Dana (Donation) Page

Every donation is tax-deductable through the registered non-profit organization P.T. Charities.

To give dana with your debit or credit card, please follow this link: PayPal

To give dana with your Bitcoins, please go here or send an email for a QR code: CoinKite

To give dana through a check or money wire please send an email to : This American Sadhu At Gmail Dot Com

If someone is interested in giving a large donation, say over $500, please consider breaking into monthly payments in order to not discourage others from making small amounts. 

From now on, the donor can also request which account the money should go into, expense or giving, and in whatever percentage. If you want, 100% of the donation can go into the giving account which will then be distributed as I see fit. I know a lot of organizations that can use it, especially in Nepal. If no request is made, I will automatically divide it 50/50.

Cheers for considering any donation, whether big or small. 

Have a blessed day,

This American Sadhu.

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