Taking Care of Dogs, Walking Along the Beach, and Loving Life in Sri Lanka

Journey to Ixtlan

Day 10

Kandamodara, Sri Lanka

A half-complete castle-church I live in.
A half-complete castle-church I live in.
I am sitting here in a balcony overlooking the most enchanting ocean, beach, and palm trees I have ever seen, with only $12.36 in the expense account thinking that I am perfectly happy with the way things have turned out thus far in the sadhu journey. I have made it to the destination that I have been “aspiring” towards for sometime now, not knowing it’s full potential until now. It was hard work, but I have somehow made it here. An aspiration such as this is a combination of little aspirations all rolled into one, and to me it is better than I could have planned. Furthermore, I now get to show you an example of how to continuing traveling and “living” on truly no money. The accounts are so low there would not be much I can do with them at the time. How does one live on such little? The key is to find your sanctuary. I believe I have found my own, for the time being.

Overlooking the balcony.
Overlooking the balcony.
I have found a place where I will not need to worry what I plan on doing next week, or next month which is a huge relief over what I have been doing the past 3 months and even past 16 months of traveling. When we can find these sanctuaries, and so much more if our room and board will be taken care of, it can be seen as a relative “goal” to shoot for when traveling; perhaps a result that could only be when combined with a spiritual journey. Especially ones in such pristine conditions as this. Things may be a little rough around the edges, but when have I ever shied away from this in the past? More or less, the pros of this place far outweigh whatever little cons I can find. The method of my living the past three months has made it to where even in slightly uncomfortable rooms or situation, I can find my solace and do what I need to do.

Pathway to Freedom
Pathway to Freedom
Through the spiritual path, occasionally times like this occur on a basis of manifesting the desire that is wanted for spiritual development. This places seems to be a direct manifestation of all the things I would want in a sanctuary and where spiritual development can occur in solitude. This is huge. I feel something inside me, either consciously or unconsciously, wanted it for myself to proceed forwards and so I am ready to take that step. My meditation is perfectly on track and beyond what I could imagine it to be at this point. The absolute silence except for waves is extremely beneficial for the path to continue.

Wide open beaches into solitude.
Wide open beaches into solitude.
I have never seen such a beautiful and secluded beach in all of my life. It is really unreal to me and feels like I am dreaming, walking, sitting, laying on the beach in either the day or the night. I walk with the dogs down the beach and come back hours later and still the only foot prints left are mine and the dogs. The waves are absolutely extraordinary and ravishing, perhaps 5-7 meters high at times. The red flags are constantly out and so I have only taken a few dips thus far.

Magnicent gardens surround the whole property.
Magnicent gardens surround the whole property.
The dogs. The dogs, how can I explain about these magnificent dogs? A story will be told over the coming months. I imagine that they will be the main characters in the unfolding story as most of my attention will be with them. When I was offered the job, the woman who explained things to me said is all you have to do is love my dogs and I thought to myself, ok I can do that. The catch being is that there are 17 dogs here and 3 monkeys. They are not all on good terms so there are sort of gangs of dogs.


Here are the breakups:

There is sort of a group of “good” dogs and “bad” dogs and the monkeys live in the middle, constantly provoking or aggrandizing the dogs to fight. There is furthermore another group of six rogue dogs who live on the beach, but are very defensive. This makes 23 dogs total. Out of the “good” dogs they are lead by a wonderful female golden labrador retriever named Sara who is around 10 years old. She is getting older, but still in good shape and just loves life.

Ole Sara the sweety.
Ole Sara the sweety.
Her “companion” is a miniature or crippled German Shepherd named, get this, Rex, the name of my 100 year old grandpa. So cool. Surrounding these two dogs is a gang of around 8 good dogs. Slowly I hope to show them all and explain who they are and their strengths and weaknesses.

Rex the champ.
Rex the champ.
On the “bad” side, there are about 6-7 dogs mostly of black and white color who live sort of behind the monkey cage in a big open field that opens up for the dogs to run around in. I have not got to know their names or backgrounds yet, but there is a pretty aggressive one who likes to jump on me and bite at my arms gently. There is a single fence that separates the two gangs, but there are also plenty of openings in the fence so things sometimes get a bit out of hand, but they are just having fun it looks like so far.

The monkeys live in the middle. One is a bit atrocious and likes to antagonize the dogs.

Shookee... he is mean looking.
Shookee… he is mean looking.
One of the cool things about where I am is that the dogs have absolute freedom to do whatever they please. It is literally a huge area surrounded purely by nature that they can run around in. Since they are nearly always in a pack or with a friend, they have nothing to worry about. It is an absolute paradise for them. A human paradise automatically leads itself to a dog’s paradise, especially if the dogs are treated so well as they are here. It is going to be an amazing time. I have came up with a little corresponding theory that has to do with this job and will be interesting to see in progression.

Animal Karma Theory

A question has been roaming around in my mind for some time and I think I am starting to get an image of an answer. It seems like a good time to expunge it a bit as it has to do with the next leg of the journey I am embarking on now. The question is how do animals gain karma to eventually be reborn into the human existence when they live purely by instinct, by reaction, and the programming that is within their own DNA? My theory is that animals have received karma throughout history based upon the “interference” of man, either consciously or unconsciously. In essence, we can change the fate or karma of animals by utilizing them for multiple purposes.

Either through food, or production, or protection, or by receiving love from them which can be tangentially felt from animal to human. A karmic cycle or loop can start where a human receives karma for providing the opportunity for animals to earn karma on an extended “drawn out” basis. Just from “mingling” with animals, we give them the chance to “love” and even “change” into a loving animal from an angry or frightened one.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” – Genesis 1:26

I think this scripture is stating the same as this theory, but it is not explaining it in depth or properly. Many people throughout history might have thought this meant that man has the ability to do whatever it wants to animals as they are “higher” on a spiritual level or imaginary “food chain”, but in actuality it just means that we are in charge of giving animals the opportunity to earn karma as they have no ability to unless human interaction takes place. This could have unconsciously being taken place since the inception of human-animal interaction. A deeper question is who are the one’s that gave pre-humans their karma to become human through evolution? Something to speculate upon.

This theory corresponds to what I am about to start doing. I will give them the opportunity to love and protect me just with long walks on the beach and I will love them in return, a la the karmic loop will be implemented. I don’t see them really as “animals”, but beings just like you or me just in an animal body at the time. Any of them could have been my family, friends, or teachers from past lives. 

Chickens can give eggs, food, fertilizer, and perhaps love. Cows give plenty of milk, fertilizer or an energy source as they burn manure to cook food in many countries, food, and love. Dogs can go one step further and provide protection and lots of love which can be more tangentially felt. I feel very fortunate to have grown up around dogs nearly all of my life and would go far as to say that perhaps I may not even be alive if it were not for the unconditional love that animals and dogs specifically provide. They heal through love. They give you an opportunity to earn karma in return for giving them the opportunity to earn karma. That is the basis of this theory and something I plan on watching take place over the next few months.

I hope I can tell the story for all to read, understand, and love for it should be a fun one to take part in and watch. My internet capabilities are currently adapting and I should be able to get a constant source of internet soon which should allow the content to proceed punctually and rapidly. But perhaps not…


The only groups of people I have met thus far on the beach are staying West about 200 meters at a posh 4 star hotel. Mostly British, German, and Russian tourists they explained to me. They invited me in and showed me all around. Crazy pool, bars, restaurants, etc. The guys on the beach know the woman I am working for. They are nice and I will look forward to talking to them occasionally throughout the time.

East of us is a group of fisherman who have their boats tied there constantly. I was told to be careful of them and so I am. Nonetheless, I met a few of them and they seemed to be nice at first meeting. He showed me a boat full of 8-9 craps and smiled. I usually walk by them at least once a day when walking the dogs.

I am now staying in the tower of this house with another older Sri Lankan man who occasionally stays there and other times in Tangelle. He explained he had been coming there for a long time and his children were married there. The other younger boy who lives on the property is Kasun. He came and picked me up from the Tangelle bus station on my first day and is sort of the do-it-all guy at the moment. We have so far developed a very good relationship. Lastly there are a few Tuk-tuk drivers who work here a little and drive Kasun around if he needs to pick up any supplies because it is quite a long tuk-tuk ride to where one wants to buy something. Going to the market yesterday was quite interesting, but successful.

The tower of power.
The tower of power.
So that is all that I will write about the situation thus far. More or less, I have no more expense or personal money to use and will be happy writing, meditating, walking on the beach with wonderful dogs for the upcoming future. Perhaps even just giving love and compassion to animals or dogs can give the little extra push we need to go spiritually; we may need to fill up the jars just a little fuller to get to where we want to go. I hope you will enjoy the ride!

List of daily expenses and donations between July 16th and July 24th 2015:

New for Sri Lanka:
Flight from India: $48.91
Visa: $30
Travel (bus): $5.70
Food: $48.25
Room: $27.65
Random: $8.46
SIM Card: $18.69
Total: $187.67

Total: $187.67 divided by 9 days = $20.85 per day

Donation to random stranger= $.90

Total = $1149.90 – .90 divided by 95 days = $12.11 per day

Expense account = $200.03 – $187.67 (Avg. $20.85 per day will last 1 more day)
Donations account = $14.68 – .90 = $13.38 (Avg $12.11 per day will last 1 more day)


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2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Dogs, Walking Along the Beach, and Loving Life in Sri Lanka”

  1. Hi! I am happy for you to read you are happy I can undrestand your feeling and I wish you will stay long there

    Thanks for your photos and your writing I hope one day Sara can read what you write and be happy for the Love you give the her dogs

    I am sure can be amazing experience to be there it is important to feel what the place give

    Ciao Manuela Alboreto


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