India Trip Coming to a Close, Sri Lanka Up Next, and a little Poetry

July 11th, 2015

Kuilapalayam, India

This past week has been pretty easy-going. I am never that great at a strong finish; I’m much more of a strong or even head start type of volunteer/worker. We have got some good work done though, but it has been hot with little rain. I have made a lot of very nice friends and acquaintances recently who I’ve been spending some time with when I am free. Friendship on the road can be a blessing if good friends come along. When it happens, and you are aware of it, sometimes it can be worth it to just go with their flow.

On the adobe house, we have built up the stone foundation and turned it into the lower walls. This was quite difficult with the angles that we were working with as you can see below. Nonetheless they are coming out nicely and will work well when the earth is added above. It has been a truly wonderful time working and living here at Chola Gardens and I’m 100% sure that I will be coming back again. Before I came on this trip through India I prayed that God would put me into contact with only good people and this has surely been the case the last few months. Below are a few pictures from the build site.


View from inside the entrance.


The curved wall sloping down and around. The next step will be to cob the walls to a flat level for adobe to be placed.


Selvi and Kamelraj working on building the wall with smiles!

In the featured image; Having a snack with friends from the Magic House.

Look at what is behind what’s in front of you.

One day I was sitting at home playing a videogame,
I thought to myself, what are you doing, this is a crying shame.
It’s beautiful outside, go and take a look,
Maybe toss the pigskin around or even read a book?

A book about what you say?
How about Nietzche or Dostoevsky?
Or Orwell or Huxley, there’s a couple of chaps,
Pick whatever I can find and that will be thats.

Yes the sun you see,
Is good making the mind empty.
To calm down the thoughts,
And clean out the ghats,
Sit in the sun and sip from the UV pots.

They say that when the stillness speaks,
It speaks in tones and creaks.
It says clear off this dust,
And learn to fully utilize me,
That will be good for everything.

Think to myself,
What do I got?
Don’t got much,
To keep me in a spot.

Why not move around a little?
See some new sites?
Try and see the world,
One place at a time.

Don’t have no family,
No job and no car.
No house and no payments.
No money or bar.

All I carry is little,
Fits in a bag,
No I don’t need much,
You’d probably laugh.

Going from a world where you can order anything,
To a world where you can order nothing.
Is not such an easy thing you see,
It can change a man,
And make him learn to live thrifty.

But sometimes the splurge must occur,
For to hold back would be against the nature.
A pizza here, a pasta there,
Iced tea and a fair dessert share.

Sometimes I fall off my horse,
But I always get back on again.
Sometimes I fall off my boat,
And then I learn to swim again.

I’m fixin to move on,
Pack up my things,
Only take me a minute,
And I’m ready to leave.

It’s been a good show,
Ending with the best.
Thank you Tamil Nadu,
And all of the rest.

Much much respect to all of the wonderful people I have met at Chola Gardens, Geoff, Selvi, Kamelraj, Ahalia, Bala, Kalki, Harry, Ama V, and everyone else, as well as everyone at Magic House and the surrounding hangouts. Too many to mention.

In the next few days I will leave this place for Madurai for one day and then hop on a plane to Columbo, Sri Lanka. Where I go after that is a little vague, but I will tempt you with this. A beautiful home on crystal clear waters of South Sri Lanka awaits, but with a pretty big twist. Dogs and lots of them. For an indefinite amount of time and semi-solitude. Hopefully it all works out but we shall surely see!

And this may be important for us to remember one day!


How to use a compost toilet, Fertile, Auroville.

List of daily expenses and donations between July 4th and 10th 2015:

Total spent on food: $16.70
Room: $2.37
Random: $.66
Total: $19.73

Total: $422.24 + 19.73 divided by 80 days = $5.52 per day

Donation to random stranger= $.46

Total = $1149.97 + .46 divided by 80 days = $14.32 per day

Expense account = $227.04 – 19.73 = 207.31 (Avg. $5.52 per day will last 38 more days)
Donations account = $.46 – .46 = 0 (Avg $14.32 per day will last 0 more days)


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