Chaos and the Perfect Accident – One More Poem

The Creator of Chaos,
Looked down upon our world,
And he said “Oh looky here!”
What a fine little existence,
Even with love and a little pestilence,
Could there be something here?

Not even I,
Who lives in the sky,
Has any idea how you feel.
For in the sky high,
We don’t yet live by,
Ups and downs and thrills.

Oh what a blessed accident you live in,
Doesn’t seem to be a given,
Made possible with duality.
But where I come from,
I cannot escape some,
Omniscience, I yearn for ignorance like thee.

Little does it seem,
More like a dream,
That this is the best possible thing.
When half of your brothers,
And most of your mothers,
Eat so little, and yet they sing.

And although it seems otherwise,
The past was just a disguise,
To build your sense of morality.
In the future it will be apparent,
That it all was a present,
Given by no one you see?

For I have seen many spells,
But your case is special,
How I’m excited for thee!
Once you see what’s around the bend,
And why your life you had to spend,
Then you will understand my jealousy.

Unless you find the meaning,
In the chaos that is screening,
and the quest that you set long ago.
You’ll devolve into oblivion,
Back to the beginning, 
Maybe that’s where you want to go. 

Oh but to change the course, 
Pull the reins upon the horse,
No need to change it all.
You are so close,
Closer than most,
And then you will have it all.

Whatever has happened,
had to have happened,
and yet the future is not certain. 
But the potential, oh my,
Is higher than I,
So stay and pull back the curtain!

You see there is a secret, 
A secret within you,
You can call it the Kingdom within.
Once you unlock the gate,
Then it’s off to the race,
Then you will approach the End.

Not the end of the end you see,
But the end of the beginning,
Full of negativity.
Where you’ve been leading,
Has not been so easy,
But the prize is worth the fee.

Oh how I’m finally happy,
The Chaos might have been crappy,
But finally I can get some rest.
I give unto you,
My will and adieu,
Stay and take care of the Best!

Have a great day!

Published by

This American Sadhu

Wandering traveler, writing a story, contemplating spiritual stuff, living austere, and helping random strangers... all rolled into ONE. What fun!

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