Is Netanyahu about to allow or cause an attack on Israel just to stay in power? Will he blame Iran to start WW3?

March 11th, 2018

No one is stupid enough to attack Israel. Thus if an attack happens onto Israel, there would only be one reason for it. The leadership wants it to happen. Netanyahu is a cornered rat. He has lost all of allies. He has nothing left and his time is finished. He will not go quietly. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that multiple wars that were “caused” by external sources throughout Israeli’s history, were in actuality carried forth by Israeli elements “outside of the country.” They were always well-planned and scripted for very specific purposes, one reason being to never be implicated that they were the original cause.

There are currently mass drills going on between the US and Israeli in case any type of attack occurs. How can anyone “predict” when a massive attack is going to come from an outside source? Who would be so stupid to telegraph an attack, and who would attack anyways because they would be subsequently destroyed by the IDF?My argument would be that the only way they can predict an attack is if they are the original root cause.

As has happened in the past, which can be proven by any historian looking in the right place, the same can happen in the future. Israel attacks itself when it suits its purpose. Disgusting, but true. Netanyahu and whatever den of allies he has left, does not care one iota for the Israeli common citizen. He only cares for himself. Someone with nothing to lose is the most dangerous person in the world.

And then we get this message today:
“On this upcoming Tuesday, March 13 the Home Front Commend will operate a drill.
During the drill there will be a siren heard at 11:05am and 7:05pm.
Don’t be panic, this won’t be the breakout of world war 3.
If there will be a need for a real siren, another siren will be followed by the first one.”

I am not concerned for the first few sentences, I’m concerned for the last sentence.
How would they they be able to predict the possibility or need for a “real siren?” And if they can predict the possibility, why would they not tell us that even if there is the slightest chance of war, that we should leave the city?

I asked is this normal? Should we come to school on this day? And they informed me that yes I was fully expected to come to class.

Does this make sense? The message clearly states that there is some possibility that a “real siren”, I would assume meaning a “real attack”, could occur. Why should we come to school if there is ANY possibility of a “real siren”? Why would they not warn us to leave the city? And how the heck does anyone know that a real attack could come if the Israeli leadership was not actually planning on doing it themselves, which they have a historical record of doing so, just to take the heat off of Netanyahu, who is about to be crucified by the government?



If any attack happens on Israel, he will surely blame it fully on Iran, and subsequently drag the US into World War 3 with Iran. Wake up people. This is not a joking matter… The writing is on the wall if you can put the puzzle pieces together.



How could the possibly know that a real siren could occur? It seems they will do a test siren to get people into bunkers and then they will do the real siren after people are already in bunkers. If this happens, you will know it was completely orchestrated by elements within.

It truly sickens me if any of my analysis is true.

I truly hope that none of this happens, but if it does, Bibi, you are going to burn buddy. Truly.

You best just go on your way… You deserve to be behind bars for the rest of your life… You cannot escape His Justice. No matter what you try…

Peace and Shalom.


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