Reflections On Love

Is love limited or unlimited? Why do we try to limit love to one person if we have enough love within us for multiple people? Is it not jealousy that stops this from occurring? Is it societal or religious rules that stop us from loving multiple people in the world? If it is agreed upon by all parties what is wrong with loving multiple people at one time? Not at the same location per se, but in different parts of the country or world? 

I feel very lucky to have loved many wonderful women in my life, and I don’t think that my love has run out for any of them. Why is this considered a “bad thing”? Why can’t I embrace this and not have it looked down upon? Even if it s not acted upon? Who can judge the time period that it takes to fall in love? Who can judge whether that love still exists even after a short meeting?
Another question is do we have free will or are we only able to do what God allows us to do at any given moment. Can we love who we want or must we love who He chooses for us to love at any given moment? Is it possible to fall back in love with old flames who we wanted to love at one time, but He wouldn’t allow us to love them fully at the time?

What unlocks us? How do we know who He wants us to love? Do we ever have free will or not? Is it limited or unlimited?

How does wish fulfillment play into our own path? Can others wish fulfillment be so strong that it can completely take us off our own desire and path?

Is marriage a necessity? Especially if personal desires are so fleeting? Would children tame someone to stay true? Or would only personal love do this? Is the very difficulty of staying true to a single person what makes doing it or marriage so special? Could God tame a wild beast or would it have to be the beast that tames itself?

Still hard for me to imagine that I will be with the same person my whole life…if it ever happens. I don’t really see the necessity for it. It doesn’t happen in nature so why do we attempt it in society? Can open relationships work? Are there precedents in history?

Is it better to be with someone who has unlimited potential, yet unstable and seemingly unable to reach that full potential or to be with someone with limited potential, who is “stable” and has reached their full potential? Is either “better” or is it just a personal choice for what is best for each of us? Can potential be judged? Or is it just a parallel to ambition? I think it can be… But I wouldn’t say highly potential or ambitious people are “better” then those with limited potential or ambition. It has more to do with attractions and who we like…

I guess if there is ever a question of what God wants from us, to me an answer would be to reproduce. Merely because of the organs that we have been given. I don’t think He would want us not to reproduce is closer to the point. We have it within ourselves to do it and without it, without our ancestors fulfilling this wish, none of us would be here. On the other hand, I don’t think He would be mad if we didn’t reproduce and of course not all of us can…
So be fruitful and multiply, if possible… 🙂

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This American Sadhu

Wandering traveler, writing a story, contemplating spiritual stuff, living austere, and helping random strangers... all rolled into ONE. What fun!

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