Building an Adobe House in Kuilapalayam, Auroville

Day 56

Kuilapalayam, India

Well I have settled down for now at an aspiring eco-village called Cholla Gardens. We have begun the first steps to building an adobe house out of the properties red sand.


The top picture is the house that I am living in. I sleep on the 2nd floor. There is quite a cast of characters coming and going. Geoff and Selvi have a pretty big and nice extended family. Selvi’s mother is very sweet, but speaks little English and we are getting along well. One of their sons is here for a short time and their nephew and neice are currently staying with us. Geoff is one of the most interesting people I have met in a very long time and has much experience in all walks of life. I have not met someone like him that instantly understands a lot of the “intricate” things that I like to talk about. Here is a nice little pond where the ducks live outside the house.


Here is some of the designs that I have been working on that could potentially work for the adobe house. Geoff is going to add his own touch along with “sacred geometry” and he wants to build a small model of the project. Afterwards, we will set up posts and string for where the foundation will go and began to dig it out.


Today we built the clay/mud mould to where we can start forming bricks. It was quite a process as getting “cheap” wood around here is a little difficult. They don’t have a Home Depot around the corner like where I am from đŸ™‚ Finally we scavenged the correct type and size of wood in some random piles around the property and we had them cut to the right specifications and then manufactured it ourself. Here is a photo of the finished product. It will last for a very long time as the wood is hard as a rock, the screws were of the finest quality, and we took our time in making it perfect.


Here is an example of what the bricks will look like once formed in the mould. We need to create around 4-500 for the entire building, but we will just make as many as we can and go with what we have.


Here is a new friend I have made. He is a little aggressive, but a super cool dog. I’m sure that my brother will be jealous as he used to live with a Boxer.


So everything is going well. Tomorrow I am going to do some recon on some adobe houses being built in Auroville, I am going to learn about a new technique of earth-building called EarthCrete that has to do with pouring earth like concrete, and I start my first class in Kalaripayattu, which I found out was the first thing the British banned in India when they took control “because of the power that it holds” or so my friend said. Lastly, I am quite sure that I have a volunteer job worked out in Sri Lanka, one way or another that I am looking forward to. Will write a new post once we start building bricks and laying foundation!

He walked into the dug-out fighting pits where the Kalari masters and students assembled.
What did they expect of him? Would he be able to handle the strenuous demands or would he fail like the others? Could he take the hits, mentally and physically?
He had never quit anything in his life, why would he start now?
Bring it on he thought.


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