Adobe House Update, New Poetry, and Philosophical Conversations about God or the Lack Thereof

Day 67

Kuilapalayam, India

This past week has been full of action. Reading, writing, working, fraternizing, philosophizing, eating, sleeping, and swimming in the ocean: pretty much all the best things in life. After two weeks of construction at Chola Garden, we are picking up steam on the adobe house, making large strides with the foundation and bricks. Slowly, but surely, we are making progress and everything is coming into shape. Below you can see some pictures of what we have been up to.

image Here is the finalized design that Geoff drew for the building. image And he made a wonderful model on the foundation and structure. image The foundation slowly taking shape. image Geoff is the lead of stone transportation as well. His ingenious stone puller in use. Tally ho Comrade! image We use a wheelbarrow to mix up cement to lay the rocks. image As you can see the design is coming from an idea in the mind, to a vision on paper, to actualization quite quickly; which is aspiration in action. As the week goes by, we shall surely finish the foundation and begin with the walls. Although it will perhaps not be completed by the time I am gone, we should have enough done where it can be completed without my assistance. Hopefully, I will be back and can help out on any future projects as well.

New Weekly Poetry

Realizing that It’s All for Fun – Link Here

Chaos and the Perfect Accident – Link Here

The 100 Year Old Song – Coming later. Edit- Link Here

image A beautiful but gloomy sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

Conversations about God and the Ability or Inability to Change One’s Mind

I believe the idea of God is all about semantics. Some use the term “God” and some use other words to describe characteristics of what I call God. To me, neither are right or wrong. I just don’t have an aversion to any term that is used or not used, whereas some may. I’d like to clarify some things about my own belief. I don’t believe in some old wise man sitting up in the clouds watching over us. I don’t believe that there is a God who intervenes in “our” affairs. I don’t believe exactly that there is a God who created everything. I believe in the Oneness, that there is ultimately only one essence that all is connected to or a part of. Every person, place, and thing, big and small; this is God to me. Everything. I believe there are rules and laws to the universe, I see this as God. I see perfection in all things because I don’t see the world in terms of good or bad like most. Of course, relatively things aren’t “perfect” as the idea of “perfection” is subjective in itself, but ultimately, they are.

I have been having lots of conversations and debates about God recently. It is a little strange to me how some may honestly praise me for who I am or what I’m doing and say things like “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”, but then criticize me for my spiritual and religious beliefs, thinking that I somehow got to where I am without them. Like somehow through sheer will and intellect I could be who I am at this moment without my belief in God and a reason for our existence. Asking me to stop believing or talking about God now would be like asking me to take the foundations out from underneath the house that has been built. It is an impossibility. It is who I am, and being anything else would be me merely acting and not being myself.

I know what I was like before I became spiritual and I know what I am like now; I don’t have any particular desire to go back to the way I was before, nor do I believe that I could “combine” the two and do what I am currently doing with the same atheistic or “non-spiritual” mindset that I had before. I consider myself to be a “true believer” because what I believe I was not taught, what I believe is based upon my own experience, which is impossible to convey with accuracy. If it seems that I am a “strong” person, it is because there is a “strong cornerstone” of which my house has been built. Not on blind faith, but on experiential truth. Rarely do I take things from religion and add them to what I believe. It is actually the other way around. I believe certain things and then I notice in certain religions that their beliefs correspond to mine. Then I am able to relate with the religion and with others who believe the same thing.

I mentioned that if I am happy and am make others happy, which I seem to do, why should I change? I have 100% Faith in what I am doing and it would be impossible for someone to convince me otherwise, unless a new and more convincing argument came along. Only I could convince myself to change at this point. How can we change or override what our mind believes? If it is what the mind considers true, how can we override it and furthermore when there is no desire to “control” the direction of the mind? If something makes sense to our mind, how can we override it unless something comes along that makes more sense? If there is only condemnation and not a valid replacement theory or content how can the mind change what makes sense to it?

Does the person condemning believe that I have not heard every other possible argument or theory before and that some “new” info will change my mind? Do they believe that somehow they may “know something” for certain that I should also know for certain? If I don’t believe that one can be certain of anything (unless extraordinary spiritual states have been achieved), then how could I ever be convinced of anything besides what I already believe or what currently makes the most sense to me?

I see the basis of religion as evangelization, or trying to convince others that you are right and they are wrong and that they should “join” you in their belief. I don’t necessarily think it has to do with God. Even “atheism” has become a religion, where atheists try to convert people to their own belief. In these regards, I feel that I am extremely non-religious. I don’t consciously try to convert anyone to believe in what I believe. What I believe may come out in my actions or conversation, but this is only because it is engrained into who I am, not because I have some ulterior motive for changing someone into someone like me. The one thing I am certain of is that I am uncertain and I will not claim to be unless I am certain, which is not true at the moment. I am also certain that I doubt anyone who claims to be certain that they are certain; for to be certain is a much bigger accomplishment than is immediately recognizable.

Anyways, this is what we have been talking about recently. All debate and conversation is good and necessary to self-development. It strengthens our own belief and chisels away at ideas or beliefs that are arbitrary and don’t matter so much to future conversations. We are all here to teach each other and if we were all certain, what would be the point?

List of daily expenses and donations between June 20th and June 26th 2015:

Total spent on food: $10.44

Room: $2.37

Random: $1.58

Total: $14.38

Total: $14.38 + 393.91 = $408.29 divided by 66 days = $6.19 per day

Donation to Eco-Village building project = $71.76

Total = $71.76 + $1074.21 = $1145.97 divided by 66 days = $17.36 per day

Expense account = $255.37 – 14.38 = $240.99 (Avg. $6.19 per day will last 39 more days)

Donations account = $75.37 – 71.76 = $3.61 (Avg $17.36 per day will last 0 more days)

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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