Why are we here in this crazy world?

The Sanskrit terms sādhu (“good man”) and sādhvī (“good woman”) refer to renouncers who have chosen to live a life apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practice.[3]

The words come from the Sanskrit root sādh, which means “reach one’s goal”, “make straight”, or “gain power over”.[4] The same root is used in the word sādhana, which means “spiritual practice”. ‘Sadhu’ can also be used as Vidhyartha, meaning ‘let good happen’. – Wikipedia of “Sadhu”

  Extended written version of a Dharma talk presented March 18th at Sadhana yoga.

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Why are we here in this crazy world? To build ourselves up materially only to die and pass our “wealth” on to whoever we are close to? Or are we here for deeper reasons? Perhaps spiritual reasons?

I believe we are here to fulfill a goal that we set for ourselves along time ago, before we can actually remember. We are here to fill the gap of emptiness that is within us all. If you have ever felt a yearning for something, but you were unsure of what it was for, this is the goal that I speak about. We are here to cleanse our spirits to such a pristine state that we can return to our home. Where we came from before all of this began. We are very lucky that we have the opportunity to even know that a goal exists and even luckier to have access to knowledge about how to get to that goal within this lifetime. Many saints and sages have came in the past and passed down invaluable information about how to proceed on the path. Maybe I can explain a bit more about it to anyone that is unaware.

Every day I am grateful for this human birth, regardless of what the specific circumstances are. It is very fortunate to be born a human and hard work to achieve. Other dimensions cannot do what we can do. The Buddha emphasized that we are very lucky to be born humans and in contact with the Dharma or with the open knowledge of how to purify ourselves. It has not always been this way. The Dark Ages were dark for a reason, there was a lack or removal of spiritual pursuit from the entire world. Spiritual purification was lost or done in absolute secrecy with the threat of death or torture to the transgressors. One would be burned a witch or heretic if caught meditating or doing purification techniques.

In the heavenly realms above, where the demi-gods and angels live, there is an imbalance of pleasure. In the hellish realms below there is an imbalance of pain. In the human existence we have a perfect balance of the duality, of pain and pleasure. This allows us to overcome both because we can ultimately see they are the same and come from the same source. Heaven and Hell do exist but neither are eternal. What type of God would allow anyone or anything to suffer eternally? Those above and those below envy the human existence because we have been blessed with a wonderful temple to purify called the body.

Why are we here? Why do we practice yoga? Meditation? To find inner peace, bliss, liberation, enlightenment? What do these specifically mean? We are very fortunate that we have access to new and old techniques that can help us fulfill our original spiritual goals. Most might not believe this but step by step, I believe we will all eventually reach the final goal. Not just us, but every being in the universe. No man/woman or any sentient being will be left behind. Some will make it relatively faster then others, but all will eventually make it for we have a long time to accomplish this universal goal. If the journey to the final goal requires us to remove 100 tons off of our backs, it all starts with removing a few tons at a time. Even if we just remove a few at a time, it will make the rest of our journey that much easier.

What is reincarnation and how does it relate to the spiritual path? If I were to die tomorrow, and I was reborn again, I would possess the general qualities that I possess now. The general pleasantness, lack of anger or hatred, etc. But if a man full of unpleasantness, full of anger and full of hatred dies tomorrow, he will be born with these general qualities inherent in him in his next lives until they are purified. These are some of the impurities that I speak about, but not all. This is what we are here for, to cleanse ourselves of the impurities, fully, until we are clean enough to go home, to where we come from.

How do we do this? We do this by slowly taming the ego, the false self, by taking control of the mind, by taking control of our lives. By overcoming our reactions and our programming that we have set in this life and the last. The pristine state is characterized by absence of reaction and absence of ego. Absence of reaction is full liberation. Absence of ego is full enlightenment. The basis of the ego is it’s belief that it is separate from others. It thrives on comparison, on believing in its own superiority or inferiority to others.

Have you ever heard “attachment is the source of all suffering?” It is famous quote by the Buddha used by the Dhali Lama, etc. What are we attached to? Not just material things. We are attached to everything within. Not only our body and our material possessions, but the breath, our feelings, our sensations, our thoughts, our awareness. Out of ignorance and delusion, our ego believes these things to be “mine”. “These are mine”, I can give you my clothes and material possessions and certainly this will be a big blow to the ego (because the more we possess the greater the size of the ego, etc.), but it will still say ok I cannot give you these other things, they are mine. This is living in ignorance. Living in delusion.

It may be hard to accept intellectually, but one can experience this truth in the higher states of spirituality which is open to all equally. The Buddha would say there is no thinker of the thoughts. No knower behind the knowing. All of these which we believe are ours, the awareness, feelings, sensations, thoughts, and knowing are just happening independently. They rise and pass away. Put into combination they build the ego, or the idea that one is separate from others, and this causes us great suffering and misery in our lives.

Yoga and meditation can put us in the proper detached mindset to where we can begin to see things as they really are. The universal truths of change, suffering, and no Self. We can slowly start to take the weight of “ignorance” off of our backs. As the foundation is broken up or the roots of our impurities are pulled out, we will start to see the first signs of our true selves emerge. True feelings of peacefulness, bliss, clarity that has been covered up over time by these false feelings and the false ego which keeps us in bondage.

The truth is that there is only so much weight to be taken off the shoulders, there is only so much of a stockpile of impurities that have to be removed. Once one knows why impurities come and how to purify oneself it is only a matter of time before they reach the final goal, which is full liberation, full awakening, full enlightenment. Once one stops regressing or devolving, one naturally progresses.

This “flowering of the human being” has been done by a large number of people throughout our history, known and unknown. It will happen again and again to whoever wants it and whoever finds the right path out, and the right teacher to guide them. It is our collective destiny. The next step in our evolutionary process. Once one finds the proper master, they will turn the student into their own master.

What are some methods to try out? Observe the natural flow of respiration, whether subtle or gross, whether big or small realize that it occurs on its own. Then realize that it is just happening. It’s not me, nor mine. Do this for a few minutes.

While keeping your attention on the automatic breath, notice whatever thoughts are arising and passing away. Thoughts are a huge source of food and energy for the mind and ego. Realize that they are not your thoughts, they are just happening. For even a short time period, we can be aware of breath and thoughts with the detached mindset, “These are not me, nor mine, they are just happening.” Slowly the thoughts will become less and less and a calm state can be reached.

In a meditative state, in a detached state of mind, we can move throughout the body feeling our sensations and energy flow with just the mindset “this is just happening… It is not me, nor mine and I am not causing it to happen.” “The sensations, they are just happening constantly, but they are not mine.” When moving through the body, it definitely “feels” like “I” am the one that is causing it to happen, but we know this is not true. Try to feel the distinct but separate feeling that “I” am the cause.

Be with “as it is”, not with what you want it to be. If you are craving or averse to anything than you are going backwards. This is true in meditation and in life. Another important point is that if at anytime you feel any pain or uncomfortablitiy, don’t think of it as a bad thing. It is a good thing. As pain or uncomfortablitiy arise and passes away you are liberated from that within your body/mind. That pain that is gone will be filled by happiness.

In your day to day life a situation may arise that you may have normally become uncomfortable with, and slowly you will no longer become uncomfortable with it. Realize that this is not my pain or my uncomfortability, that it is just pure pain and uncomfortability that is happening. If you get tired or drowsy, just keep on and let it pass away. The more it comes and the more it passes away, the greater your energy levels will be in the future.

All of these techniques will help us to realize that we are not the doer in the physical sense of the phrase. This is the goal of spirituality. To remove our  sense of doership. Slowly we can free up mental energy for other uses.

The mind including ego uses a full 35% of all our stored energy. Once we begin to purify ourself this number begins to slowly drop and we can use it for other means. This energy can heal us, it can make us look and feel younger, it can make us think more clearly. One can feel an overall more awakened state. Our general energy levels will rise. All of this info can be utilized in your yoga and meditation practice.

The ultimate understanding is to realize that everything including knowing is just happening. Knowledge exists independently and is not “yours” or “mine”. There are two types of people in the world. Those that know a lot and those that know little. Most of the time, those that know little are much happier then those that “know” a lot. This is because the person that knows a lot develops a ton of pride and this is a main course dinner for the ego, which when over-inflated always causes misery and suffering. Let go of all possessions, not just physical.

Anyways, this is not to try and convince anyone of anything. Just what I believe to be true. Maybe it resonates with others and will help someone on their own path.


And a very Happy Mother’s day to this special person. Miss you very much. The first mantra posted on the site is dedicated to you. 🙂 imageWho is in my temple? http://chirb.it/77bM9F

Why a sadhu and not a monk or a priest?

He who considers himself free is free indeed and one who considers himself bound remainds bound. “As one thinks, so one becomes,” is a popular saying in this world, and it is quite true. – Ashtavakra Samhita 1:11

Why a sadhu? Why not a monk or a priest?

First of all, a sadhu is the only one that one can be “unofficially”, at least in my interpretation. Some say, “Noooo… you must be initiated and have a living guru,” and all this, but I don’t believe so. To be a sadhu, one must desire a life of simplicity with a future aspiration of reaching absolute freedom, freedom in the earthly realm and freedom in the beyond realms. When one “officially” becomes a monk or a priest, one is forced to give up so many freedoms. In my mindset, this would be a step back from the goal that I eventually hope to achieve. I will explain more about this “goal” as time goes by.

For a link from Wikipedia on sadhus, please go here: Wikipedia

Impermanency of Sadhu status

When one lives the life of a sadhu, there is no obligation for it to be a permanent “job” or status. Many individuals live as a sadhu for a time period and when they are ready they change back to their old lives or into whatever they choose to be. Once one accepts the vows of a monk or a priest, it is a lifelong commitment. It is hard for me to imagine what I will want to be even one year from now, so how could I willfully make a commitment for the rest of my life. This is a great freedom the sadhus enjoy that others do not.

Dress Code

If one becomes a monk or a priest, one is forced to wear a certain “outfit” or style of clothing that identifies him or her as a monk or a priest. With a sadhu, this is not the case. I see sadhus of every style and form in my travels. They all dress differently, but it is usually easy to see who is a sadhu and who is not. Like them, I have my own style of dress that is my “sadhu” outfit, even though you may not know it from seeing me on the street. I only have one set of clothes but I can make different “outfits” out of a few parts of clothing.

Freedom to follow my own path.

Monks and priests are “forced” to follow the “beliefs” of the group or religion that they belong to. On the other hand, there are thousands of different paths to follow for sadhus in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries across the world. Just because I am building my own “style” or “way” of being a sadhu, doesn’t make it wrong or incorrect. I have been living this lifestyle for sometime now. This is just the first time that I am sharing it with others.

Perhaps I would also consider myself a yogi and a sanyasin. A yogi may be considered to be one who practices yoga (in it’s many forms), which specifically means “union with God”, or it could mean one who has fully united him or herself with the divine. A sanyasin is a renunciant of the current order of things. I am surely that. I have renounced the current state of affairs, what the world expects of me and I will be a proponent of the way that I see the world heading, which is towards a more peaceful, loving, and joyous time for all. I am not saying everyone should be a sadhu, but I do believe everyone in the future will have a much deeper connection to the spirit within and will seek out it’s purification on a mass basis.

Overall, monks and priests are members of a specific group and they are forced to live within the rules of the group that they choose. Sadhus have no such rules to follow and are free to travel whenever and wherever they like. This is the freedom that I talk about. Freedom of movement and freedom of belief. There are so many types of sadhus it is impossible to distinguish which ones are “official” and which ones are “unofficial”, which ones are “real” and which ones are “fake”. Hopefully, as people read this blog they will be able to see that although I am not “official”, I am also not “fake”.

Why is it beneficial to travel anonymously and solo when on the spiritual path?

Traveling anonymously allows us to constantly be on the outside who we are on the inside even if who we are on the inside is consistently changing. When we stay in one place and are always around the same people, whether family or friends, we are expected to act and behave in a certain way. Either in the way that they act or the way that we have acted in the past.

When we change on the inside, but are not allowed to on the outside because of pressure or restriction, it creates great misery within. That’s why people tend to find their “true selves” for the first time when they go somewhere where no one knows who they are. Strangers have no way of establishing a preconceived judgement against them so they are forced to be judged by who they are at that moment. This is extremely liberating, especially for those with a desire to be “good” rather than “bad”, or even visa versa.

Because of the anonymousness that traveling provides, it makes walking the spiritual path a much smoother and enjoyable process than being stuck in the same place one’s whole life. Furthermore, how can one learn to combine their spiritual practice with the outside world unless one travels in the outside world? Not only anonymously, but solo travel is also very important to my quest. When I travel solo there is no one to second-guess my decision making and which way I shall go. If I want to go left, I go left. If I want to go right, I go right. If I want to slow down, I slow down. If I want to speed up, I speed up. This is a huge freedom that is very important to my life.

Before we can bring our gifts or work to the collective, we must establish a strong individual and independent perspective of life. We must learn how to survive individually before we can survive as a family. Furthermore, in this day and age, it is tough to find someone else that is always at your same level spiritually. Sometimes I wish to go up or down in my spiritual level and traveling with someone makes this difficult, flip-flopping back and forth. During this trip, I will make a strong effort to step-by-step increase my spiritual level without falling back as I have in the past.

Donations link and Dana Bank Up

This blog is now setup to accept donations on Paypal from credit and debit card. All donations are tax-deductible and are through the non-profit P.T. Charities. Furthermore, the “Dana Bank” has been “built” and can be found on the sidebar and the menu list. On Day 1 of the journey, these numbers will start to fluctuate daily as expenses will be drawn and donations given. I will also have an average of how much is used and given daily and there will be an approximate days left until empty. Yesterday, the blog received it’s first $100 donation. He mentioned how he liked the idea of the blog and how it is sort of like “globalization of karma.” I like this term and may use it in the future. I am very thankful for this donation and hopefully the karmic “effects” of what the blog is created for will begin to manifest shortly for this person.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend! Tomorrow for weekend reading, I will post up an extended “Dharma talk” that I gave last month. I will leave it unedited and so there may be some things that I may feel differently about now. Whatever I write I always consider to be what I believed at that moment. My thoughts and perspectives are constantly changing and so please always take what I say at the present moment to be my current “truth”, even if I post something from my past writings.


Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine. – Shunryu Suzuki

Our right to change the future.

As my knots are untied, the world’s knots are untied. As my pain decreases, the world’s pain decreases. As my joy increases, the world’s joy increases. As my mind settles into peace, the world’s mind settles into peace. And so I shall continue to untie these knots, until there is not a single one left and the love flows unto all …

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This American Sadhu: Why this Blog Could Change the World

Contentment ever dwells in the heart of the wise one who lives on whatever happens to come to him, and who wanders about at pleasure, resting wherever he is when the sun sets. – Astavakra Samhita 18:85

What makes this blog unique?

One of the main pāramīs or virtues that householders can build within themselves is the giving of dana or donation, whether providing service or financial support to others. This blog and my travels through India and beyond will from this point forth be continually donation-based. Not only that, but half of all donations will be channeled to random strangers or causes that I encounter along the path. I will not actively seek them out, but will keep an eye out and will donate with discretion to those who truly are in need. Furthermore, I will be doing various volunteer service, whether on a small or big scale, as time goes by.

The part that makes this unique is that I will give up the karma that would normally be generated for myself and pass it on to the readers and supporters of this blog. Karma being simply defined as “what you sow, you eventually reap.” Through reader’s donations, I will be able to sow and the readers will in theory reap the benefits of my actions, since technically I wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

With the combination of daily optimism, stemming from spiritual and philosophical contemplation, with non-profit and non-expectation giving of work and aid to others, a reader may be surprised to notice a change within themselves, but this may not always be true. It is my aspiration that this will happen and it will be interesting to see the progress of what occurs as the days go by.

There are approximately 11 million people in the U.S. who work and live off of non-profit charity. According to a 2012 report by the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, nonprofit employment represents 10.1 percent of total employment in the United States in 2010. I don’t see a big difference between what I am doing compared to the rest of the non-profit sector. My method is extremely transparent and will be detailed down to every penny that is donated and used, whereas many times when people donate to large charities there is no telling where the money actually goes and into whose wallets.

I won’t beg for money or support, but if it is given from abroad or in person I will humbly accept it with gratitude and thanks for it comes from the creator through the giver. Every penny donated will go to the intended purposes of the blog, which will be to teach people how to travel materially and financially austerely and to openly donate to individuals and organizations who are in need along the way.

This blog will accept donations in many different ways. Soon we will be able to accept credit card, debit card, wire transfer and even Bitcoins. Perhaps, this may be the first time that a “sadhu” has accepted Bitcoins, but hey this is the 21st century.

It is all about generating the maximum amount of happiness. If it makes me happy and it makes them happy and it makes the readers happy then it is a win-win for all.

What is this blog for?

This blog is a platform for documenting the journey as well as releasing daily spontaneous explosions of consciousness that want to be expressed through various forms. Primarily with the mediums of writing, painting and drawing, music, photograph and video.

It will be a daily recording of my life living as a sadhu or at least my style of sadhuism; sort of like a modern-day version who can share his happiness and abilities with the world daily, rather than just those within his general proximity. I have no idea what the consciousness will want to express from day-to-day as I am constantly changing throughout my spiritual journey. I only have a general idea, but won’t try to control or guide what the mind decides to create each day.

According to various definitions online, a sadhu is a “wandering traveler, a holy man, an ascetic, a sage, a mendicant, and usually a Hindu.” I would say this definition is pretty precise, but I don’t consider myself to be Hindu, nor do I label myself as any specific religion, even though I am quite “religious”.

Once you label me you negate me. – Soren Kierkegaard

I love and cherish all the religions equally and have greatly benefited from the spiritual counterparts of each faith. If there was a perfect religion, we would already know about it. Surely it is not here… yet.

What will be some of the focuses?

I have been “backpacking” outside of the U.S. for 3 out of the past 5 years. There are many things that I have learned along the way that I would like to share with other fellow travelers. One being how to travel extremely cheap or even free across the world over the course of a long time period. Another is how to travel extremely minimally with few possessions, which tend to just cause worry and can hold us back from reaping the benefits that travel can truly offer.

If we travel or go “backpacking” and yet bring half the world in our backpack or suitcases then we won’t be able to break free from our “old lives” and desire to constantly acquire “new things”. If we limit our pack choice then there will be no room for adding possessions unless an exchange occurs. At first I traveled in the “pack rat” way and carried a huge 65 liter backpack along with a smaller backpack on my chest. I see this all the time in my travels and laugh thinking about when I used to do the same.

Slowly I have downgraded to where I now carry next to nothing and enjoy it tremendously. The picture at the top of the page shows the only things I will carry on my journey besides the clothes on my back. Traveling allows us the opportunity to do this as a sedentary “home life” tends to always end up with a gradual acquisition of “stuff” that is not used or needed. Perhaps, if one is considering taking a journey, this blog will help them to think about what they really need to bring before it starts.

Soon from now, a new leg of my journey will start in India and I will be traveling minimally and on a tight budget of $10 a day or $300 a month or lower. Every penny will be documented and shared with the reader. To me, living austerely is ultimately more rewarding than living lavishly, especially when traveling. I appreciate more what I do have and can do on a daily basis. I have lived and traveled in both extremes. As lavish as anyone I have ever met, but I have also traveled voluntarily without money.

Overall, I feel that low budget travel mixed with volunteer work is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the world, and most viable for long term. When bearing in mind the types of people encountered and unique experiences obtained, it outshines either lavish or extreme “freegan”-style austere travel. It’s the middle path, at least for me.

Hopefully I can show others a lifestyle that can be led if the correct steps are gradually taken. I have no bills to pay, no house to maintain, no car, no “job”, and no immediate family or friends who are continuously with me in my travels. As an “American sadhu”, I am my own guru. My own master. The only person who I would consider to have been my guru passed away in September of 2013, so I can now set my own discipline and rules of how to proceed on the spiritual path.

Most sadhus or yogis only practice or focus on a single form of yoga, but I combine all of them into my practice. Jnana (meditation), kriya (purification through pranayama and asanas), bhakti (devotional mantra chanting), and karma (selfless giving without expectation). The journey that I am embarking on will be an open book with no set storyline and no idea of an end. Overtime, I will explain in detail the various forms of yoga that I do, as well as teach various techniques of meditation for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Throughout this trip, I will do my best to hold what is called “pancha sila” for the duration of one year at least. This can be translated as the five precepts of morality. What are they? The five are no lying, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no killing of any living beings (some would consider this to be vegetarian, as do I), and no intoxicants. Not such an easy task, but I will make a strong effort to follow it strictly.

Three of them are easy; I promise for the rest of my life I will never kill another living being, steal anything that is not given to me, or tell an intentional lie. But I cannot promise past this year that in the future I will not eat a piece of meat, drink a cold beer, smoke a rolled cigg, or make love to a beautiful woman. The key is not to find the high, it is learning to sustain it and sila is an important part of the foundation for this to occur.

I practice between 2-4 hours of meditation daily, depending on how busy I am during the day. Furthermore, I do around one hour of pranayama and yoga in the mornings, mostly pre-asanas combined with asanas. A spiritual practice doesn’t so much as make us “superhuman” as it just removes what was holding us back before bringing us back to our natural state of highly productive and creative potential.

What happens when one is living a strong moral life continuously purifying the spirit through yoga and meditation? One becomes “protected”. One becomes “guided”. One becomes “invulnerable”. Relatively bad things just don’t happen and relatively good things tend to happen more often. We will see if this holds true, but it has for the past two years since I’ve been living this type of life, off and on.

Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?

Morpheus: No, Neo. I am trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

Before becoming “spiritual”, I used to get into trouble often in my travels. Bar fights, heated arguments and confrontations, animal attacks, and things being stolen or going missing. Now it is all good. Is this from clear thinking or “divine protection”? I don’t know but it makes me appreciate it and enjoy it more when I consider it to be the latter. When in this mode, one becomes fearless. The fear may arise, but one becomes immune to its effects and it passes away quickly. There is nothing inside of me that would hurt a fly, nor anything that wants anything at all, especially fame or fortune. This is the secret recipe.

If we have full trust and full faith in the divine. If we are confident that the best happens for us always, we will never fear. – Swami Brahmdev

It makes for a very fun way of life and I thought now would be a good time to start sharing it with others besides myself and friends and family on Facebook, but in a linear progressive way telling an ongoing story to keep track of. The past two years for me has been a giant swing in the direction of the “spiritual life”, whereas the previous 29 years were focused on building the “materially worldly life”. Eventually, I have realized that they are completely equal in importance in all regards. This blog and project are my attempt to combine the two into one equal path.


I plan on writing quite a bit over the course of the next year. Many times the words come when I am in different spiritual frames of mind, like channeling the “inner voice”, although I have never been taught how to technically channel. I enjoy writing my own philosophical and spiritual contemplations for others to think about and respond to. Perhaps I may trigger something in a reader who then responds and triggers something in me. That’s the way innovation and inspiration works. Most of the time, I won’t do substantial proof-reading and editing and will post what I write in my journal straight onto the blog, so the messages will be more “from the spirit.”

I enjoy theorizing new possibilities for the future because an “idea”, which must be created individually, must precede a collective “action” before it takes place. Once the idea is there, it becomes a possibility for us collectively to achieve. Every single day there will be fresh content, hopefully heartfelt true stories and thought-provoking ideas that have never been read or heard before. I would like to test the reverberations of a single blog to other parts of the web and I’d like to see how and where this info flows.

Since I used to write screenplays, I am going to be doing an experiment and write a continuous story that happens to me on the journey, one page a day, in all styles, ranging from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. Sometimes the stories will be dramatic, action-oriented, comedic, or whatever the style of the moment was like. Sometimes there will be hidden meanings and metaphors that everyone may not initially understand. Some may like it and some may not. The main thing always is I have no idea what my mind will come up with each day as it is changing constantly from travel and spiritual practice.

They say do and write what you love. I love traveling, writing, spirituality, and helping others out so this is a combination of those four. The best kind of story is one that is presently being created, a la the wonderful invention of internet blogging. If God knows a story is in the process of being made, does the story change into something more interesting, more special? We will see…


I will attempt to paint or draw a new piece of art every day or every other day of various scenes that I see along the way. Either spiritual or historic places, or sadhus that I meet randomly on the street. Whatever strikes my fancy I will try to paint it and share it with the readers. At the end of the year, I will hold a raffle for all the readers to win the books that were used to paint in. Perhaps ten readers will receive a book from a specific month of painting and drawing. image Garden of Dreams sketch. No eraser, no sharpener. 4/15/15

To many this lifestyle may seem a bit extreme or unnatural, but to me it is not. At one time yes, but it is just the natural progression of the path that I have been on. Why do I do this? I do this because it’s the most fun thing I can think of to do. Loving people. Loving nature. Loving the creation that was made for us to love! Yes, this is one way to walk the spiritual path. Not having fun is another, but I choose this way.

As humans we tend to sway too far towards the material life or too far towards the spiritual life. When, as a society, we can fully merge the two and utilize the gifts we receive spiritually for worldly aims, we will have reached a plan long in the making…

When do I start and where am I going?

Around April 22nd, 2015, I will start Day 1 of this one year blogging journey in the great city of Varanasi, India, land of the sadhus. I only know where I will be for the next 3 months after that, but the next destination will be up for voting from readers as the date draws closer. Furthermore, there will be voting on which cities to go to and which projects to work on as time goes by.

When one is a sadhu or spiritually inclined, one opens up to a new world of possibilities. Things happen to or for you that could not be planned. Since India is pretty much the craziest and most unpredictable place in the world, anything could happen. Since I am on a tight budget I will stay with friends when possible and will serve two or three vipassana courses over the time period. After India, there are many countries around the area that I am interested in continuing this blog at.

Where will all this lead?

Who knows! I may have an idea, but to me there is no “end” to this project and so will continuously evolve as time goes by. I don’t make plans, I make options. Plans always fall through, but options are just there to be taken or left aside until another time.

I am just attempting to show a lifestyle that can led by others. Perhaps, this idea will catch on and other people will follow suit. Soon we may have This English Sadhu, This Jamaican Sadhu, This Japanese Sadhu, etc. It is a new idea that can be replicated with ease if the proper example is set for all to see.

At the end of one year, I will publish all of the continuous “story pages” into a single but loose narrative book. As an aspiring book author, this would be a step in the right direction to better learn the publishing business.

I am not trying to be a sadhu… I am a sadhu, just in my own way.

Even if there are no readers or supporters of this blog, I promise I will take great joy in this journey and sharing everything along the way. I believe new spiritual ideas or values that come from individual consciousness automatically spread through the collective consciousness overtime whether they are read or not. Perhaps if ideas are read and disseminated they spread faster, but either way once they come they are here to stay or grow.

If at anytime this blog seems to be egotistical then I must say it is not my intention. Perhaps it is the last hurrah of a once great but dying ego building the foundation for a future egoless entity to write what an egoless entity writes about. We will just have to see. There is a small feeling that if the egoless state does permanently arise, there will be no more desire to write and share these ideas or messages, so I’m “getting them out there” now, not worrying about what may or may not happen in the future.

No matter what, I will always be myself throughout the blog even if that self is constantly changing. The measure of a person should not be judged on success financially or materially. It should be judged on how happy they are, how happy they make others, and how they show others how to be happy themselves. This new project perfectly encapsulates this idea of success and if this is true, I aspire to be the most “successful” person ever. Inshallah.

Thank you for being observers. Thank you to anyone who supports the blog by making comments or spreading it to others. And to those who give donations or dana, thank you for being willing participants in molding the story that is my life.

Perhaps there are many American sadhus, perhaps there are not. This is just the story of this one.


I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music. – Hafiz

21march- Aurora pics-6

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33

Happy 2072 New Year’s Nepal!

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

For thousands of years people have walked around the city of Kathmandu and enjoyed the simple life and pleasures that come with it. Once a year they celebrate their own New Year independent of the Christian calendar of the west. Independent of date and independent of year.

In Nepal it is now the year 2072. 57 years beyond the year that the west claims the Christ was born. Perhaps that is why I love this country so much. They seem to be 57 years more advanced in their quality of life, even if it does not contain all of the supposed “luxuries” that prevail in other parts of the world.

This is my 3rd Nepali New Year’s in a row to celebrate with these kind people and I appreciate the fact that I am always welcomed with open arms and open hearts. Today in a makeshift concert we danced and sang to our hearts’ delight as a youth band played traditional Nepali music with traditional hand-carved instruments. Without a doubt, I will always consider myself to be part-Nepali even though there is no Nepalese that I am aware of in my blood.

The other day on the bus ride back from the vipassana center a gentleman mentioned how I acted and looked Nepali in demeanor. He said, “You may have the hardware from America, but you have the software from Nepal!” I laughed and thought about it and realized that it was true. Without the “upgraded” software that this country has provided to my spirit, I would surely still be a lost individual without the current direction I have found in my life. One day I hope to be able to spread this software to others and teach them the simple happiness that the Nepalese have enjoyed for thousands of years and will surely enjoy for thousands more.

Happy New Year’s Nepal!


Everything is always going to be ok…

There unity is too close for search and clasp And love is a yearning of the One for the One. And beauty is a sweet difference of the Same And oneness is the soul of multitude. – Sri Aurobindo

Try to enjoy every moment of the ride of your life. God may one day ask you are you enjoying the ride I have built for you? Every moment? The ups and downs and spins? Even what you may consider to be “good” and “bad”? And the answer should eventually be yes, not I enjoy sometimes but not others. If one can learn to accept everything without great reaction, slowly one will learn to enjoy everything. Even hardwork becomes enjoyable overtime. And the difficult times can even be enjoyable with perseverance. It is all about perspective… Enjoy the ride. Really excited about sharing this blog and story with you all. Everything is always going to be ok.

New posts coming shortly explaining the blog. Stay tuned.

It’s only a matter of time, either way.

If I know nothing for certain, I know nothing at all.

All conquering and all knowing am I, detached, untainted, untrammeled, wholly freed by destruction of desire. Whom shall I call a teacher? Myself found the way. – Buddha’s Way of Virtue