I Believe I Was Wrong About Trump – Prepare Yourself

I never hold any regrets about what I have thought or believed in the past. I can only try to be more intelligent and discerning in the future. I could still be wrong in giving up my support for Trump… But in light of new information that I have been studying and researching, I do not think that Trump will ultimately be a good president for the USA. His ignorance, his lack of self-perspective, and objectivity will never allow him to break free of his ego, nor of those who are controlling him. This is the most important thing that a leader can do. If he cannot do this, he should not be the leader. If some sort of false flag occurs, there will be no bounds to his fury or his offensive against whoever the establishment tells him where the perpetrators.

I said around a year ago in one of my videos that it looked like to me that the “powers that be” were trying to build a group of individuals who would support Trump no matter what he did. This is always a very dangerous situation, no matter who the leader is. It is a repeat of Nazi Germany. There is a major cult of personality being built around Trump, that is he is infallible and perfect and this is extremely dangerous. A cult of personality the likes of which the USA has never seen has been meticulously developed around Trump.

I hope that I am wrong. I hope that a false flag attack does not occur on US soil. I want the best for everyone. But if you have a leader who is not in control of himself, who can be manipulated by those around him, like his predecessors before him, then this does not end up good for anyone.

The saddest part is that we truly are so close to actually breaking free. We are on a verge of mass awakening. But the powers that be are truly too entrenched at the moment. It is not light versus darkness, but darkness versus darkness at this moment. They both share the same goal. It is hard for me to be so pessimistic at the moment, but I must share the feelings that I am being forced to experience at the moment. At the moment, short of a miracle, I do not see the way out of this for us… Which I have sort of felt for a while, but I have also not lost my faith that we will find a way one day.

I am merely asking people to stop choosing sides. For now, both sides are compromised. They want full control. They will not stop until they have achieved it. Focus on yourself through spirituality and faith. One day someone will come along that will have the true power to stop them, but I do not see who this is yet at this moment.

Trump has been “built” for this moment, as was his predecessors since Kennedy. I would love to believe, and I have believed in the past, that he was “built” for a positive future, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that this will not be the case. I expect to see some sort of negative event now that will change everything. Some sort of false flag to push “their” ultimate wish. Much like what happened after 9/11 with Bush. Trump probably believes that he is actually a good person. He probably believes that through his own power he won the White House and through his own power he can save the US. But it is not so. For we cannot be a good person if we do not have control over ourselves. He has no deeper understanding of who he truly is, or what he is capable of. Power corrupts absolutely unless one has a deep faith or spirituality, which Trump does not possess. At this moment, it would take a miracle for this to change.

Whatever happens, the light is already strong enough to eventually dispel the darkness. Darkness will do its best to extinguish the light that has been lit, but we must not let it.

If they crash the economy or the markets, they will surely blame it fully on Trump and the Republican’s policies. This will ensure a Democratic majority and leadership for years to come. Perhaps this is our fate. Socialism will not help the US, it will be the scapegoat that will only enslave us further. Russia has gone through a century of turmoil to come to where it is now. As have multiple other countries with sound leadership. Perhaps, although I hope not, this is what they have in store for the US. The policies being lined up at the moment will not be good for the American citizens. They are only touching the surface of change. The #ReleaseTheMemo will only bag the outer men, not the deeper ones who are still untouchable. Until these scum are removed, we cannot proceed forward. The military does not need more funding.

Praying for peace. Praying that somehow Trump in his advanced age can awaken, but at the moment I do not think this is the case. I hope that I am wrong about all of this…

I will always stand with truth, with love, and with justice. I hope that God’s will will be done in all times.

Praying for the U.S.A. Praying for the world. God bless.

I would urge you to re-read my post from Oct. 2015: https://thisamericansadhu.com/2015/10/30/getting-serious-about-the-seeming-inevitability-of-collapse/

Update: 10:00 PM Israeli time. – Just was led to this post which I think is very relevant to what I just posted.

False Flag Super Bowl Nuke Alert by Kevin Barrett – Veterans Today Editor

Everything is lining up “false flag” for this year’s Super Bowl.

I reported last October that US Bank Stadium suddenly fired its security provider and replaced it with G4S, the notorious “black ops CIA” outfit formerly known as Wackenhut. G4S is the company that employed Omar Mateen, the gay patsy blamed for the Orlando nightclub shooting. (For the unbelievable details of Mateen’s career as a G4S-orchestrated flaming patsy, check out the investigations of former CIA Officer Robert David Steele and others in my edited book Orlando False Flag.) Rumors have also linked G4S to the Las Vegas shooting and other suspected false flags.

How many fake “radical Muslim” patsies is G4S running in the huge Somali community of the Twin Cities? Will one of them be blamed for doing something crazy to the Super Bowl?

Another warning sign: The company that engineered US Bank Stadium is into “disaster response.”

Coincidentally (?) the two teams playing in this Super Bowl just happen to be named after the two leading symbols of jingoistic American militarism. The term “Patriots,” which originally referred to heroic warriors against empire, has been hijacked by false flaggers, giving us such abominations as the “Patriot Act” (most Orwellian expression ever?) and the 9/11 holiday “Patriot Day” (a more appropriate name would be “Treason Day.”) And the Eagle, of course, is our national raptor, symbolizing America’s fetish for swooping down on smaller, helpless countries and ripping them apart.

The timing is worrisome: Donald Trump appears to be on the ropes, vulnerable to a potential knockout punch from Mueller and his allies, as discussed in my recent interview with former Presidential Policy Advisor Barbara Honegger. The latest news – that Trump tried to fire Mueller last summer but was unable to do so – seems to be part of an escalating onslaught that could put Trump in a position to think that the only thing that will save his presidency would be a major false flag. Check out this piece from Raw Story:

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath

Trump has built his political career on Islamophobia, rabid nationalism, macho bluster…and, in recent months, nuclear brinksmanship. The best thing that could possibly happen to his presidency, maybe the only thing that can save his presidency, would be a huge false flag blamed on Muslims. If it’s big enough, he’ll be in a position to grab quasi-dictatorial powers and put an end to the assaults on his sensitive, narcissistic ego.

Presidents don’t orchestrate false flags. They probably don’t even directly order them. But the people who do orchestrate the false flags – moles and professional killers, according to Tarpley – usually stage them to benefit the sitting president, while also achieving their own policy objectives.

More possible warning signs:

“SMG, which runs venue management for US Bank Stadium, also manages events at Manchester Arena, the site of the Ariana Grande concert “bombing” on May 22. SMG’s clients may be found on their website. ” –source

To read more: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/01/26/super-nuke/

Additional Update:

Know that someone who is controlled by ego is controlled by ego. They are not actually in control of themselves. This is a universal truth. The Trump that we see is not Trump at all, but Trumps ego. Historically this has been extremely dangerous. It makes it very easy to control him. He is essentially a combination of Reagan and Obama. Slowly becoming senile, but also controlled by his own ego. I have been very optimistic but after doing deeper research, it looks just as much that he has ultimately been chosen by one side of the PTB. This cannot turn out good ultimately.

Hope that I am wrong but I know that I am correct when discussing ego.

Just sharing what I am being led to share. It’s ok if you disagree with me. We will ultimately see if I am wrong or right. Many times when things are too good to be true, they really are. Something seems to be on its way.

Has anyone asked why this #ReleaseTheMemo has become so important? Doesn’t it seem like only those “out in the open” are being implicated. The true controllers would never be seen and they certainly would not have leadership positions in the FBI. Does it not seem this is a major OP to fully discredit the FBI and intelligence agencies? I want to see the true swamp drained. Not just a little… Put the pieces together.

What is going to happen or might happen will be much deeper. Trump and Pence, IF nothing happens, can save the USA and the world for that matter. I still believe that. But IF something does happen, say a major false flag, than it all goes out the window. Like seriously. Bush wasn’t so bad until 9/11 and then his puppetness and ignorance truly came out. Fuck Cheney knew it was going to happen all along. That is what could be so dangerous about Trump and Pence. Truly, they will either go along with the program as they MUST, or they could ultimately be major wolfs in sheeps clothing, although I doubt it.

Imagine for a second if they truly pulled the plug on the economy. “They” always have this power. There could literally be nothing that Trump could do about it. He will only go downhill if his efforts are leading to bad results, especially if they are outside his control. He might be great if everything is going well, but can you imagine him if they are going downward fast? This is what we have not seen. This is what I am scared about.

Melania seems to know that something is up. She is a clue.

Hopefully just by discussing the possibilities we can preempt them from happening.

Update 10:30 PM:

I am a trader as well. Gold and silver are perfectly positioned at this moment just waiting for an event. I thought it could be the memo, but that is not big enough. If a FF hits, gold and silver are setup here to go to 10,000$ an ounce and $500 an ounce fast.

They are perfectly positioned for this move. A false flag here will crash the economy, crash the dollar, and make gold and silver go bezerk. The markets are just waiting on it.

There has to be an event to kick it off.

And this was posted yesterday!

Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a ‘major event’

“Hours before his first State of the Union, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to unite the country amid “tremendous divisiveness” and hopes he can do so without a traumatic event affecting Americans.

Trump spoke about creating a more united country during a lunch with a number of television news anchors. Trump said the United States has long been divided, including during the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton. Trump also said that Americans usually come together during times of suffering.

“I would love to be able to bring back our country into a great form of unity,” Trump said. “Without a major event where people pull together, that’s hard to do. But I would like to do it without that major event because usually that major event is not a good thing.” “

He knows what is about to come!!!! Wake up!


Update 1:30 AM:


This “memo” or whatever it is is nothing more than a creation, pure and simple. Someone made it for a very specific purpose. They are trying to cram it down our throats.

I at first wanted to see this memo as well, but the way they have pushed it so fast, you know that this is a creation by someone with a very specific agenda.

Please God help Trump to wake up. Please God help him to see clearly through the fog.

Kelly is giddy with the excitement for the “world to see it.” Trump’s instincts were right about him. Sack him!

Whatever it said, the fact that it was so shocking means it was probably a piece of fiction in the first place. I would not doubt for a second that whoever created it wanted Trump to implicate Obama, even if Obama was never aware of what was going on, in order to eventually either make Trump look bad OR worse to start a civil war.

We must think of all possibilities. It does absolutely no good to release this for Trump. NOTHING.

Take time on this and think it through.

What is the rush? Who is rushing this? When the heck have they ever rushed to push a memo just so the American people can see it?

Think it through.

Don’t release the memo Trump or you will regret it! Trey Gowdy knows what the heck is going on. That is why he is out.

One of the best congressmen we have ever had…

Sad sad deal.

Someone’s head is going to roll.

Think about it! Nunes is a damn Republican congressman from California! Republicans do not get elected in California unless they are “pushed” through.

This guy is either ignorant, paid for, or skum.

He looks so nice, I even thought so. But he smells like a dirty rat.

Sucks, but the memo is a fake. Even NUNES admitted the memo came from a supposed ”network of whistleblowers.” This is a load of crap.

Mueller needs to refocus his efforts, not on Russia, but someone else. Can he do it? That is the million dollar question. Can he paint the true picture? If he could, he would go down in history as the greatest American patriot of all time.

Do it Mueller! Go after who really put Trump in office. You have my blessing!

For reading on the slimy Nunes shenanigans: Business Insider

What Is Coming Next.

Everyone thinks Trump is dumb and ignorant, but he is actually “acting” dumb and ignorant. Trump loves to talk. And he loves to talk about himself. Imagine knowing such a big secret that it will literally “save the world” and not be able to tell anyone. Not many could hold this secret. Everything has been perfectly planned. A huge clap for Trump for being able to pull it off. Everything he has ever done has prepared for this moment and everything he has done will pale in comparison to what is about to occur. If a centennial Noble Peace prize could occur, he would certainly win… Soon from now.

It just may go down as the greatest secret eventually told. There will be no one left to question his judgment or authority as a human being after what comes comes. The United States will be completely unified and if the USA is united the world will become unified.

The last problem is to sort out is the Middle East. Thus look at the enormous transitions that are currently occurring.

The winner of the Middle East conflict, or more specifically Cold War, between Saudi Arabia and Iran is the country that can reform itself the fastest. In these terms, Saudi Arabia is taking giant leaps to get to this point. Iran is being left behind or blind-sided in these regards. Watch Iran attempt to catch up soon.

Saudi Srabia and Iran must eventually make peace. This should happen soon. Syria is almost finished. Yemen should be the next area to find a peace agreement.

What will happen soon in the US will affect the entire world. Those connected to those who will fall will be marginalized. Exciting times we are in.


Stock up on popcorn for the coming week. The world will never be the same again.

Lady Justice is Knocking on the World’s Door

As I was chillin’ by the pool today with my pomegranate a thought came to me…

As human beings we have a primordial need to see justice being carried out to the unjust, especially when it comes to the elite or those in leadership positions. If one has asked themselves what is wrong in life, or what they were missing, one simple answer could be the lack of justice that we have seen for the majority of our lives. I would argue living in a world absent of true justice is actually quite an anomaly historically-speaking. And yet that is the world that “they” have attempted to build. That’s why it feels so strange. So awkward. This is all about to change.

Take a deep breath and smell the air. In one week take another deep breath and see if you can smell the difference… The air is about to change and it will never be the same again.

The snakes have taken over the henhouse. But have no fear, if one chops the head off a snake, the snake will always die. It just took them a lot of time to find the head. Now the executioner’s ax is fully sharpened. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. No hole to slither into…

For those concerned with reputation above all else, the death of one’s reputation can be worse, and certainly more “eternal”, than death itself, for one’s reputation transcends death. History has never been kind to the wicked.

Justice is coming and it’s going to be oh so sweet.

And from last night…

Called this +6 months ago. This video gave me goosebumps all over…. The world is about to change more drastically than it ever has perhaps in “modern history”. I’ve said since the beginning that whoever is guilty should always be held accountable. Justice is coming swiftly. Look at how literally every foreign leader is praising Trump at the moment. They all know what is about to happen. Look at the consolidations of power sweeping the world. The rats are about to be dethroned. Forever…

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

The big D is about to be the big heee-ro.

What a plan.

Hold on to your butts, strap on your seatbels. cause it gonna be a wild ride.

The U.S. Navy’s Potential False Flag Against Russia, Trump’s War Speech, and Fake Protests

In this video I talk about the potential false flag that is being setup to blame Russia for the recent collisions of the USS John McCain and USS Fitzgerald. The DailyMail posted an article claiming that Russia has developed electronic warfare capabilities to “spoof” GPS systems. I believe they are connected to the recent Navy crashes in order to force Trump to go to war against Russia.

Secondly, I talk about last night’s speech by Trump to the armed forces that is seemingly doubling down on our overseas wars. Is there any justification or is this just leading us further to WW3?

And lastly, I talk about the false narrative that is being pushed to create division in this country by either creating both sides of the protests by paying protesters or allowing them to be built over time only to then put them in the same place to create violence.

Trump is Playing Chess, McMaster and the Deep State are going down

A new theory came to me on Thursday, which would explain why it seems that Trump has changed in the past few weeks. I do believe that Trump is playing chess, and that he has a long term plan to take down the Deep State criminals. If this is true, peace is coming rapidly.


Syrian Airstrikes, The Push for WW3, and Is Trump Incompetent or Merely Playing 12D Chess?

A lot has happened in the past week. Was the Syrian chemical attack done by Assad or was it a false flag to force Trump and the USA into war? Where is it heading? Perhaps it will inevitably lead to a clash with Russia and Iran. Is Trump complicit in this war-mongering Deep State, or is he incompetent to see through the morass of fake intel, or is he playing 12 dimensional chess? What is up with the economy short and long term? Mike Cernovich brought new information about the ongoing “Pedogate” conspiracy to compromise our politicians and leaders. Good luck going forward everyone.

Update: Something that I failed to add in the video is that it seems as of now that there is a full alliance being formed between the USA and China. If we see simultaneous attacks on Syria and North Korea, we can be assured the alliance is in place. The USA will concentrate on Syria and China will concentrate on North Korea. This will essentially “spread the blame” of WW3 onto the United States and China, just like the blame was spread in WW2 between Germany and Japan. It is an exact copy, with Turkey being sort of neutral but leaning more into the USA-China alliance. The PTB know exactly how strong Russia is. They know how powerful their military and “self-reliant” economy can be and how “hard” Russians are as a people. Thus, after Syria and North Korea, the battle hardened Americans, Chinese, and Turkish, to a certain extent, will surely set their eyes on Russia. This is what it is looking like to me.

The Chinese model is ultimately the PTB’s wet dream for a future world: 100% control of the population. So ultimately it is everyone versus Russia, who I believe stands closer to truth and God. I would not underestimate the Russian people or Putin, but if Putin is taken out, it could be a major clusterfuck quickly. Watch closely. It would be highly surprising if WW3 is not right around the corner…