World War 3 is averted! A big scandal is about to take down McMaster. Peace is here!

Holy smokes, I just figured it all out!!!!!!!!!
Trump put McMaster as the head of the NSC in order to put the biggest rats in our military “in charge” so when the false flag was carried out, and then Trump bombed Syria, he can then came out and say the fake intel that McMaster passed and used was incorrect! You have to put the rats out for everyone to see! Trump is the master chess player! 
They knew this would happen and allowed it to stop the American War Machine!!! Holy smokes.

He is about to expose McMaster and Petraeus and bring them down! 

It is nearly impossible to take the Deep State down, but you can handicap and make the Deep State ineffective if you can remove the main players in the military who are complicit with the Deep State. That is in the process of being handled at this moment.
They essentially bait the main players, McMaster, Petraeus etc., see what they do, see their plans, and then when enough evidence is gathered they will arrest them and accuse them of treason. Then you take all of the officers below them who they have promoted for going with the program and promote those who are actually good people. World changes overnight.
There will be such a huge support boost for Trump WORLD-WIDE. In the USA. In the Middle East. Trump can come out and vindicate Obama, Bush, etc. saying that they have uncovered a huge conspiracy of passing fake intel etc. to spread their plans… He can apologize to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and offer reparations and support in rebuilding their countries. It will be huge

Mark it down!

Holy shit this is big if true.

Assad is awesome. Even if his name is scary, he is very intelligent, strong, but not threatening… And if God wanted him dead, he would surely be. He has said that when the civil war is finished a new leader will be chosen through democratic means. He will be a great leader for many years to come in the Middle East in one way or another.

Now if we can just stop funding terrorists (Thank you Tulsi Gabbard) and stop launching missiles at the drop of a false flag hat, we just may have some peace. If McMaster and Petraeus are taken down, the wars will essentially be over.

Bring North and South Korea to the negotiating table and sign a peace treaty to end the war! If both of these things happen, peace will be here fast… and a lot of people will be celebrating. Aspire for it and it can come.

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