because of that, we are losing strength everyday. Joshua quit last week and Mary-Anne the week before. Now there is just you, me, and the Timster. Where is that joker anyways?”

A squeaky-looking man in his early 20s slid out from under the 1950 pink Thunderbird covered under years of dust.

“I think I can get her fixed up again. Could maybe get three or four-thousand credits out of her easy-peazy.”

This was Timmy, a wild-eyed red-headed greasehead with a slight lisp.

“I’m gonna buy me one of them new hoverboards. Been wanting one real bad ever since I saw Tony Hawk ride across the English Channel. You see that vid? 1080s over waves man!”

Earl walked towards the tool table while shaking his head. “Yeah I saw it, but we need the money for more important things….”

“Like what?”

“Like bullets. That’s what. You know how damn hard it is to find .308 shells for my Winny these days? Some hoverboard bullshit don’t matter at this moment. What matters is stemmin’ the tide.”

Samson jumped down from the hay-bails and landed a few feet from Earl. “Stemmin’ the tide of what?”

“Of people going to the other side of course.” He paused and picked up a scope on the table. Looking through the lens he could pinpoint a squirrel eating some nuts on the post outside. “Every since he performed all those honkey-dorey miracles on 5th avenue, we can’t keep even our grandma from converting to their new religion. What do they call him now?”

“Some are callin him the Savior, some call him Matri-somethun, some the 2nd comin’…”, Timmy responded.

“And yet he calls himself just a man…” Samson broke in.

“Just a man? Yeah right just a man. What is their group going by now-a-days? The Forgiveness movement or Unification of Religions… seems to change everyday”, said Earl.

“I watched one of his speeches the other day and…”, Timmy responded but was immediately shouted at by Earl stepping quickly his way.

“You what? I told you no watching ANY of his speeches. He has a way of converting through pure psy-onic waves through the computer and television. I seen it myself. My sister went from a hater to a bonafide A.C. lovin’ piece of white trash in 24 hours… I seen it myself. I told her to find a new trailer park to live in.”

Earl walked through the middle of the barn with his head down trying to muster up the charisma for a speech to bolster his troops.

“It is up to us now to stop him and this movement. There is no one left. Literally everyone in the world has given their allegiance to him and his followers. The Islamists, the Jews, those meditatin’ Buddha-lovers, the damn Hindus, and even the freaking Pope and his mass of followers. We true Christians know who he is… he ain’t Jesus or the 2nd coming that’s for damned sure! If he was, I would know, best darn believe.”

The group was trying to get pumped up, but Earl’s speeches were slightly hollow as of late with the loss of support from his sister Mary-Anne. A topic he didn’t want to further discuss.

“Well, the world sure has changed since he came. Not necessarily in such a bad way…”, Timmy hesitantly pointed out. “The people… they seem to love him.”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass who they love… he is the Devil in disguise. You know what it says in the good book, he will be a charismatic figure who rises quickly and takes power. It’s him! No doubt about it. We have to stop him! It says so in the book!”

“You are right… it says so in the book, but what if… what if the book is wrong?”, said Samson with a question on his face. “He doesn’t seem to be so bad.”

Earl’s face turned a bright shade of red and moved towards Samson so fast he was like a cheetah coming to his prey. Shoving Samson against the table of tools and standing on his tippy-toes. Although Samson was big, he wasn’t too smart, nor courageous enough to stand up to the former sniper. “What did you just say? You are doubting the word of God?”

“Not doubting… just… questioning. I just don’t want to fight just for fightin’s sake, you know?”

“Listen… I’ll fight until I can’t fight no longer… I don’t give a damn who they say he is. I know he is the damn anti-Christ and my Bible tells me Jesus is a comin’ soon to stop him. Nuff said!”

“So what are we going to do next?” asked Timmy.

“I’ll tell you what we are going to do next… I hear from the department that one of those ‘Enlight-gineers’ is coming to Little Rock soon. I say we put a b-u-l-l-e-t in his b-rain. What do you think about that?”

Samson had an averse look on his face, but shook his head up and down with consent. Timmy smiled and giggled. “A bullet in his brain. A bullet in his brain. Let’s take the horse-train to put a bullet in his brain!” He jumped up-and-down and ran to the gun case.

Earl beat him to it and pushed him aside before he could reach it. He lifted a necklace out from his sweaty white t-shirt with a key attached. He used the key on the gun case and slowly opened the two revolving doors. There, well cleaned and by its lonesome was a tactical .308 Winchester hunting rifle, used for deer, hogs, and the occasional human being.

“Enough is enough. We ride for Little Rock in the morning,” Earl told the others with a grin.

These three were what was left of the leadership of God’s Chosen, a ragtag rebel group fighting against the “One World Order” conspiring all along with the US government and specifically against a man they believed to be the risen “anti-Christ”. One small problem for them is there was no one fighting back. In the past revolutions there has always been a “You’re either with us or against us” mentality. In the latest “spiritual revolution” as they were calling it, there has been no one forcing anyone to change. Even worse most of their old “friends” were all for it and were actually supporting the “new way of life” that had emerged.

Perhaps since no one forced anyone to change, more people were prone to join their cause, or were doing so whenever they were ready. The God’s Chosen didn’t care… They were fighting because they believed fighting was the right thing to do, and they weren’t going to give up so easily. They were not going to fall for the “guvement” or “his” tricks any longer. Now was there time to start fighting back. This is their tale.

Day 45

Kolkata, India

Everything is going well. Tomorrow is my last day with the Missionaries of Charity, then Sunday I have a long long train ride down to Pondicherry.

Hope you enjoyed the first episode of the short story series I am working on. It’s just for fun/practice so don’t take it too seriously! 🙂

List of daily expenses and donations between May 30th and June 5th, 2015:
Total spent on food: $27.86

Room: $21.99

Random: $21.88

Travel: $2.53

Total: $223.07 + 74.21 = 297.28 divided by 45 days = $6.61 per day

Donations given to random strangers = 128 Indian rupees or $2.01

Donation to Gandhiji Prem Nivas Leprosy Center = 500 rupees or $7.85

Donation to Missionaries of Charity = 1000 rupees or $15.71

Total = $1033.83 + $25.57 = 1059.40 divided by 45 days = $23.54 per day

Expense account = $426.63 – 74.21 = $352 (Avg. $6.61 per day will last 53 more days)

Donations account = $115.75 – $25.57 = $90.18 (Avg $23.54 per day will last 4 more days)

Why I had to leave the U.S. and eventually learn to love the world.

“Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:2-4


What characterizes America? Competition. We love it and can’t get enough of it. In all walks of life. Politics, sports, education, jobs, wars. It’s all about competing for competition’s sake. One day I was finally fed up and just gave up competing, always trying to win an invisible race that could never be won. When I gave up my desire for competition I was no longer able to survive in the US as competition is always expected in life and in the marketplace.

America is slowly crippling itself from within by it’s constant desire to compete in all aspects of life. We compete in politics; even if one candidate is better suited for a job, one will compete for his or her candidate to win. We compete in law; even if a suspect is known to be guilty, someone competes to “win” his innocence. Wall Street competes to see who can “steal” the most wealth from the people, while Washington complies.  Competition in creating the best product is natural, competiton for who can hoard the most wealth, individually or by corporations, is unnatural and poisoning.

The United States is in constant competition against other countries. State versus state. City versus city. Corporation versus corporation. Religion versus religion. Church versus church. Race versus race. Class versus class. Family versus family. Friend versus friend. Father versus son. Brother versus brother. Neighbor versus neighbor. Christianity within the United States is more like a business than a religion, or “clubs” where members pay their dues and their “status” is assured.

When will we learn to stop competing and start working together again? This inability to connect with others because of the underlying competition always involved makes it difficult to live in the U.S.A. In all aspects of life, America is in constant competition with itself and it’s slowly dying from within.

The very idea of a common America is incomprehensible at the moment. The question always asked is which party are you apart of or which team do you support. Or what is your job which means how much do you make. If I answer I am not a member of any party, of any religion, I don’t have a favorite sports team, nor do I have a job, most Americans would think I was crazy, at least ten years ago.

Perhaps, things are slowly changing. Competition is a hallmark of the ego’s desire to distinguish itself from the external world. Furthermore, if the United States is the most competitive society ever created, it is also the most ego-driven society ever created. The ego sustains itself by constantly comparing oneself to others and labeling them to be either inferior or superior. Gotama the Buddha compared the untamed ego to a “wild elephant”.

What happens when we stop competing with others? We stop competing with ourselves, with our minds, and finally with the law, with God, and surrender… and ahhhh… what a moment. It was not until I started to travel that I realized how the rest of the world was not the same as the U.S. There are similarities, but the extreme that the US has gone is unprecedented.

I am very lucky to have began my travels nearly six years ago in Nepal. Once again I am about to leave Nepal for India and am looking for an adventure.

Unless we learn to work together again and drop the mindless over-competition from ruining the country and the world, the “wild elephant” within the U.S. will continue to unleash it’s havoc to other countries.

A major focus of this blog will be to find out how we can tame this wild elephant before it crashes the “China shop” and brings down the house. Once we learn to tame our own ego, we can begin to work on it collectively. Inner peace will bring outer peace. Until this begins to happen, I don’t see why I would stay in the U.S. if other areas throughout the world do share my same values. I am confident one day though that the US will start to work together again.

Removing Obstacles from our path. 

When walking the spiritual path, we must be willing to realize and remove all obstacles that are holding us back from absolute freedom and liberation, whether externally or internally. By slowly detaching ourselves from those that are holding us back and cleansing the mind of the impurities of reaction and ego, we come to a time where the deepest operations can occur and the pristine state can be reached. If we can’t remove obstacles from our current path, then occasionally we must remove ourself from the obstacle. This made it nearly impossible for me to stay in the U.S. throughout the past six years.

Although it is possible to walk this path around others, it is more conducive when walked alone and/or strictly celibate. That is until the “destination” is reached. That is why the Saints and sages of the past have emphasized not being attached to our friends and family. Gotama left his wife and child without even saying goodbye. Jesus said, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.” I feel this also to be true and I’m sorry to those that have felt hurt because of this tough choice. It’s a continuously hard decision but I hope you all see what I am trying to do and forgive me.

This is why I had to leave the U.S., I had to see the world. Since I have been traveling I have noticed that the rest of the world shows glimpses of “working together” that I have not seen within the U.S. Year by year the values of the United States, for better or worst, have been transferring to other countries around the world. If the U.S. can set the proper example, the world will hopefully return to a time of “working together” to achieve our common interests. But, at the moment, most would consider this to be a stretch.


The featured picture above is a painting I did in March of 2014. It sort of represents my journey of breaking free of the web of the U.S. As you can see, there are many more birds wanting and waiting to break free. Hopefully this blog can help lead the way for others.


Nepal has been a wonderful shelter for me throughout the past six years. I have met some amazing people in all my travels, but Nepal is a place where you can meet them everywhere you go, every single day. Whether in Pokhara or the Annapurnas, or Kathmandu, or Lumbini, or Solukhumbu, wherever I go I have made some of the closest friends that I know.  Even though I am constantly coming and going, I know that my friendships here will always last and that is a “comfort” for me to remember. I am sure that I will be back soon.

In the past three months, I have gone from Kyoto, Japan to Kathmandu where I spent my first week in Bauddhanath near the stupa. Afterwards, I spent one month in Lumbini sitting a course at Dhama Janani and afterwards 16 days at the Korean monastery helping light candles for the Chinese New Year. After this I spent around 17 days in Pokhara, doing yoga and meditation at my good friends Asanga and Durga’s Sadhana Yoga. Lastly, I sat one satipattana course in Kathmandu and have been waiting the past week for my Indian visa. The past eight days I have spent at the Razzmatazz guesthouse near Durbar Square in Kathmandu. I have stayed all over this city, and this has been one of the best places so far with an extremely welcoming staff. I highly suggest anyone coming here to try it out.

I collected the visa today and so will be heading off this morning on a bus to Sunauli where I will then take another bus across the border to Gorakpur. And lastly, I will be taking the night train to Varanasi. It will probably be a warm welcome to the wild land of India. Two years ago, when I was in India, it was hot as hot can be. But somehow my body adjusted and eventually I began to like the heat. I hope this will be the same pattern as last time, but who knows. Bring it on.

I’m not for sure when I will get to post again. Probably 24-48 hours from now. From then on I will begin making additions and deductions from the Dana bank. I am pretty sure the initial Bitcoin donation link is now up. Here is a link that should work. I’ll write a long post soon about the implications of accepting bitcoins on a blog such as this. This is the first time that I am dealing with them so I’ll slowly be learning.

Bitcoin Dana “Donation” link:

I humbly ask God and Dharma to put me in touch with the holy people of India, whether high or low caste, so that I may experience a truly epic and spiritual journey through this magnificent and historical country.


I will participate in the game. It is a wonderful, wonderful opera – except that it hurts. – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Om Gan Ganapataya Namah: