Let The Light Shine In, Let Justice Reign Supreme

I may fail in my ability to write a perfect essay. I may fail in my ability to find the totality of all necessary evidence for a given subject. But I surely will never fail in my ability to find original theories or conceptualize questions worth asking. If I can make that my bedrock, and writing and research come with time, there are no limits and no answers that cannot be found.

For what good is it if someone can write perfectly, research perfectly, but not conceptualize questions actually worth asking? More so, what fun is it?

Truth has no limit.
History has no limit.
Lies have no limit.
The limits are artificially placed by those who do not want us to look closer.
When we add another layer to our magnifying glass,
When we sharpen our scalpels,
All those things you thought forgotten will one day come back into the light…
No one lights a candle and puts it in a place that is hidden, such as under a bowl.
They put it on a stand, so that those who come in may see the light as well.
It’s about to get very bright.



Moonwalking to the Rhythm of the Ocean and Stars

Day 18 (104 Overall)

Kandamodara, Sri Lanka

The rhythm of the waves of the ocean are hypnotically healing. It can bring us back into tune as the waves of the ocean are in one way or the other connected to the waves that are within us all. Can the ocean ever reach stillness or must it always sway? Can we, or is it merely a dream?

I ask myself every morning How do I feel today? As of recently, I have felt very good. At peace. At peace to continue on at my own pace. No need to hurry. No need to go slow. At my own pace. Can there be any other way to proceed onwards? As I continue, I thank everyone and everything that has led me to where I am today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As I proceed to the climax of my own spiritual journey, whether in this life or the next, I wonder how many lives I have hoped for and wished to be where I currently am. With the knowledge that a “goal” exist and a method to get there; two keys. Would my past lives tell me to slow down or to speed up? Perhaps just to go the same pace that I currently am. How do I know it is coming to an end sooner rather then later? It is just something inside. Like they say, “When you know, you just know.” It is hard to explain it more than that.

Something I have talked about with others before is that the relative contemplation of the journey, the relative culmination of the work that has been done, whether hard or easy, is fascinating to personally witness. I do not know what lies in store for me, and yet I believe I am heading for certainty. My goal long ago was to reach certainty about what I am supposed to do. Where I am supposed to go. And this is what is special to me, to expect it to come, even though I know it is “impossible” for spiritual progress to occur with expectation. This is the “uniqueness of the situation” as I like to say. The great paradox.

I don’t know if it happens often, being able to expect spiritual culmination and it actually happening. Sure, tons of people expect it to happen and it doesn’t. How often do they expect it and it does? Perhaps, people in the past had no idea what was coming so how could they expect anything? I have many historical examples to draw from, plus my own spiritual experiences from the past, so there is something for me to expect towards, whether I like it or not. But, the strength of the meditation is such that it is possible to relatively expect in real life, and still “make it” to the goal; I abide in the mantra “I do not care what has come or will come.”

The shore is on the horizon and as it draws near, I continually reassure myself that I am doing what I am supposed to do. And yet the question rears itself once again, “To be or not to be”; that is the only question. “To be” is the aim of the ego. “Not to be” is the aim of the soul. In truth, it is a sacrifice, but one that must be made, with trust that it is the right way. I will surely be a different person once all is said and done, but what type of person? This is the trust that I speak about. With no living guru to lead me, I must trust myself, my intuitions, and the guidance of all the gurus before me, whether real or fictional, to lead me to where It wants me to go.

We stand at a precipice. To go the same way we have been going or to forge a new direction. I am surely not cut out to continue in the direction that we have been going, but I feel I may have the skills to help us if we decide to go on a new path. This can only be done when my own path is complete and that is what I am trying for or about to do. Most will not believe or understand until they see with their own eyes, and so when the time comes, I will show them either in person or online.

I always thought people will be drawn to spirituality when they see the “powers” that it brings, but perhaps these powers will just be used in the forms of whatever creative outlets we already have; music, art, writing, etc. When people see and hear the “divine” influential difference, this will make others follow. The difference will not be trivial.

The power of the blog would make past writers kings. The saying, “I’m doing this,” has much more sway than “I did this.” Not hiding their plans, but to show all openly. Those combined with spiritual guidance would naturally have been just as fearless, untouchable unless their karma allowed harm, but of course our history would have been different, which would have taken away the point of it all. It happened how it was supposed to and now we are here, together, ready to move forward, ready to cast aside our old clothes and don the new ones that we must trust will fit.

I have discovered one of my favorite new things is to sit on the deserted beach around 8 PM before the moon rises but still pitch dark, facing the south, watching the stars, and listening to the ocean. Eventually the moon rises and the light on the water at a sight degree is just unbelievable. It may be one of the most pleasant things I get to experience every night here. What is a star but a sun at a distance? Or just the rays of a sun that has already passed?

I saw a very funny sight yesterday. A young white tourist man was walking down the beach from the hotel nearby. As he approached the beach in front of our house, the dogs came out to greet him with their barks. He thought they were going to bite him or what not and he turned around and ran faster than a leopard back. It was quite funny as these were the harmless dogs. All bark and no bite, at least I think.

A truly beautiful salt-water crystal clear lagoon near where I live. Behind me 30 meters is the ocean.
A truly beautiful salt-water crystal clear lagoon near where I live. Behind me 30 meters is the ocean.

The Rule of Evil

Evil is like the waves of a rough coast. One can only go so far into the water before it will sweep them away. As long as one can still touch ground and they know how far they can go, the water cannot harm them. But as soon as they go too far, it can take everything away. This is the rule of evil.

The Dogs

On the prowl.
On the prowl.

My relationship with the dogs has progressed thoroughly. I have become one of their pack now, I feel, and they see me as one of their own, whether walking, eating, swimming, or lounging. I have reached this short term goal through love, rather than fear. Nature always holds the answer to the most vexing questions, one being whether to rule through love or fear. Through fear, I may have the slightest worry that they could turn on me at any point. Through love, my only worry is that they turn on someone else thinking I am in trouble, through their own love for me.

The dog can teach us much about what is important in life. Family, friendship, relaxing, enjoying life. They are certainly in no hurry. And neither am I. I will not slow down, nor speed up, but let the waves pull me in until the stillness settles.

Straight loungin'
Straight loungin’

There are as many psychological differences between dogs as their are humans. Just as it easy for me to see transitions of weakness to strength in humans, I can see it in the dogs. They are not all alike. Some are shy, some are scared, some are full of hatred, some are not trusting. On the other side, some are full of love, some are confident, some are trusting, some are just happy to be. The transitions can and do take place in dogs, as well as humans. In their next lives, they will carry the victories of their transitions or the defeats wherever Dharma sends them next.

The soul has neither beginning nor end. [They] come into this world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of their previous lives. – Origen

Can you believe it? 104 days have passed in the sadhu journey. It feels great, like a feeling that even occasionally if I’m doing nothing, I’m still doing something. I may not have much to do, but I have my IPad full of books. Not just any books, but the best books ever written. That’s pretty cool to say. We all have access to the best books ever written. Throughout history! Movies and music are babies compared to the written word. And, we can see similarities and differences with our ancestors through the books that have been preserved for us to read and enjoy! It connects us to them. Hopefully, one day, my books will do the same. Enshallah.

It’s a miracle to me,
That the sun we see,
And the moon are of the same size
And yet I know,
It’s just a show,
The moon with its wise disguise.

Could this be the same,
As our current law or game,
Of good and it’s mirror evil.
It seems they are balanced,
Could there be malice,
If good didn’t deceive the people?

Just like the moonlight,
That reflects from the sun,
The evil could not exist,
If good’s will was not done.


A word from our sponsor, Hunter S. Thompson not giving a F.
A word from our sponsor, Hunter S. Thompson not giving a F.

When It Can Be Worth It to Fall off the Horse

Day 14

Kandamodara, Sri Lanka

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
― Gautama Buddha

For the past 3-4 weeks I have been living a bit of a “double-life” I suppose, not being perfectly truthful, but also not necessarily lying either. I’ll tell you what I mean. When walking the spiritual path, one of the most important things is to not be discouraged if one falls down or “falls off the horse” as I like to say. It is a perfectly natural part of the process and if the meditation is going the way it is supposed to then it can happen easily. Why is this? Two things.

The purpose of meditation is to remove all craving and desire within the mind. Even staying on the “path” itself is a desire that can be removed through meditation. I believe this is where so many “spiritual” people have “gone wrong” in the past (not necessarily wrong per se) in that they reach a level where even their desire to “go beyond” is removed and they take this as the realization that they were seeking. They arrive at the realization to “just be” and they are happy with this. The desire to maintain a strict discipline is removed and slowly but surely, unless one knows what I am explaining above, they will fall back down into the trap of constant craving and desire, whether in this life or the next.

Many times over the past two and half years this has happened to me. It has never been a straight shot up. Coming from a highly-addicted background, it is easy for me to “fall back” into old habits; drinking, smoking, etc. It is more like a roller coaster going up and down until hopefully it continues up and breaks through the invisible stratosphere. I have not used any money from the expense account for my “fall back”. Furthermore, something inside of me has wanted to use the rest of the trivial personal money that I have left and only use “sadhu” money from now on. This would inherently make it impossible (as I refuse to use donated money for any form of intoxicant) to fall off the path again.

If something like this occurs to people attempting to walk the spiritual path it may be highly discouraging thinking that somehow they did something wrong or that their meditation was going incorrectly and this can bring them further down. This is not necessarily the case. How do we overcome this?  How do we move further when even the desires to “stay on the path” and maintain strict discipline are removed in meditation?

One, which is very important, don’t become discouraged. The second, keep your mind on the prize. Set your sight and aspiration on the true goal and no matter what you will always be pulled back onto the right course. Both the Buddha and Jesus (the two spiritual masters that I tend to believe in and listen to the most) mention many times that when coming to the end of the path, it helps to be alone and without the possibility of distraction. Although I am not in complete solitude, I am the most alone that I have been on an extended period since I began my spiritual journey. My mind is at ease, I am already back “on track”, and my meditation is extremely strong.

“Congratulations to those who are alone and chosen, for you will find the kingdom. For you have come from it, and you will return there again.” – Gospel of Thomas 49

The way I like to describe it is like this. Say I want to cross from Europe to the USA via sailboat over the ocean. Is all I can really do is set my sail and boat in the direction of the U.S., I can’t ask the wind to take me there faster. As long as I keep my aspiration set in the right direction nothing can stop me. A sailboat naturally must zig and zag to its destination and this is what has been occurring. My mind has not changed. I don’t want to go anywhere else besides to America. This determination of setting a goal of something “beyond” further strengthens my resolve and so much more so because I have had a little taste of what I am seeking.  The taste will forever linger until it is appeased and fully fulfilled again.

This can be seen as an advantage and disadvantage. Yes perhaps sometime I have craved the taste in the past, but I got over this hurdle quite a while back. Now it is more like a treasure map to where I want to go and it strengthens my resolve tremendously. Without it, the experience that I went through, I may have given up this journey along time ago. With it, I can never stop until I reach the shore. Only then can I paint the map for others. Until then it is like the blind leading the blind.

Now that that is out of the way, I would just like to say I am clean again for now, I’m in a spiritual paradise made for development and I plan on doing all that I can to cross the ocean of delusion. I would like to clarify my major spiritual goal though. If my goal was to only enlighten myself than that would be one thing, but this is not my aspiration. It is much more difficult to do what I’m trying to do, which is to discover what has been lost. What has been lost is what I call the perfect meditation; a meditation that can bring anyone across the ocean within a matter of days. I believe it exist and this is what I’m looking for. How? Through fully trusting my own abilities and intuition in meditation. How could it be found otherwise?

This is the reason that sadhus have existed for thousands of years. To find out what I’m seeking. This is why there have been millions upon millions of spiritual seekers that were taken care of by society throughout India and the surrounding countries since history has been recorded. The people knew such a “goal” existed, but they didn’t want to spend their whole lives looking for it, so they funded spiritual seekers to look for it for them. To this date, few have been successful and those that were did not accomplish the ultimate goal of humanity of universal enlightenment. I’m trying to find the Holy Grail. The lost knowledge. And when I find it I will share it openly and with everyone that would like to know. This is what you all, as readers and donors, are helping me to achieve. In essence we are doing it together, as we always have been.

Going back to the beginning of the post, “falling off the horse” has it’s advantages. One, certain realizations come when going up the ladder, and some come when falling down. Two, necessity is the mother of invention. When I start feeling like shit again, something I’m not used to when going up, my mediation tends to change more rapidly as I am trying to remove the impediments of what is causing me to fill like crap. I’m willing to try new things that I didn’t think of before or forgot about in the past. So, even though I was “falling down” the past few weeks, my meditation was proceeding in a very positive way. Now that I am sobering up, I can utilize what I learned or remembered during this time period. It is a very slippery slope that I tread on, but I have learned to walk the razor’s edge the past two and a half years. I am a master of coming up and down the slope.

Coming out of it, I am feeling more and more assured that everything is as it should be, perfectly crescendoing into something special. All the hallmarks are there. I built this blog as a way to share this journey, past, present, and future, with no secrets, and to build a foundation for if and when spiritual heights are obtained again. Surely, I feel, this has been done thus far and the blog is at perfect “readiness” status to do what it was made for, to teach what I learn along the way.

The Dogs

Sara and Pikolina playing.
Sara and Pikolina playing.

The dogs are absolutely spectacular. I seemed to have forgotten just how special a relationship we can have with dogs since I last was with them everyday back in the states. They are just so full of love, just wanting a little love in return. They constantly want to play and kiss me. There are so many sometimes I just have to lie on the ground and let them cover me trusting them to “play nice.”

Tina is quite rambunctious.
Tina is quite rambunctious.

Our walks on the beach and to the lagoon have been very special. The group of 11 that I am usually with are very well-behaved and they move about in totally silence unless they feel threatened. Since we are usually alone on the beach, they have no reason to bark. It feels like a I am becoming a member of their pack and that we are hunting for something but no one should make a sound to disturb what we are hunting for. Even the dogs don’t know, but it’s in their blood to act this way and I like being a part of it.


Above: Suerta (White), but I nicknamed him Bandit or White Bandit because of his eyes. And in the top picture is Blackie the magnificent.

I look forward to whatever is in store for me the next few months and continuing to share the journey with you all as readers. The karmic loop is in place; giving the dogs love in return for their own. This is surely the true way of karma, giving love without expectation which can perhaps be more easily accomplished with animals.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures to post at the moment as my Airdrop was not working.

What do I care if the water wets my clothes?

What do I care if the water wets my clothes?

It will only stay wet for a short time at most.

The waves vibrate with a ravenous jingle,

Pushed by the moon,

With the earth it does mingle.

Gravity pushes and pulls,

Up and down,

It holds the nose,

Upon the clown.

The waves pass under the sunset,

Everyday without reason or cause,

We walk down the beach,

Leaving only footprints and paws.

The trees grow where they may,

Without my command,

For nature is perfect in its ways,

No greed like in man.

If a meal is missed,

It will be found down the road.

Whoever heard of a starving fish?

Or a starving toad?

The birds find their food easily,

And the crows will even steal,

How can we judge a smart bird?

If this is how it finds a meal?

How I would love to be a bird,

Or a lion millennia ago.

Or a T-Rex.

No need for the nasty ego.

No conception of right or wrong.

Always perfectly in tune,

But they can’t conceive beyond,

Can’t see a blue moon.

What they see in front of their faces,

Is all that matters to them.

All of a sudden something happened,

And then came a wild spin.

A serious evolution occurred,

When our ancestors ate special food,

Mushrooms, fungus, and cacti.

Put them in a special mood.

Made em think maybe there is another way,

Another world.

And the aspiration set in.


Straight from dew.

With the sacred brew,

And the plant stew,

The brain grew.

And now we are here.

Expenses and Donations between July 25th and 29th:

I received two heavenly donations of $54.54 and $40 from two wonderful people to go towards the path. They have eased my mind a bit going from nigh nothing to something. And the first person who has donated twice! A new record! Haha thanks so much guys!


Food: $1

$1 + 187.67 = 188.67 divided by 14 days = $13.48 per day

$12.36 – $1 + $47.07 = $58.43 left

$58.43 / $13.48 = 4 days left


1150.80 divided by 100 days = $11.51 per day

$13.38 + $47.07 = $60.45

left  $60.45 / 11.51 = 5 days left


Taking Care of Dogs, Walking Along the Beach, and Loving Life in Sri Lanka

Journey to Ixtlan

Day 10

Kandamodara, Sri Lanka

A half-complete castle-church I live in.
A half-complete castle-church I live in.
I am sitting here in a balcony overlooking the most enchanting ocean, beach, and palm trees I have ever seen, with only $12.36 in the expense account thinking that I am perfectly happy with the way things have turned out thus far in the sadhu journey. I have made it to the destination that I have been “aspiring” towards for sometime now, not knowing it’s full potential until now. It was hard work, but I have somehow made it here. An aspiration such as this is a combination of little aspirations all rolled into one, and to me it is better than I could have planned. Furthermore, I now get to show you an example of how to continuing traveling and “living” on truly no money. The accounts are so low there would not be much I can do with them at the time. How does one live on such little? The key is to find your sanctuary. I believe I have found my own, for the time being.

Overlooking the balcony.
Overlooking the balcony.
I have found a place where I will not need to worry what I plan on doing next week, or next month which is a huge relief over what I have been doing the past 3 months and even past 16 months of traveling. When we can find these sanctuaries, and so much more if our room and board will be taken care of, it can be seen as a relative “goal” to shoot for when traveling; perhaps a result that could only be when combined with a spiritual journey. Especially ones in such pristine conditions as this. Things may be a little rough around the edges, but when have I ever shied away from this in the past? More or less, the pros of this place far outweigh whatever little cons I can find. The method of my living the past three months has made it to where even in slightly uncomfortable rooms or situation, I can find my solace and do what I need to do.

Pathway to Freedom
Pathway to Freedom
Through the spiritual path, occasionally times like this occur on a basis of manifesting the desire that is wanted for spiritual development. This places seems to be a direct manifestation of all the things I would want in a sanctuary and where spiritual development can occur in solitude. This is huge. I feel something inside me, either consciously or unconsciously, wanted it for myself to proceed forwards and so I am ready to take that step. My meditation is perfectly on track and beyond what I could imagine it to be at this point. The absolute silence except for waves is extremely beneficial for the path to continue.

Wide open beaches into solitude.
Wide open beaches into solitude.
I have never seen such a beautiful and secluded beach in all of my life. It is really unreal to me and feels like I am dreaming, walking, sitting, laying on the beach in either the day or the night. I walk with the dogs down the beach and come back hours later and still the only foot prints left are mine and the dogs. The waves are absolutely extraordinary and ravishing, perhaps 5-7 meters high at times. The red flags are constantly out and so I have only taken a few dips thus far.

Magnicent gardens surround the whole property.
Magnicent gardens surround the whole property.
The dogs. The dogs, how can I explain about these magnificent dogs? A story will be told over the coming months. I imagine that they will be the main characters in the unfolding story as most of my attention will be with them. When I was offered the job, the woman who explained things to me said is all you have to do is love my dogs and I thought to myself, ok I can do that. The catch being is that there are 17 dogs here and 3 monkeys. They are not all on good terms so there are sort of gangs of dogs.


Here are the breakups:

There is sort of a group of “good” dogs and “bad” dogs and the monkeys live in the middle, constantly provoking or aggrandizing the dogs to fight. There is furthermore another group of six rogue dogs who live on the beach, but are very defensive. This makes 23 dogs total. Out of the “good” dogs they are lead by a wonderful female golden labrador retriever named Sara who is around 10 years old. She is getting older, but still in good shape and just loves life.

Ole Sara the sweety.
Ole Sara the sweety.
Her “companion” is a miniature or crippled German Shepherd named, get this, Rex, the name of my 100 year old grandpa. So cool. Surrounding these two dogs is a gang of around 8 good dogs. Slowly I hope to show them all and explain who they are and their strengths and weaknesses.

Rex the champ.
Rex the champ.
On the “bad” side, there are about 6-7 dogs mostly of black and white color who live sort of behind the monkey cage in a big open field that opens up for the dogs to run around in. I have not got to know their names or backgrounds yet, but there is a pretty aggressive one who likes to jump on me and bite at my arms gently. There is a single fence that separates the two gangs, but there are also plenty of openings in the fence so things sometimes get a bit out of hand, but they are just having fun it looks like so far.

The monkeys live in the middle. One is a bit atrocious and likes to antagonize the dogs.

Shookee... he is mean looking.
Shookee… he is mean looking.
One of the cool things about where I am is that the dogs have absolute freedom to do whatever they please. It is literally a huge area surrounded purely by nature that they can run around in. Since they are nearly always in a pack or with a friend, they have nothing to worry about. It is an absolute paradise for them. A human paradise automatically leads itself to a dog’s paradise, especially if the dogs are treated so well as they are here. It is going to be an amazing time. I have came up with a little corresponding theory that has to do with this job and will be interesting to see in progression.

Animal Karma Theory

A question has been roaming around in my mind for some time and I think I am starting to get an image of an answer. It seems like a good time to expunge it a bit as it has to do with the next leg of the journey I am embarking on now. The question is how do animals gain karma to eventually be reborn into the human existence when they live purely by instinct, by reaction, and the programming that is within their own DNA? My theory is that animals have received karma throughout history based upon the “interference” of man, either consciously or unconsciously. In essence, we can change the fate or karma of animals by utilizing them for multiple purposes.

Either through food, or production, or protection, or by receiving love from them which can be tangentially felt from animal to human. A karmic cycle or loop can start where a human receives karma for providing the opportunity for animals to earn karma on an extended “drawn out” basis. Just from “mingling” with animals, we give them the chance to “love” and even “change” into a loving animal from an angry or frightened one.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” – Genesis 1:26

I think this scripture is stating the same as this theory, but it is not explaining it in depth or properly. Many people throughout history might have thought this meant that man has the ability to do whatever it wants to animals as they are “higher” on a spiritual level or imaginary “food chain”, but in actuality it just means that we are in charge of giving animals the opportunity to earn karma as they have no ability to unless human interaction takes place. This could have unconsciously being taken place since the inception of human-animal interaction. A deeper question is who are the one’s that gave pre-humans their karma to become human through evolution? Something to speculate upon.

This theory corresponds to what I am about to start doing. I will give them the opportunity to love and protect me just with long walks on the beach and I will love them in return, a la the karmic loop will be implemented. I don’t see them really as “animals”, but beings just like you or me just in an animal body at the time. Any of them could have been my family, friends, or teachers from past lives. 

Chickens can give eggs, food, fertilizer, and perhaps love. Cows give plenty of milk, fertilizer or an energy source as they burn manure to cook food in many countries, food, and love. Dogs can go one step further and provide protection and lots of love which can be more tangentially felt. I feel very fortunate to have grown up around dogs nearly all of my life and would go far as to say that perhaps I may not even be alive if it were not for the unconditional love that animals and dogs specifically provide. They heal through love. They give you an opportunity to earn karma in return for giving them the opportunity to earn karma. That is the basis of this theory and something I plan on watching take place over the next few months.

I hope I can tell the story for all to read, understand, and love for it should be a fun one to take part in and watch. My internet capabilities are currently adapting and I should be able to get a constant source of internet soon which should allow the content to proceed punctually and rapidly. But perhaps not…


The only groups of people I have met thus far on the beach are staying West about 200 meters at a posh 4 star hotel. Mostly British, German, and Russian tourists they explained to me. They invited me in and showed me all around. Crazy pool, bars, restaurants, etc. The guys on the beach know the woman I am working for. They are nice and I will look forward to talking to them occasionally throughout the time.

East of us is a group of fisherman who have their boats tied there constantly. I was told to be careful of them and so I am. Nonetheless, I met a few of them and they seemed to be nice at first meeting. He showed me a boat full of 8-9 craps and smiled. I usually walk by them at least once a day when walking the dogs.

I am now staying in the tower of this house with another older Sri Lankan man who occasionally stays there and other times in Tangelle. He explained he had been coming there for a long time and his children were married there. The other younger boy who lives on the property is Kasun. He came and picked me up from the Tangelle bus station on my first day and is sort of the do-it-all guy at the moment. We have so far developed a very good relationship. Lastly there are a few Tuk-tuk drivers who work here a little and drive Kasun around if he needs to pick up any supplies because it is quite a long tuk-tuk ride to where one wants to buy something. Going to the market yesterday was quite interesting, but successful.

The tower of power.
The tower of power.
So that is all that I will write about the situation thus far. More or less, I have no more expense or personal money to use and will be happy writing, meditating, walking on the beach with wonderful dogs for the upcoming future. Perhaps even just giving love and compassion to animals or dogs can give the little extra push we need to go spiritually; we may need to fill up the jars just a little fuller to get to where we want to go. I hope you will enjoy the ride!

List of daily expenses and donations between July 16th and July 24th 2015:

New for Sri Lanka:
Flight from India: $48.91
Visa: $30
Travel (bus): $5.70
Food: $48.25
Room: $27.65
Random: $8.46
SIM Card: $18.69
Total: $187.67

Total: $187.67 divided by 9 days = $20.85 per day

Donation to random stranger= $.90

Total = $1149.90 – .90 divided by 95 days = $12.11 per day

Expense account = $200.03 – $187.67 (Avg. $20.85 per day will last 1 more day)
Donations account = $14.68 – .90 = $13.38 (Avg $12.11 per day will last 1 more day)


India Journey Accomplished: Spending $5.40 a day, with $1150 Donated over Three Months

Day 87

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

My trip through India and the first leg of this journey has come to an end. What a wonderful trip it has been. I met so many amazing people and new friends, especially in the last month. It is amazing to me how lifelong friends can be made in such a short time period, completely randomly, and I can’t imagine not knowing these new people. Perhaps any longer and I would have been too attached to leave. I look forward to seeing them all again one day and I know our friendships have just begun.

When I started this journey I set a goal of only spending $10 a day or less for my expenses and I am happy to say that it was nearly half that at $5.40 a day. I was attempting to show how cheap it can be to travel in India and furthermore throughout the world. Anyone who can save $5.40 a day can also travel the same way that I have, at least in India, for I have attempted to show the path. Furthermore, we were able to donate a total of $1149.90 over the course of the trip or $13.37 per day, which is great in itself. It is impossible to know the exact repercussions of these donations, but it is possible to say that they all went to someone who was in need at the time.

Overview of My Trip Through India

My journey began in one of my favorite cities, Varanasi, where I swam in the Ganges and had a spectacular time at the Kumiko guesthouse, making friends with many wonderful souls.


From there I proceeded to Vrindaven, which was a special place even though it was rough physically and spiritually. I salute Mathura and Mangala for taking care of me during this time.


After this I found my way to the place of the Buddha’s supreme enlightenment at Bodh Gaya where I volunteered at a vipassana course for 14 days. It was hot as hades and challenging, but it was also a very special part of the trip.


Heading out, we went through Raj Gir and then to Kolkata. Kolkata was unexpectedly a highlight of the trip and I enjoyed this week tremendously working with the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity at the Kalighat hospice.


Lastly, I came down to Pondicherry and Auroville after debating going into the monsoon (which never came) without any definite plans and it all worked out ten times better than I could have imagined. It was just a blessed experience all around. It was for sure one of those experiences that I feel that I somehow designed for myself in a separate existence or a past or future life. I have a new-found love for South India and will surely spend more time there in the future.


My last two weeks I spent with a few wonderful people at the Magic House, a den of fellow wanderers working on building a sustainable permaculture village. Shoutouts to the Georgian Brian Newhouse of Permaville fame and Rwandan Mr. Sammy. What a fun time we had in such a short time frame! Below is the Magic House kitchen; the whole place felt like the setting of the movie “The Beach”, an all-time favorite of mine.


Volunteering at Chola Gardens

When I came to Chola Gardens I had no idea what to expect. I was sort of just leaving it in God’s hands to send me to the place that I was supposed to be at. Surely that is what happened and it was a remarkable one month experience. I feel that I made a new family and will always feel connected to these wonderful people. We worked very hard on building them a new home for whatever reason that they choose to use it for in the future. Although it was not completed, a lot of the grunt work of building the foundation has been accomplished.

The stone for the foundation is nearly used up and they will soon have to move forward with the cob and adobe work. However long it takes, these first steps were very crucial to getting the ball rolling and the fire lit. It really began to feel like a sculptural artwork that we all were contributing to, as I hope the pictures will show.


Outside shots of the foundation.


Selvi and her wonderful mother posing at work.

Trip to Madurai

I only spent one day in Madurai and did not get to see too much, but what I saw was worth it. The Meenakshi Temple is a sprawling complex in the center of Madurai and supposedly the largest temple in India. I could not take pictures inside and there were a few inner chambers where I could not go because I was white or not officially Hindu, but it was very mysterious (although once I flashed my Ganesh tattoo and a guy let me through. I thought this was pretty cool).


It really felt like an Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider movie, with some of the most amazing stone carvings I have ever seen. The ceilings were at least 10 meters high being supported by huge carved pillars of the Gods and deities. There was a meditation hall that was gated off, but I snuck in and had a wonderful meditation there, even if the security guards interrupted me half way through, which I had to talk my way out of.

The next morning I took the bus from Madurai to the airport and hopped on a plane to good ole Sri Lanka! The plane ticket cost me 3,100 rupees or around $50 and the corresponding one month visa cost $30. I am in super wandering mode at the moment and am just buying some time until I figure exactly where to go again. I think I know, but am not 100%. The expense account is dipping into the double-digits soon so this is no time to mess around.

I am very much looking forward to Sri Lanka, even if I will not be able to spend as extravagantly as I did in India, which may sound like a joke but it isn’t. There is just enough money in the expense account to buy my plane ticket, visa, and a few days of lodging before I find out my next destination. I plan on finding another volunteer job to conserve what is left in the expense account so the show can go on. This is perhaps the only way for the project to continue to function properly. I believe is what I need at this moment is a place of solitude, away from distractions and potential sidetracks, where I can write but also perform volunteer work. I think I have found the perfect place and will know for sure in the coming days.

While I wait, I seemed to have walked into a bit of a tourist trap in Negombo Beach as can happen when wandering is taking place, but I found a quaint little place for a little over $5 a day and am buying cheap bread and fruit in the marketplace until I can find another job. There is fast free wifi though, which I am not used to, so I plan on putting it to good use while I am here. There are not many people in the resorts, but it is a quite built up area. I wonder if the lack of tourists is because of the season or because of the remnants of the war that ended semi-recently.

The waves were huge yesterday and I was hesitant to go swimming, but I did it anyway. The water was warm and there was a bit of trash floating ashore, but any beach is beautiful to me.  I am confident where I am heading next will not be this way, but will be crystal clear water, which is what I am seeking, inside and out.

All in all, I am happy to have absolute freedom again, without having to check up with anyone and can come and go as I please. Once again nobody knows my name and I am a man without a history… just the way I like it.

India was an absolute blast and totally different than my first trip there two years ago, which I expected it would be. Coming to Sri Lanka, I have zero expectations though and am looking forward to all it has to offer. The truck is moving forward and the train is heading to its destination of destinationlessness soon enough. Thanks to you all for sticking with me, following the journey, and supporting me through your reading, commenting, and donating! I surely could not do it without all of you!

The air was cool and crisp as he stepped off the plane. What did this newfound country have to offer? Much like the explorers before, who blazed the path for such a journey to take place, he was unaware of the treasures and hazards that lay ahead. But who cares? Freedom is what is at stake. The freedom to find the truly unexpected.

As he walked out of the airport, past the touts and tuktuks, he could notice the change in the air from India. What was it? The climate? The people? The feeling? Perhaps a little bit of each. Something was different, but exactly what remains to be seen.

With absolutely no idea where to go, he hopped on a bus heading for a place called Negombo Beach. “Beach” is the only word that mattered here and he knew that would offer a place of shelter until the light shined upon the new path to be taken.

Seeing guesthouses or “lodges” as they call them here and restaurants, he decided this was as good a place as any. Without the bus even coming to a complete stop he jumped onto the curbside, without too much trouble.

“Be careful!”, a nearby tuktuk driver shouted. “You are going to break a leg doing that!”, laughing with his friend.

“It’s all good brother! Don’t worry,” responded the man. With little luggage, jumping off moving transit was doable although perhaps not necessary. “Where can I find a cheap place to stay?”, he asked the two men.

“Check down this way, maybe you can find a place for around 1000 rupees a night,” responded the driver. “Ah, but that is a little high. Anywhere cheaper?” said the man. “Perhaps, but you will need some luck!” Smilingly, the man said “Luck? That is about all I have these days!”

And off he went into the wild blue yonder.

List of daily expenses and donations between July 11th and 16th 2015:

1st donation added in two months! $30 from a wonderful friend! $15 into each account.

Total spent on food: $6.67
Room: $5.52
Random: $.66
Travel $9.27
Total: $22.28

Total: $441.97 + 22.28 = $464.25 divided by 86 days = $5.40 per day

Donation to random stranger= $.32

Total = $1149.58 + .32 = $1149.90 divided by 86 days = $13.37 per day

Expense account = $207.31 + $15 – 22.28 = $200.03 (Avg. $5.40 per day will last 37 more days)
Donations account = 0 + $15 – .32 = $14.68 (Avg $13.37 per day will last 1 more days)



Conversations with Geoff: Perhaps Presumptious Assumptions about Atheism

Day 74
Kuilapalayam, India
Perhaps is it necessary to say that I see neither the atheist or non-atheist way of life or perspective as right or wrong. I don’t judge anyone’s beliefs or “what makes sense” to them to be better or worse than what I believe. These are just a few observations that I wanted to share and remember for a future point. The exciting and new addition to the blog will be that our competent resident friend who just so happens to be atheist will begin answering questions and sharing his side of this topic.

I believe the world needs dissent to move on, to progress. Since the beginning of time, or relative time of our existence, we have needed some form of dissent or obstacle to help us either work together or “chisel our own stones” as I like to say, that is to say we actually want something to work hard for and towards. Both religion and atheism have fulfilled this prerequisite over time.

If the entire world were to have “spiritually awakened” say 2,000 years ago then we would not have developed many of the things that we have now. It is as if the “spirituality” took a break and let “materialism” do what it wanted for the last four or five hundred years (or longer) in order to get us two things: completely interconnected humanly wise, in person and/or internet, and to build a system where we can create nearly anything that we can imagine, which is where we are technologically at. Perhaps the world had to be a greedy and ruthless place for this process to occur as quickly as it has, any other way would not have been as effective. Now when “spirituality” comes back into the equation, we enter a new possibility of happiness, which is only achievable if this temporary “relax” by spirituality is given for man to materially build himself to the level we are now at. 

In my opinion, the religions have purposefully and perfectly deceived people, whether consciously or unconsciously, individually or collectively, since the beginning of their existences. The religions were never made to fully lead its adherents to the final goal. We would never have wanted it that easy. Religion have been a two-bladed sword throughout history slightly guiding, but also deceiving the world until now, and they have done it perfectly and handled brilliantly, even though it is hard for most of us to believe. We should clap for what they have done, the good and the bad, for it has led us to this exact moment.

Certainly, religion is flawed today and it has lost some essential characteristics of why it came about in the first place. My teacher used to make a great metaphor about religion: religion is like a clay pot and the nectar (spirituality) has seeped through the cracks. It’s now a hollow shell of what it once was and why they were established. This does not mean the nectar cannot be re-added. I believe it will. It is easy to see why atheist are so adamantly anti-religious when we see the problems associated with the various religions today.  

If one believe they are unhelpable or unchangeable then perhaps yes it would be better to do away with them all together. But if they are adaptable or moldable then they will always have a very important role to play, one way or the other. There is little to no room for adaptability in atheism. It is an absolute belief. Either “with us or against us” is a precursor for current atheism. It is at the furthest point of the spectrum, and any movement would invalidate what it proposes and tries to do.

A few assumptions that a non-atheist and atheist might believe:

A belief in God (non-atheist)

1.) A belief of something beyond what we can materially see and/or potentially comprehend.

2.) A reason for us to be here, rather than no reason for our existence. 

3.) Universal rules that govern our world and keep things in check. 

A true blue atheist might perhaps say:

1.) There is nothing beyond what we can see or comprehend.

2.) There is no reason for us to be here.

3.) There are no universal rules or repercussions for my actions beyond this life.

I contend that there is something inherent within us that naturally believes there are repercussions for our actions, whereas the opposite is more of a manufactured belief or theory that must be engrained upon someone externally, and usually at a young age.

Furthermore, the proof of the existence of something beyond our immediate comprehension is greater than the proof of the opposite, and if we talk purely in scientific terms, the theories would perhaps be equally unprovable. Proof for an alternate existence or reality can only be obtained from the collection of individual “spiritual” experiences, synchronizing, displayed in word, thought, action, and belief. It should be noted that these similar experiences are from across the world, throughout history and even without immediate contact. 

These similar life-changing experiences came to people across the earth over thousands of years and regardless of proximity. This is a recognizable regularity that can be verified whereas the belief or theory of atheism has no real such history, except the sheer theorized belief that there is no God.

Atheism is much more of a “belief” because there is no possibility for individual experience of “godlessness”. It is much more speculative and even “science-driven”, but there can be no direct evidence or proof accepted by atheists, because if there were, it would cause them to be no longer atheist and so invalid to what they expound. It is a contrived and speculative belief with bouts of fervor throughout history, but perhaps unsustainable once certain knowledge is released or certain events happen.. On the other hand, It is a good contender and dissenter for the “show” to progress and move forward.

What would a full atheist world look and feel like? Would it even be feasible that this could exist? I feel that there is a long term goal or plan of some that complete godlessness will lead us somehow to a happier or better time than a world with spirituality and a belief of God. The idea that religion will be completely gone in sometime in the future is also a little far-fetched, just as much as the idea that atheism will be gone anytime soon in the future. I contend that the belief in God or the beyond have been around for much longer then atheism, which is just as contrived as a religion or belief in God, whereas many atheists might suggest atheism is the default of our belief system. Atheists tend to believe that atheism is the default belief that we started off with at the beginning of mans evolution. This is speculative and would be impossible for us to perfectly prove. The debate could go many ways on what came first, a belief in God or a belief in no God.

I believe religion has always been adaptable so why would it be any different now? The past 2,000 years could easily be made a case as the millenniums of religion, sprouting so many wonderful sets of beliefs, some similar, some unique. Although there are many problems, the world altogether is not such a bad place to live. It can and will be better, but a purely atheist world would perhaps not even have made it this far. 

Overall, I tend to believe that if everyone lived with the idea there were no repercussions for any actions, in this world or the next, in whatever faith, the world would be in Chaos. I believe there are inherent beliefs that there are repercussions for our actions either in this life or the next, but that the opposite belief was contrived and spread. No matter how hard I try to think that there is no reason for us to be here, I can’t. One day, perhaps soon, we will live in a world where there is no longer a worry about repercussions, but until then it is an important aspect of our history. If this was the norm, perhaps we would have not made it to this point in history.

List of daily expenses and donations between June 20th and June 26th 2015:

Total spent on food: $10.08

Room: $2.37

Random: $1.50

Total: $13.95
Total: $408.29 + 13.95 = 422.24 divided by 73 days = $5.78 per day
Donation to Eco-Village building project = $3.15
Total = $3.15 + $1145.97 = 1149.97 divided by 73 days = $15 per day
Expense account = $240.99 – 13.95 = 227.04 (Avg. $5.78 per day will last 39 more days)

Donations account = $3.61 – 3.15 = .46 (Avg $15.74 per day will last 0 more days)

The 100 Years Old Song 

Song Audio Link Here

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Since 1914,
I’ve seen every damn thing.
Two world wars,
No reason, of course.

You’d think we would change,
And move on now.
But nothing has changed,
Not even the sound.

I seen some flapper girls,
When whisky was banned.
We drank out a tub,
When Gin was in demand.

We still needed our kicks,
And even our smoke.
Along came some men,
Like Al Capone.

He asked would I like to join,
His little club.
He said no big deal,
Take a swig of this jug.

I took a swig of his jug,
And I said yeah why not.
Making some shine,
And trying my luck.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Since I was born, 
All there’s been is war.
On every front, 
On every door.
War on the Blacks, 
War on the Poor, 
War on Drugs,
War on More.

I was born in the war,
They said its the last.
How they were wrong,
It did not end fast.

In the land of Germany,
A little man rose.
He stuck out his hand,
He struck a pose.

He caused a big fight,
Everyone was there.
Did it despite,
His own welfare.

To beat Japan,
After Manhattan.
We dropped the bomb,
All it did was flatten.

Killed everyone,
Soldiers and civilians,
Lost our pride,
From Heroes to villains.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Then it got Cold,
Not directly I’m told.
West versus East,
The Powers controlled.

War on Communism,
What a sham.
Dropped a lot of bombs,
In Vietnam.

Then came Saddam,
Our past ally.
Pushed into Kuwait,
To get his supply.

Stop right there,
This won’t stand.
You can only attack,
Who we demand.

Twenty years going on,
What can we show?
Iraq is gone,
Can we leave them alone?

Have to mention Afghanistan,
If we mention war,
Forever the Taliban,
Who we emplored.

To do our fighting,
In a foreign land.
Against the USSR,
With our hidden hand.

Can’t we just end it, 
All this war, 
I’ve seen it all, 
Can’t take 100 more.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I may be 100 years,
But I’d still like to live,
100 more,
Who can give?

And you’d think I’d be alone,
Sitting in a home,
Twiddling my thumbs,
Carving a stone.

But I got me a girl,
Living with me,
Yeah I’m not alone,
In the old folks wing.

I don’t call her Eighty-Five,
I call her Eighty-Fun,
We still get our kicks,
Her name is Mari-Unnn.

We like to do a little dancin’,
On the line.
I spin her once or twice,
Call it the wine and dine.

We head back to our room,
It’s not that big.
But big enough for us,
To do our jig.

I ask her are you happy,
With what we got?
She always responds,
That we got a lot.

We got our health,
We got our wealth,
But you’re all I really want,
That’s enough.

So I’ll stick around,
For 100 more.
Because I believe in love,
It’s worth living for.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Dedicated to Papa Rex and Miss Marian. Based on a true story.