Arrival in Pondicherry, Following the Heart, Exploring Auroville

“The ascent to the divine Life is the human journey, the Work of works, the acceptable Sacrifice. This alone is man’s real business in the world and the justification of his existence, without which he would be only an insect crawling among other ephemeral insects on a speck of surface mud and water which has managed to form itself amid the appalling immensities of the physical universe.” – The Life Divine – Aurobindo

Pondicherry, India

Day 50


This was the sunrise that I experienced near the end of the train ride from Kolkata to Pondicherry. It was quite mesmirizing as the train had nearly emptied besides me and so the wild ruckus-ness of the caboose had turned into a pleasant peacefulness and I could see this view through multiple windows at once. I opened the emergency window and just stared in awe at what South India was showing me. There is something different about this area as it is more lush, green, and alive than that of the North. After 30+ hours I arrived in Pondicherry and made my way to the Natura Ashram where I am currently staying.

That afternoon I made my way to the Bodhi Beach, a short bus ride away from where the ashram is located. The beach was quiet and serene, the water warm and clean, it pushed, it pulled, and I relaxed in the vibrations and waves of Mother nature. The sun on my body was pure joy and energy touching areas that had not been touched in years. Nothing like a beach, where semi-nakedness is still the norm.

That night, I wandered around the former French colony of Pondicherry to see what was what. I walked down to the beach road that is closed to traffic past 7 PM and found 100s of people, mostly Indian and local, enjoying the sounds of the ocean, and kids climbing on this wonderful monument to one, if not the greatest, of India’s historical figures, Mahatma Gandhi. This is the 3rd biggest statue of him in India.

The next morning I decided to take a trip to Auroville and look for a volunteer position. I rented a bicycle and rode wherever the paths would take me. Because my budget is thinning, I am trying to find a work exchange where I volunteer for a place to stay and food, but it seems they all ask for substantial money  just to volunteer so I’m not for sure if it will work out or not. In the meantime, tomorrow morning I will go and meditate in the Matrimandir  which is in the picture at the top. I am extremely excited and am sure that God will eventually connect me with whatever or whoever I am supposed to find.

I just wanted to say that I know that I am not posting as much as I was before, but it will pick up again when the time is right. I am focusing on “bringing out the best in myself” and am realizing that no matter how good the blog is or how much service I do for others, until I fully fix myself, until I rise within, the change wil not be as substantial as I am looking for, nor will the purpose of the blog be served. All is on track though.  Everything is always on track even if sometimes it seems otherwise; the basis of Faith.


“The Soul of man, a traveler, wanders in this cycle of Brahman, huge, a totality of lives, a totality of states, thinking itself different from the Impeller of the journey. Accepted by Him, it attains its goal of Immortality.” – Swetaswatara Upanishad I.6

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