Lady Justice is Knocking on the World’s Door

As I was chillin’ by the pool today with my pomegranate a thought came to me…

As human beings we have a primordial need to see justice being carried out to the unjust, especially when it comes to the elite or those in leadership positions. If one has asked themselves what is wrong in life, or what they were missing, one simple answer could be the lack of justice that we have seen for the majority of our lives. I would argue living in a world absent of true justice is actually quite an anomaly historically-speaking. And yet that is the world that “they” have attempted to build. That’s why it feels so strange. So awkward. This is all about to change.

Take a deep breath and smell the air. In one week take another deep breath and see if you can smell the difference… The air is about to change and it will never be the same again.

The snakes have taken over the henhouse. But have no fear, if one chops the head off a snake, the snake will always die. It just took them a lot of time to find the head. Now the executioner’s ax is fully sharpened. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. No hole to slither into…

For those concerned with reputation above all else, the death of one’s reputation can be worse, and certainly more “eternal”, than death itself, for one’s reputation transcends death. History has never been kind to the wicked.

Justice is coming and it’s going to be oh so sweet.

And from last night…

Called this +6 months ago. This video gave me goosebumps all over…. The world is about to change more drastically than it ever has perhaps in “modern history”. I’ve said since the beginning that whoever is guilty should always be held accountable. Justice is coming swiftly. Look at how literally every foreign leader is praising Trump at the moment. They all know what is about to happen. Look at the consolidations of power sweeping the world. The rats are about to be dethroned. Forever…

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

The big D is about to be the big heee-ro.

What a plan.

Hold on to your butts, strap on your seatbels. cause it gonna be a wild ride.

World War 3 is averted! A big scandal is about to take down McMaster. Peace is here!

Holy smokes, I just figured it all out!!!!!!!!!
Trump put McMaster as the head of the NSC in order to put the biggest rats in our military “in charge” so when the false flag was carried out, and then Trump bombed Syria, he can then came out and say the fake intel that McMaster passed and used was incorrect! You have to put the rats out for everyone to see! Trump is the master chess player! 
They knew this would happen and allowed it to stop the American War Machine!!! Holy smokes.

He is about to expose McMaster and Petraeus and bring them down! 

It is nearly impossible to take the Deep State down, but you can handicap and make the Deep State ineffective if you can remove the main players in the military who are complicit with the Deep State. That is in the process of being handled at this moment.
They essentially bait the main players, McMaster, Petraeus etc., see what they do, see their plans, and then when enough evidence is gathered they will arrest them and accuse them of treason. Then you take all of the officers below them who they have promoted for going with the program and promote those who are actually good people. World changes overnight.
There will be such a huge support boost for Trump WORLD-WIDE. In the USA. In the Middle East. Trump can come out and vindicate Obama, Bush, etc. saying that they have uncovered a huge conspiracy of passing fake intel etc. to spread their plans… He can apologize to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and offer reparations and support in rebuilding their countries. It will be huge

Mark it down!

Holy shit this is big if true.

Assad is awesome. Even if his name is scary, he is very intelligent, strong, but not threatening… And if God wanted him dead, he would surely be. He has said that when the civil war is finished a new leader will be chosen through democratic means. He will be a great leader for many years to come in the Middle East in one way or another.

Now if we can just stop funding terrorists (Thank you Tulsi Gabbard) and stop launching missiles at the drop of a false flag hat, we just may have some peace. If McMaster and Petraeus are taken down, the wars will essentially be over.

Bring North and South Korea to the negotiating table and sign a peace treaty to end the war! If both of these things happen, peace will be here fast… and a lot of people will be celebrating. Aspire for it and it can come.

Embrace Our Evolution

July 25th, 2016

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

It is nearly impossible to imagine who we can become if we allow the world to fully mold us into what IT needs. This is all that I have tried to do in my life. To BE what is missing in the world, at least in my own perspective changing with time. Recently my viewpoint is shifting, however, and I feel that the world does not need anything, at least from me. It does not need my opinions or perspectives or theories. This allows me to just share freely, without any form of obligation, and freedom from duty and obligation is a great freedom indeed.

La piscina en Proyecta Gaia 🙂
I believe we are living in a perfect creation, along with all the ups, downs, and spills and this contrast, even great, is necessary for full appreciation. This realization, if truly understood and believed, can bring great peace. The peace to roam freely and to accept the fate assigned.

Sacred Wild Amanita Muscaria spotted while searching for caves!

I value the personal relationships that I have developed more then anything and especially creating new ones. As a traveler, this is my addiction. Creating and developing relationships that could not have existed unless I “gave it a shot” and consciously attempted to make new ones.

Who I am is only because of the people I have been around in my life. Everyone I have ever met has had some change, whether big or small, on my character. Without all of these changes, I would not be me, and I fully appreciate all of these “meetings”… 

I feel that one of the most harmful things that we can do to ourselves is to create a situation in life where we can no longer change. Change is an integral part of our human nature. Just as important as air, water, food or love. Our emotions, our desires, what is important to us, all of this will change throughout our lives. Resisting our own evolution, ultimately, is always futile, in this life or the next.

Why not instead embrace the transformation, choose to evolve and see who we can become? Staying in the shallow water is fine and dandy, but only after we learn to wade and swim in the depths can we find the pearls waiting to be discovered… I embrace my evolution.

Bogota street art.

The only way to live a great life may be to not consider what we do in the present to be great. Perhaps it is better to always consider “great things” as something beyond what we are currently doing. Not that we won’t do great things. But by considering them as ‘normal’, we can continue to aim for even “greater things” in the future. Then, perhaps, we can truly shoot for the stars.

I have never purposefully aimed for fame or “greatness” in this life, but more so for great experiences, which I feel I have been blessed with, rather than acquired. If these experiences continue at the same rate they have, or slow down entirely, I will be happy even just for the memories obtained in this life.

Last night by the fire in Gaia.

I am just now finishing two months in Colombia and have had an absolute blast. Beyond what I could have imagined. It is mind-blowing how many incredible people I have met. Such a huge concentration of wonderful beings all around and my gratitude is boundless for this experience.

The couple that I lived with, Beatriz and Sylvio, were the perfect hosts for my first time in South America. I feel blessed to have worked with them and to see such a great example of happiness from realizing potential, on small and grand scales.

Exploring in the rain with friends.
In three days I am heading to Lima, Peru to do a bit of bio-construction at the Vipassana center there. After that I will visit an old friend near Cusco I met a while back in Israel. I am super stoked because a lot of what we talked about and shared then I now believe to be true even though at that time I didn’t. I am excited to see what conversation comes about now that we are more in line in understanding and perspective. Allowing ourselves to change and being able to observe our transformations is one of the greatest gifts that we have. Embrace it!

Clem sending out those pool vibes.
Free from obligation, I am just a servant now, but I feel that if I serve myself, I am also serving the world; it is not selfishness, it is an investment. I only know what is best for myself, and not what is best for the world. This “best” is constantly changing, and that is fine to me. Just filling in the cracks of what is missing or imbalanced in the world. I strive to be flexible like water, going anywhere like the wind, rooted like the earth, and passionate like the flame.


“Be like water my friend.”

Do I feel I can stop this path if I don’t have to? Not really. But why would I want to?

Seemingly, I always feel my life is just getting started… And I love it.

Captured a moment of happiness here.
Thanks for reading!


Ashtavakra said –

1. Oh, the man of understanding, the knower of Self, who plays the game of life, has no similarity to the deluded beasts of burden of the world.

2. Oh, the yogin does not feel elated abiding in that state which Indra and all other gods hanker after and thus become unhappy.

3. Surely the heart of one who has known the Self is not touched by virtue and vice, just as the sky is not touched by smoke, even though it appears to be.

4. Who can prevent that great-souled one, who has known this entire universe to be the Self alone, from acting spontaneously?

5. Of the four kinds of created beings, from Brahma down to the clump of grass, it is the wise one alone who is capable of renouncing desire and aversion.

6. Rare is the man who knows the Self as one without a second as lord of the universe. He does what he considers worth doing and has no fear from any quarter.

Astavakra Samhita Chapter IV: Glorification of Self-Realization”

The best place to dance is not always in the spotlight. Columbiano edition.


Deepness Emerges

Sometimes we can hang and sometimes we can’t. Sometimes others can hang and sometimes they can’t. Part of the journey of Life is about adjusting our individual hanging level as time goes by, fluctuating as might be necessary.

If we can close our eyes when we dance, letting go of any worry of what can happen good or bad during that time, it’s when nothing bad happens over and over incrementally that allows us to slowly fill our trust in the chaos and uncertainty. Eventually we may learn to embrace it.

Can you be who you really are?

Can there be any other way to eventually exist than as who we are on the inside, free of control and inhibition?

Whatever type of life that I am living at any moment I try to do it fully until the need for change appears again. The ability to be constantly vigilant and ready and willing for change is perhaps more important than the change itself. Like the chameleon it may one day evolve to that of a natural instinct… To change on cue with the surrounding environment. The emergence and reemergence of trust in the non-permanence of all things brings joy from within in whatever time it is practiced. Even that is not assured or permanent.

I have realized that if we don’t take notes or write our thoughts throughout periods of inner change or struggle, we may lose or forget important nuggets of our own personal wisdom that has personally arisen and passed away. Can you find the nuggets? Identification is just as necessary as the Unconcious creation of them, hence why writing and philosophy is more conducive when there is a higher unity between the consciousness and unconsciousness within. Compromises and forgiveness are integral to the foundation.

Recording helps to build and compare our prior reference points a little more smoothly because of an intrinsic certain objectivity in the written word. Change is more easily noticed or accepted in our true self when we can see the transformation of what we desire to write about, nearly always beginning perhaps with the meaningless and hopefully venturing onwards towards meaning. As the journey can be witnessed taking place within the individual, it can also be seen within the collective. Overcoming whatever we have built in the past is the constant rebirth of ourself, the newest bulwark to overthrow. Consistent contentment can be a blessing for some, and yet a deep pitfall for others. Lack of contentment can drive us to always look for the greener grass, for better or for worse.

One true test of a civilization is whether we can find a place to dance without fear. Without fear of what others think and without fear of injury. Closing our eyes is important to build our trust, especially in the chaotic tendencies of a dance floor. Happiness may come from seeing how many places or moves we can integrate into our own personal rituals of dancing. Our options in these regards are continually diverging. It would be my hope that there will never be a set or best dance for eternity, and that the law of constant newness of opinion and dance will prevail for as long as there is awareness of dullness and concretism.

As more and more places become open to dancing without fear, the ability emerges to potentially connect on a deeper cultural or tribal level in effect witnessing our ancestral and historical rights as free-acting beings. Our dance has constantly changed based on what we have seen or learnt from the present moment, integrating cultures and speeds of dance as we go. Many times, it’s important to not get stuck on the floor but to keep an eye out for a better place to dance if it exist.
And perhaps we may want to keep an eye on ourself from doing the same dance over and over, but to learn and adapt as the flow goes on…

And lastly, sometimes we may find ourselves as the last person on the dance floor, and the willingness to continue on or to take a break is different in everyone… Sometimes if the fire goes out, then the passion (even knowingly temporary) to begin with can easily be extinguished. The reputation or lack-there of a club is easy to distinguish based upon what occurs on the dance floor. Many times, everything else is of secondary importance.

To me, the art of the “let go” is a process that can be repeated perhaps indefinitely and nearly always provide some puzzle piece or part of the deeper questions that we have for ourselves. The flood is rarely constant and can pass quickly. It can more or less only be learned from experience, and any “teaching” is tough to transmit from one to the other. The feeling of a “let-go” resembles in some ways those from our past, but they also can be very constructive and unique as we remold adding or subtracting elements from the alchemical equation. If we can approach them consciously, we can re-aim our own arrows or shift the water stream in the direction that will grow our inner crops. Plant the seed.

How quickly can we change our masks when there is no resistance or thoughts of being incorrect? Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly? Maybe it is not uncalled for to ask have you ever changed the mask? Was it forced or welcomed? Often our first mask exchanges are because of factors beyond our control. Yet, as time passes it becomes more of a conscientious allowance to be made and followed through with. The unfolding of the self is like the rising lotus in the murky pond. It’s not easy to break through the swamp, but keep pushing and the flower will eventually surface.

Are our transformations sincere? Insincere transformations can be some of our greatest examples of observation. I have a feeling whatever we do if we do so with sincerity will eventually take us to where we actually want to be. The smallest amount of insincerity can be detected by the sincerely aware, even within our own decision-making psyche. Whatever comes out of our daily transformations, its very dependence is based upon the sincerity levels of the life lived. Do we mean what we say and do we act like how we feel? Or is hollow words and ideals the norm? Must we all fake it until we make it? Is it even possible to “make it” or is this the grandest fairy-take of all? Without trying to “make it” into our current paradigm of where “it” is to us, we risk falling to idleness or boredom for the present “it” that we live. And the beat goes on…

What holds us back from going over the edge spiritually?

Dec 8th, 2015

Siloam Springs, AR

First of all, there are many ideas of what “going over the edge” means. Some may think going over the edge means going too far. Some may think it may be going from sanity to insanity. Some may think it means going to the point of no return. The very idea of going over the edge may encompass some of these definitions, but until one does in fact go over the edge, it may be hard to know for sure.

My definition of “going over the edge” is from a spiritual meditation standpoint. It is going from what we can understand, what we are similarly aware of to a state that we have never experienced before, to a point that may not be understandable, and to a point that is not even fathomable because it is beyond our five senses of comprehension. Many that have experienced this point in the past have been unable to explain it because it cannot be put into words. The Irish have an old saying that goes something like this; “The man that reaches the top of the mountain will either come back as a poet or a madman.”

So what stops the meditator from “going over the edge” or from going to the beyond? I would argue that what stops us from going over the edge is not so much the lack of ability to do so, nor deep-seeded addictions to the “physical world”. What stops the meditator from going over the edge is actually that the desire to do so is lost in the higher stages of meditation. “Going over the edge” eventually becomes a desire-less act more or less. It is like putting a cement block on the accelerator of our car and just taking it over the edge. This is also why it is quite difficult to do so in an atmosphere like “real life” where we are surrounded by temptations, friends, and “things to do.”

This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the idea that maybe we don’t actually really want to “go over the edge.” For those who have done it in the past, they would surely say “yes, this is what you want to do,” but how do we know for sure this is what is best for all of us. Could it be best for some and not others?

My idea of “going over the edge” and it’s implications is actually a little different than what I have heard or read about in the past. Although this is purely a theory, I ponder it quite often these days. I think is what actually happens is it is like a resetting of our soul. We go from a sculpted soul, sculpted by our experiences from this life and past lives full of complexes, acquired traits, etc. back to that of a “blank soul”. For those who do this in this life, they live out the rest of their days as a “blank soul” until physical death and afterwards perhaps after a period of “spiritual rest” in a bodiless existence they begin the process over again. It could easily be said that these “beings” are perfect in the idea that they are “blank” and have nothing that is “tainting” their soul.

The other possibility is that they do not begin again and are “permanently” in this state of “spiritual rest.” The implications of which of these two possibilities happen may be extremely important in what we all choose to do in the future. Granted the “sculptedness” of our souls are in theory all different and perhaps those who are the most “sculpted” would wish to either “reset” or pass on into “spiritual rest retirement” more than those who are “less-sculpted” or closer to “blank.”

This leads to the question where do souls come from at all? A working answer would be that they continually go through this process of becoming “sculpted” and then eventually resetting to “blank.” Although many may say that the soul does not actually exist and that it is just a jumbling of ignorance and reactionary “sankaras” waiting for liberation, I use the word “soul” as the relative word for this combination.

Going over the edge spiritually is the very essence of faith. It is a journey to the complete unknown. It is a desire-less act. It may be the only “desire-less” act that we ever go through if we actually do in fact “go over the edge.”


Getting Serious about the Seeming Inevitability of Collapse

October 30th, 2015

Siloam Springs, AR, USA

I would like to share something that has been on my mind recently and that is that it is time to get serious about what could be the inevitable collapse of multiple aspects of our culture and society in the Western world and perhaps what to expect in the upcoming future.

In any country, culture, or empire throughout history when a certain amount of the population has lost their will to work (through whatever means), some sort of collapse has occurred to “reset” this will to work within the population. One could call it the law of cause and effect or God’s will or whatever, but it is a necessary evil that has occurred many times throughout history. To assume that it will not happen again is a perilous decision especially in this day and age. How have we lost the will to work and even live?

When a certain amount of the population can make astronomic amounts of money through “easy work”, such as trading the markets and even more so with computer high-frequency trading, or “work” such as sports or acting, where they are paid millions of dollars per season or for a movie, or through selling illegitimate or illegal goods for fast profits, or gambling either in legal casinos or online, it has nearly always been just a matter of time before that country or empire has collapsed. With the addition of welfare on the scale that it has become in our country where money is just printed and handed out to anyone that signs up, this is a recipe for collapse and a recipe for a “reset” to occur. 

When everyone sees their neighbors either making “millions” through “easy methods” or living off of the government, this leads those that are working hard to work less and less and this has led us to this point in time. It is “baked into the cake” at this moment. Because there is not a precedence of the United States and Western world’s magnitude of “losing the will to work”, the “collapse” may be on a scale that has never been seen before.

It is not even a punishment but a necessary evil to reset that country or people to make them a better and happier people in the future. This may not be apparent before or during the collapsed years, but it will be for those who survive and make it through the “tough times”. How long will it last? This depends on many factors, but I don’t think decades is a far off guess for some countries.

In my opinion, for whatever it is worth, the morality in the United States and many Western countries is at an all time low. Whether you take into account our offensive military campaigns against other innocent countries, our drug-fueled and alcoholic society, the abundance and allowance of obscene pornography, the homosexuality that has become a norm in our society which has led into transexuality, or any multitude of reasonings, it is apparent to anyone who has any semblance of what “morality” actually is that we have fallen into immoral times. 

What good does homosexuality or transexuality do except appease the personal desires of the person the participates in it? How does it help society in any way or form? I am not saying that it is a “bad” thing in the individual, I’m saying that it is an “immoral” allowance within the culture. I am saying the “glorification” of it is a systemic rot to a society’s moral code.

Some countries and cultures will bounce from the collapse quickly, while others may never fully recover. Those who have experienced collapses within the last few decades have prepared much more then those who have not recently or anytime in their history. A nature or culture’s assumption of “superiority” and “exceptionalism” and “this will never happen to us” will be the main precursor to the severity of the collapse. It has happened many times throughout history so don’t assume it won’t happen again.

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best” is a very beneficial motto to live by. The only way that anyone has survived throughout history is because their ancestors saw the “writing on the wall” and moved on to a more “progressive” society or culture in search of better opportunities, which usually occurred in dire times. The one’s who stay behind and have no preparations in place will not last just like those who did so in the past did not last.  

Believe me that I hope I am wrong on all of this, but I feel it is my “duty” to warn people if God puts something on my mind. To keep it to myself would be a disservice to all around me, whether friend, family, or unknown. 

It looks more and more like World War 3 is around the corner and the winners will be those who are best prepared, mentally, militarily, and economically. I do not see the U.S. as prepared mentally, nor economically and these two will factor in to the inevitable defeat of the military because where there is no will to fight nor money to pay the troops, a war cannot be fought. The enemies of the United States know that it is only a small push of the domino and the country will collapse in on itself. They don’t want to push that domino, but will if they can avoid a major World War.

We can only judge our own success in life by how internally happy we are in the present moment. One cannot say I was a success in life and yet still be unhappy in the present moment. Happiness can bring wealth and yet so often wealth brings unhappiness. Those who will continue to judge success based on financial wealth will never be happy and will pass on this delusion to their offspring.

God Bless everyone and try to at least be mentally prepared for the worst that can happen.


Photo courtesy of Podritsky.

Reflections On Love

Is love limited or unlimited? Why do we try to limit love to one person if we have enough love within us for multiple people? Is it not jealousy that stops this from occurring? Is it societal or religious rules that stop us from loving multiple people in the world? If it is agreed upon by all parties what is wrong with loving multiple people at one time? Not at the same location per se, but in different parts of the country or world? 

I feel very lucky to have loved many wonderful women in my life, and I don’t think that my love has run out for any of them. Why is this considered a “bad thing”? Why can’t I embrace this and not have it looked down upon? Even if it s not acted upon? Who can judge the time period that it takes to fall in love? Who can judge whether that love still exists even after a short meeting?
Another question is do we have free will or are we only able to do what God allows us to do at any given moment. Can we love who we want or must we love who He chooses for us to love at any given moment? Is it possible to fall back in love with old flames who we wanted to love at one time, but He wouldn’t allow us to love them fully at the time?

What unlocks us? How do we know who He wants us to love? Do we ever have free will or not? Is it limited or unlimited?

How does wish fulfillment play into our own path? Can others wish fulfillment be so strong that it can completely take us off our own desire and path?

Is marriage a necessity? Especially if personal desires are so fleeting? Would children tame someone to stay true? Or would only personal love do this? Is the very difficulty of staying true to a single person what makes doing it or marriage so special? Could God tame a wild beast or would it have to be the beast that tames itself?

Still hard for me to imagine that I will be with the same person my whole life…if it ever happens. I don’t really see the necessity for it. It doesn’t happen in nature so why do we attempt it in society? Can open relationships work? Are there precedents in history?

Is it better to be with someone who has unlimited potential, yet unstable and seemingly unable to reach that full potential or to be with someone with limited potential, who is “stable” and has reached their full potential? Is either “better” or is it just a personal choice for what is best for each of us? Can potential be judged? Or is it just a parallel to ambition? I think it can be… But I wouldn’t say highly potential or ambitious people are “better” then those with limited potential or ambition. It has more to do with attractions and who we like…

I guess if there is ever a question of what God wants from us, to me an answer would be to reproduce. Merely because of the organs that we have been given. I don’t think He would want us not to reproduce is closer to the point. We have it within ourselves to do it and without it, without our ancestors fulfilling this wish, none of us would be here. On the other hand, I don’t think He would be mad if we didn’t reproduce and of course not all of us can…
So be fruitful and multiply, if possible… 🙂