Don’t They Know The War is Over?

Day 90

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

Don’t they know?

Don’t they know the war is over?
That we all have won and no one has lost?
Don’t they know there is enough for us all to be happy?
That there always will be?
That the idea that what we need is running out is the grand illusion of capitalism?
Don’t they know that a good idea that can and will help everyone can never be stopped?
Don’t they know this is what they actually want?
Don’t they know that they are not to blame?
Don’t they know that they have a right to change?
Don’t they know that freedom is around the corner?
Not the superficial freedom that we have learned to accept, but true freedom as in “doing anything one can possibly imagine?”
Don’t they know that this freedom comes with a price?
That the price is their unhappiness and suffering?
Don’t they know that sacrifices are only skin-deep?
Don’t they know they will always be ok?
That nothing in the universe can hurt them or anyone for that matter?
Don’t they know they are already forgiven?
Don’t they know that even they can give and receive love?
Don’t they know what is actually inside of us is all the same?
That nothing external can ever replace what is internal?
Or are they just waiting until they are told?
Well, let’s tell ’em.

Published by

This American Sadhu

Wandering traveler, writing a story, contemplating spiritual stuff, living austere, and helping random strangers... all rolled into ONE. What fun!

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