Embrace Our Evolution

July 25th, 2016

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

It is nearly impossible to imagine who we can become if we allow the world to fully mold us into what IT needs. This is all that I have tried to do in my life. To BE what is missing in the world, at least in my own perspective changing with time. Recently my viewpoint is shifting, however, and I feel that the world does not need anything, at least from me. It does not need my opinions or perspectives or theories. This allows me to just share freely, without any form of obligation, and freedom from duty and obligation is a great freedom indeed.

La piscina en Proyecta Gaia 🙂
I believe we are living in a perfect creation, along with all the ups, downs, and spills and this contrast, even great, is necessary for full appreciation. This realization, if truly understood and believed, can bring great peace. The peace to roam freely and to accept the fate assigned.

Sacred Wild Amanita Muscaria spotted while searching for caves!

I value the personal relationships that I have developed more then anything and especially creating new ones. As a traveler, this is my addiction. Creating and developing relationships that could not have existed unless I “gave it a shot” and consciously attempted to make new ones.

Who I am is only because of the people I have been around in my life. Everyone I have ever met has had some change, whether big or small, on my character. Without all of these changes, I would not be me, and I fully appreciate all of these “meetings”… 

I feel that one of the most harmful things that we can do to ourselves is to create a situation in life where we can no longer change. Change is an integral part of our human nature. Just as important as air, water, food or love. Our emotions, our desires, what is important to us, all of this will change throughout our lives. Resisting our own evolution, ultimately, is always futile, in this life or the next.

Why not instead embrace the transformation, choose to evolve and see who we can become? Staying in the shallow water is fine and dandy, but only after we learn to wade and swim in the depths can we find the pearls waiting to be discovered… I embrace my evolution.

Bogota street art.

The only way to live a great life may be to not consider what we do in the present to be great. Perhaps it is better to always consider “great things” as something beyond what we are currently doing. Not that we won’t do great things. But by considering them as ‘normal’, we can continue to aim for even “greater things” in the future. Then, perhaps, we can truly shoot for the stars.

I have never purposefully aimed for fame or “greatness” in this life, but more so for great experiences, which I feel I have been blessed with, rather than acquired. If these experiences continue at the same rate they have, or slow down entirely, I will be happy even just for the memories obtained in this life.

Last night by the fire in Gaia.

I am just now finishing two months in Colombia and have had an absolute blast. Beyond what I could have imagined. It is mind-blowing how many incredible people I have met. Such a huge concentration of wonderful beings all around and my gratitude is boundless for this experience.

The couple that I lived with, Beatriz and Sylvio, were the perfect hosts for my first time in South America. I feel blessed to have worked with them and to see such a great example of happiness from realizing potential, on small and grand scales.

Exploring in the rain with friends.
In three days I am heading to Lima, Peru to do a bit of bio-construction at the Vipassana center there. After that I will visit an old friend near Cusco I met a while back in Israel. I am super stoked because a lot of what we talked about and shared then I now believe to be true even though at that time I didn’t. I am excited to see what conversation comes about now that we are more in line in understanding and perspective. Allowing ourselves to change and being able to observe our transformations is one of the greatest gifts that we have. Embrace it!

Clem sending out those pool vibes.
Free from obligation, I am just a servant now, but I feel that if I serve myself, I am also serving the world; it is not selfishness, it is an investment. I only know what is best for myself, and not what is best for the world. This “best” is constantly changing, and that is fine to me. Just filling in the cracks of what is missing or imbalanced in the world. I strive to be flexible like water, going anywhere like the wind, rooted like the earth, and passionate like the flame.


“Be like water my friend.”

Do I feel I can stop this path if I don’t have to? Not really. But why would I want to?

Seemingly, I always feel my life is just getting started… And I love it.

Captured a moment of happiness here.
Thanks for reading!


Ashtavakra said –

1. Oh, the man of understanding, the knower of Self, who plays the game of life, has no similarity to the deluded beasts of burden of the world.

2. Oh, the yogin does not feel elated abiding in that state which Indra and all other gods hanker after and thus become unhappy.

3. Surely the heart of one who has known the Self is not touched by virtue and vice, just as the sky is not touched by smoke, even though it appears to be.

4. Who can prevent that great-souled one, who has known this entire universe to be the Self alone, from acting spontaneously?

5. Of the four kinds of created beings, from Brahma down to the clump of grass, it is the wise one alone who is capable of renouncing desire and aversion.

6. Rare is the man who knows the Self as one without a second as lord of the universe. He does what he considers worth doing and has no fear from any quarter.

Astavakra Samhita Chapter IV: Glorification of Self-Realization”