Even Death Must Play By the Rules

Day 88,

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

The first step in becoming who we already are is to learn the rules,

How can we play any game without knowing the rules?

It may seem like chaos, but many gems have been dug up and passed down.

Gems as in rules. We know them now. We can experience them.

We can experience what happens when we follow the rules and break the rules.

Only I know what I will become,

For what I will become is constantly changing in my mind.

And yet the idea is not concrete.

Not even I know the combination of what I want,

And what It wants.

Is what I want what It wants or is what It wants what I want?

My eventual actuality may be perhaps radical, divergent,

From the plan that It may have.

But I assure you because of the present moment,

This has never been done before,

Not such a controversial statement,

Because our current possibilities have never been possible until now.

New possibilities, once unforeseen, are always unfolding.

My intent is to live the best possibility that I can see,

And I do so with humanity in mind.

The good thing is,

At the moment,

What is inside of me would give all that I have,

For others to be happier than I currently am,

Which I may perceive to be high,

But which I can only comprehend by comparing to the state of others,

Not knowing what ultimate happiness actually is.

However, there is not a bone in my body,

Or cell in my structure that would harm a fly.

I may do something that will shock you,

I may be original,

In my contagiousness of optimism.

For harmony to prevail it is perhaps a must.

We have come so far from where we began,

To this exact point,

And is all we need now is a leader.

Who will lead? For I will surely follow.

But I see no leaders, at least those that seem worthy within my own definition.

Why pass the buck when we can be what is needed?

Is it for our own selfish desires?

Our desire for solitude?

Desire for privacy? Desire for comfortability? Desire to be individually free?

What if these desires perished?

What could be created?

What if absolute power did not corrupt absolutely?

Would it then be given?

Would you trust those who had been given this gift?

Would you trust those who would not judge nor tell your secrets?

How can one without desire direct progress? By merely mentioning the right idea?

We are all standing around waiting for someone to show us the way.

We are all standing around hoping someone takes a stand.

As I cross the street and I smile at you, I hope you will smile back,

But if not, I will keep on smiling. Even if I stand alone.

I know the rules.

As long as I play with them in mind, I cannot be touched.

For every being is subject to the rules, whether they believe so or not.

This is the hidden truth. All play by the same rules.

As long as I don’t fight against those who I once deemed wrong,

They will be unable to do wrong to me.

Evil must be fed by evil to proceed with evil.

Take away its source and it is complacent in its own demise.

Love evil and it cannot stand.

Clench the fist, turn the cheek, wait for the blow, and watch it not come.

Here we are now, at this moment, in this beautiful world, waiting for the clock to strike.

Who has the gong? Who can flick the switch?

Only those with the spark can light the fuse, unless they refuse.

I will not refuse.

My ambition has no limits, because I don’t limit it within myself.

We were all given the ability to lead, to create, and to show the way forward.

Bout time to use it.

Why must it come about now?

Because I don’t want to wait any longer,

And I am ready.

Some may ask why?

And yet I have always asked why not?

And if my dreams and wishes fade away like so many before me,

Then so be it,

I will just be another “could-have-been”.

The key is to not worry about being a “could-have-been” and except it if it comes,

Relatively better than a “never-had-a-shot” which perhaps I have been before.

One thing is safe to say,

I won’t stop until death takes me,

This is what death knows, and is therefore giving up it’s fight,

For death is just another door for me to take until I begin again.

Even death must play by the rules.

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This American Sadhu

Wandering traveler, writing a story, contemplating spiritual stuff, living austere, and helping random strangers... all rolled into ONE. What fun!

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