The 100 Years Old Song 

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I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Since 1914,
I’ve seen every damn thing.
Two world wars,
No reason, of course.

You’d think we would change,
And move on now.
But nothing has changed,
Not even the sound.

I seen some flapper girls,
When whisky was banned.
We drank out a tub,
When Gin was in demand.

We still needed our kicks,
And even our smoke.
Along came some men,
Like Al Capone.

He asked would I like to join,
His little club.
He said no big deal,
Take a swig of this jug.

I took a swig of his jug,
And I said yeah why not.
Making some shine,
And trying my luck.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Since I was born, 
All there’s been is war.
On every front, 
On every door.
War on the Blacks, 
War on the Poor, 
War on Drugs,
War on More.

I was born in the war,
They said its the last.
How they were wrong,
It did not end fast.

In the land of Germany,
A little man rose.
He stuck out his hand,
He struck a pose.

He caused a big fight,
Everyone was there.
Did it despite,
His own welfare.

To beat Japan,
After Manhattan.
We dropped the bomb,
All it did was flatten.

Killed everyone,
Soldiers and civilians,
Lost our pride,
From Heroes to villains.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Then it got Cold,
Not directly I’m told.
West versus East,
The Powers controlled.

War on Communism,
What a sham.
Dropped a lot of bombs,
In Vietnam.

Then came Saddam,
Our past ally.
Pushed into Kuwait,
To get his supply.

Stop right there,
This won’t stand.
You can only attack,
Who we demand.

Twenty years going on,
What can we show?
Iraq is gone,
Can we leave them alone?

Have to mention Afghanistan,
If we mention war,
Forever the Taliban,
Who we emplored.

To do our fighting,
In a foreign land.
Against the USSR,
With our hidden hand.

Can’t we just end it, 
All this war, 
I’ve seen it all, 
Can’t take 100 more.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I may be 100 years,
But I’d still like to live,
100 more,
Who can give?

And you’d think I’d be alone,
Sitting in a home,
Twiddling my thumbs,
Carving a stone.

But I got me a girl,
Living with me,
Yeah I’m not alone,
In the old folks wing.

I don’t call her Eighty-Five,
I call her Eighty-Fun,
We still get our kicks,
Her name is Mari-Unnn.

We like to do a little dancin’,
On the line.
I spin her once or twice,
Call it the wine and dine.

We head back to our room,
It’s not that big.
But big enough for us,
To do our jig.

I ask her are you happy,
With what we got?
She always responds,
That we got a lot.

We got our health,
We got our wealth,
But you’re all I really want,
That’s enough.

So I’ll stick around,
For 100 more.
Because I believe in love,
It’s worth living for.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

I’m 100 years,
And I don’t know when,
I’ll be back again.

Dedicated to Papa Rex and Miss Marian. Based on a true story.

Adobe House Update, New Poetry, and Philosophical Conversations about God or the Lack Thereof

Day 67

Kuilapalayam, India

This past week has been full of action. Reading, writing, working, fraternizing, philosophizing, eating, sleeping, and swimming in the ocean: pretty much all the best things in life. After two weeks of construction at Chola Garden, we are picking up steam on the adobe house, making large strides with the foundation and bricks. Slowly, but surely, we are making progress and everything is coming into shape. Below you can see some pictures of what we have been up to.

image Here is the finalized design that Geoff drew for the building. image And he made a wonderful model on the foundation and structure. image The foundation slowly taking shape. image Geoff is the lead of stone transportation as well. His ingenious stone puller in use. Tally ho Comrade! image We use a wheelbarrow to mix up cement to lay the rocks. image As you can see the design is coming from an idea in the mind, to a vision on paper, to actualization quite quickly; which is aspiration in action. As the week goes by, we shall surely finish the foundation and begin with the walls. Although it will perhaps not be completed by the time I am gone, we should have enough done where it can be completed without my assistance. Hopefully, I will be back and can help out on any future projects as well.

New Weekly Poetry

Realizing that It’s All for Fun – Link Here

Chaos and the Perfect Accident – Link Here

The 100 Year Old Song – Coming later. Edit- Link Here

image A beautiful but gloomy sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

Conversations about God and the Ability or Inability to Change One’s Mind

I believe the idea of God is all about semantics. Some use the term “God” and some use other words to describe characteristics of what I call God. To me, neither are right or wrong. I just don’t have an aversion to any term that is used or not used, whereas some may. I’d like to clarify some things about my own belief. I don’t believe in some old wise man sitting up in the clouds watching over us. I don’t believe that there is a God who intervenes in “our” affairs. I don’t believe exactly that there is a God who created everything. I believe in the Oneness, that there is ultimately only one essence that all is connected to or a part of. Every person, place, and thing, big and small; this is God to me. Everything. I believe there are rules and laws to the universe, I see this as God. I see perfection in all things because I don’t see the world in terms of good or bad like most. Of course, relatively things aren’t “perfect” as the idea of “perfection” is subjective in itself, but ultimately, they are.

I have been having lots of conversations and debates about God recently. It is a little strange to me how some may honestly praise me for who I am or what I’m doing and say things like “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”, but then criticize me for my spiritual and religious beliefs, thinking that I somehow got to where I am without them. Like somehow through sheer will and intellect I could be who I am at this moment without my belief in God and a reason for our existence. Asking me to stop believing or talking about God now would be like asking me to take the foundations out from underneath the house that has been built. It is an impossibility. It is who I am, and being anything else would be me merely acting and not being myself.

I know what I was like before I became spiritual and I know what I am like now; I don’t have any particular desire to go back to the way I was before, nor do I believe that I could “combine” the two and do what I am currently doing with the same atheistic or “non-spiritual” mindset that I had before. I consider myself to be a “true believer” because what I believe I was not taught, what I believe is based upon my own experience, which is impossible to convey with accuracy. If it seems that I am a “strong” person, it is because there is a “strong cornerstone” of which my house has been built. Not on blind faith, but on experiential truth. Rarely do I take things from religion and add them to what I believe. It is actually the other way around. I believe certain things and then I notice in certain religions that their beliefs correspond to mine. Then I am able to relate with the religion and with others who believe the same thing.

I mentioned that if I am happy and am make others happy, which I seem to do, why should I change? I have 100% Faith in what I am doing and it would be impossible for someone to convince me otherwise, unless a new and more convincing argument came along. Only I could convince myself to change at this point. How can we change or override what our mind believes? If it is what the mind considers true, how can we override it and furthermore when there is no desire to “control” the direction of the mind? If something makes sense to our mind, how can we override it unless something comes along that makes more sense? If there is only condemnation and not a valid replacement theory or content how can the mind change what makes sense to it?

Does the person condemning believe that I have not heard every other possible argument or theory before and that some “new” info will change my mind? Do they believe that somehow they may “know something” for certain that I should also know for certain? If I don’t believe that one can be certain of anything (unless extraordinary spiritual states have been achieved), then how could I ever be convinced of anything besides what I already believe or what currently makes the most sense to me?

I see the basis of religion as evangelization, or trying to convince others that you are right and they are wrong and that they should “join” you in their belief. I don’t necessarily think it has to do with God. Even “atheism” has become a religion, where atheists try to convert people to their own belief. In these regards, I feel that I am extremely non-religious. I don’t consciously try to convert anyone to believe in what I believe. What I believe may come out in my actions or conversation, but this is only because it is engrained into who I am, not because I have some ulterior motive for changing someone into someone like me. The one thing I am certain of is that I am uncertain and I will not claim to be unless I am certain, which is not true at the moment. I am also certain that I doubt anyone who claims to be certain that they are certain; for to be certain is a much bigger accomplishment than is immediately recognizable.

Anyways, this is what we have been talking about recently. All debate and conversation is good and necessary to self-development. It strengthens our own belief and chisels away at ideas or beliefs that are arbitrary and don’t matter so much to future conversations. We are all here to teach each other and if we were all certain, what would be the point?

List of daily expenses and donations between June 20th and June 26th 2015:

Total spent on food: $10.44

Room: $2.37

Random: $1.58

Total: $14.38

Total: $14.38 + 393.91 = $408.29 divided by 66 days = $6.19 per day

Donation to Eco-Village building project = $71.76

Total = $71.76 + $1074.21 = $1145.97 divided by 66 days = $17.36 per day

Expense account = $255.37 – 14.38 = $240.99 (Avg. $6.19 per day will last 39 more days)

Donations account = $75.37 – 71.76 = $3.61 (Avg $17.36 per day will last 0 more days)

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Chaos and the Perfect Accident – One More Poem

The Creator of Chaos,
Looked down upon our world,
And he said “Oh looky here!”
What a fine little existence,
Even with love and a little pestilence,
Could there be something here?

Not even I,
Who lives in the sky,
Has any idea how you feel.
For in the sky high,
We don’t yet live by,
Ups and downs and thrills.

Oh what a blessed accident you live in,
Doesn’t seem to be a given,
Made possible with duality.
But where I come from,
I cannot escape some,
Omniscience, I yearn for ignorance like thee.

Little does it seem,
More like a dream,
That this is the best possible thing.
When half of your brothers,
And most of your mothers,
Eat so little, and yet they sing.

And although it seems otherwise,
The past was just a disguise,
To build your sense of morality.
In the future it will be apparent,
That it all was a present,
Given by no one you see?

For I have seen many spells,
But your case is special,
How I’m excited for thee!
Once you see what’s around the bend,
And why your life you had to spend,
Then you will understand my jealousy.

Unless you find the meaning,
In the chaos that is screening,
and the quest that you set long ago.
You’ll devolve into oblivion,
Back to the beginning, 
Maybe that’s where you want to go. 

Oh but to change the course, 
Pull the reins upon the horse,
No need to change it all.
You are so close,
Closer than most,
And then you will have it all.

Whatever has happened,
had to have happened,
and yet the future is not certain. 
But the potential, oh my,
Is higher than I,
So stay and pull back the curtain!

You see there is a secret, 
A secret within you,
You can call it the Kingdom within.
Once you unlock the gate,
Then it’s off to the race,
Then you will approach the End.

Not the end of the end you see,
But the end of the beginning,
Full of negativity.
Where you’ve been leading,
Has not been so easy,
But the prize is worth the fee.

Oh how I’m finally happy,
The Chaos might have been crappy,
But finally I can get some rest.
I give unto you,
My will and adieu,
Stay and take care of the Best!

Have a great day!

Realizing that It’s all for Fun – A Few New Poems and Tidbits

Day 63

Kuilapalayam, India
From the past few days…

As the mind break opens one again, 
As the flood begins, 
One asks how long will this one last? 
Might it last forever? 
Well nothing last forever.
But for now, 
Let it rain,
Let it rain, at last.

Oh what damage is done,
When a child is yet young,
And an idea of “chosen-ness” is engrained.
Do they know what they do?
Do they have but a clue?
Building this ego anew.

It is easy to start, 
But hard to control,
The feeling of superiority.
How can we come to a time full of peace,
When they instill upon others,
A destiny of mediocrity.

Move over!
For I am better than you said the boy,
And you deserve less than I!
For I am a Brahmin,
And you a Dalit,
Chosen by God for this seat!

And the Jew to the Arab,
No better than a scarab,
Who sits upon his land.
Move over said the Jew!
For your time is through!
For I am Chosen for this seat!

And in the old days,
There was but a Christian,
With a pistol in his hand.
He said to the Indian,
Manifestly, I am sending them,
Away, Chosen is my seat!

Now we have America,
Who believes she takes better care,
of all in the world’s domain.
All those with other beliefs,
Customs, cultures, and families,
Move away! This is our seat!

There shall come a time,
Where one shall stand up,
And tell them a thing or two.
They will say but don’t you know,
We are all the same, but you,
Who the hell are you!


An endless ocean under the eyelids.

Under the eyelids lays an endless ocean,
Wading, daily, the son tries to find his way home.
In the middle swirls a whirlpool,
And yet all whirlpools must lead to some open space.
It could be said that the path to home is like a whirlpool, 
But something is holding us back like a rope around the waist.
Cut the rope and you can go home too.

Letting go and going down the tube, 
That is the basis of Faith.
Faith that this is the way, 
Even if it is scary.

We can’t cut the rope ourselves. 
It is more like asking for the rope to be let go,
Like a mother dropping her child off at a school in a far away land,
With tears in her eyes as she leaves.

And in a moment of realization, 
The thought comes,
I am not the son,
I was always the Mother.

A philosoph does not always philosophize,
He seeks happiness just like any other,
The difference is this comes from contentment of understanding,
Always only lasting for a short time, 
Until absolute certainty is achieved.
And home is finally reached.

Sometimes I look at memories and don’t feel that they are mine. Just extremely vivid images from the first-perspective. It’s like something wants me to believe they are “mine”, but something else just sees them for what they are; experiences.

Spiritual progress is the only thing we get to “take with us” when we leave this particular life.

Become what you really are.

Land unsullied by a fence, 
Is beautiful land indeed. 
“Well how will we keep our animals?”, you say? 
How will I provide for my need?
An animal that wants to escape,
Is probably an animal that’s afraid.
It may sense their is danger,
Run away from the manger,
The orders will not be obeyed.
A cow that is daily milked, 
daily loved, 
and daily talked to, 
will not run away from its “home.” 
Hence, tear down this fence!

So many people are only looking for simple things in life like appreciation; such an easy thing to give, perhaps not always sincerely, but when given in earnest, can slowly enliven even the deadest souls. 

I try to appreciate everything that is given to me and especially made for me even if it is a simple meal. This appreciation, the gratitude is like a healthy drug that most people miss who only cook for the same people everyday.

My new favorite thing to say when I meet someone and then we have to say goodbye:
“It is a small possibility that we do not meet again.”

Have a wonderful day!

Above picture taken at “Our Lady of Angels” church, Pondicherry, India.

And a special thanks to a friend who is now helping me with updating the look and style of the blog! Thanks brother 🙂

Digging in the Dirt, Building Bricks by Hand, and Battling with Termites

Day 59

Kuilapalayam, India

My first week volunteering at Chola Garden is coming to an end. We have made lots of progress, but have also had to battle the elements of heat, rain, and termites eating our newly made mud-bricks. This project is based around creativity and problem-solving and so far we are excelling in these regards.

Thus far we have finished our design, mapped out the design on the ground where the building will lay, carved out half of the foundation while using the excess soil in our brick mixtures, and created 84 40 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm bricks that are currently drying. Although the brick-making is still at a testing phase, we will eventually reach a time hopefully that the “perfect” brick is made, termite-less and with the strength to bear the load of every brick on top. Below are a few pictures from our build this week.


This is an initial picture of our building site.


This is the wonderful Geoff and Selvi who I am working with daily.


Mixing the mud-sand mixture. 2 parts soil, 1 part sand, 1/2-1 part straw, a few handfuls of lime, and tumeric-mixed water. Our first mud-mixture.


Selvi packing in the first mud mix.


Lifting the mud mixture up.


First bricks completed.


Geoff digging out the foundation.


Selvi working on filling and flattening out the mud-bricks. They look quite professional! We started putting them on top of a tarp to potentially keep the termites away. Hopefully this method will work and we will see shortly.

This up-coming week we will begin the process of laying the foundation in steps with cement, mortar, and stone. By the time this is finished we should have enough bricks to start with the adobe design. Everything is going smoothly, we are making progress, the family is wonderfully taking care of me, and I am enjoying my time here.

Reading Classics

I have been voraciously reading a few George Orwell books that I have not read before and have concluded that if I could be like any writer, it would be a modern version of him. Something about his prose, his background, and his desires just seem to resonate with me. I finished Burmese Days, The Road to Wegan Pier, and am now working on Keep the Aspidistra Flying.

Hopefully, if I have an extended stretch of time when I reach Sri Lanka, I will be able to get down to some serious writing. There are many books within me that want to come out, but they are just sort of clogged in there waiting to be released. I constantly feel if I only I could find the right editor they would manifest shortly, but this is probably just an excuse that I tell myself. I continue to believe or even “know” that my best writing will always lay ahead and my skill will increase with practice.

List of daily expenses and donations between June 13th and June 19th 2015:

Total spent on food: $8.83

Room: $3.14

Random: $3.69

Total: $15.66

Total: $15.66 + 378.25 = 393.91 divided by 59 days = $6.68 per day

Donations given to random strangers and sadhus = $.60

Donation to Eco-Village building project = $12.49

Total = $13.08 + $1061.13 = $1074.21 divided by 59 days = $18.21 per day

Expense account = $271.03 – $15.66 = $255.37 (Avg. $6.68 per day will last 38 more days)

Donations account = $88.45 – $13.08 = $75.37 (Avg $18.21 per day will last 4 more days)


If you would like to donate to this project and\or blog please visit this link:


Building an Adobe House in Kuilapalayam, Auroville

Day 56

Kuilapalayam, India

Well I have settled down for now at an aspiring eco-village called Cholla Gardens. We have begun the first steps to building an adobe house out of the properties red sand.


The top picture is the house that I am living in. I sleep on the 2nd floor. There is quite a cast of characters coming and going. Geoff and Selvi have a pretty big and nice extended family. Selvi’s mother is very sweet, but speaks little English and we are getting along well. One of their sons is here for a short time and their nephew and neice are currently staying with us. Geoff is one of the most interesting people I have met in a very long time and has much experience in all walks of life. I have not met someone like him that instantly understands a lot of the “intricate” things that I like to talk about. Here is a nice little pond where the ducks live outside the house.


Here is some of the designs that I have been working on that could potentially work for the adobe house. Geoff is going to add his own touch along with “sacred geometry” and he wants to build a small model of the project. Afterwards, we will set up posts and string for where the foundation will go and began to dig it out.


Today we built the clay/mud mould to where we can start forming bricks. It was quite a process as getting “cheap” wood around here is a little difficult. They don’t have a Home Depot around the corner like where I am from 🙂 Finally we scavenged the correct type and size of wood in some random piles around the property and we had them cut to the right specifications and then manufactured it ourself. Here is a photo of the finished product. It will last for a very long time as the wood is hard as a rock, the screws were of the finest quality, and we took our time in making it perfect.


Here is an example of what the bricks will look like once formed in the mould. We need to create around 4-500 for the entire building, but we will just make as many as we can and go with what we have.


Here is a new friend I have made. He is a little aggressive, but a super cool dog. I’m sure that my brother will be jealous as he used to live with a Boxer.


So everything is going well. Tomorrow I am going to do some recon on some adobe houses being built in Auroville, I am going to learn about a new technique of earth-building called EarthCrete that has to do with pouring earth like concrete, and I start my first class in Kalaripayattu, which I found out was the first thing the British banned in India when they took control “because of the power that it holds” or so my friend said. Lastly, I am quite sure that I have a volunteer job worked out in Sri Lanka, one way or another that I am looking forward to. Will write a new post once we start building bricks and laying foundation!

He walked into the dug-out fighting pits where the Kalari masters and students assembled.
What did they expect of him? Would he be able to handle the strenuous demands or would he fail like the others? Could he take the hits, mentally and physically?
He had never quit anything in his life, why would he start now?
Bring it on he thought.


Meditating in the Matrimandir, Finding the Perfect Volunteer Job, Learning Ancient Indian Martial Arts

Day 53
Pondicherry, India

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days of my trip so far and it just seemed that everything went perfectly right. It is a very good sign of things to come. It was as if the world was coming together just for me and my path was being illuminated as to what will be on the horizon.

I began the morning by hitchhiking (my new preferred way of traveling in India as everyone has a motorcycle and it takes only a few minutes for someone to stop) from Pondicherry to Auroville and going with a group to meditate in the Matrimandir. An external picture can be seen in the top image of the post from yesterday. It just blows my mind that I am getting the opportunity to meditate in this wonderful structure as often as I want over the course of the next month.

It is special to me in the fact that it was envisioned and designed by people that knew that they would never get a chance to see or experience it physically, but they built it anyways for people like me and others to utilize in the future. It was envisioned in the 1960s and took over 30 years to build from the 1970s until its final completion in May of 2008.

When entering, there is a very slow and methodical process, which I believe suits its nature. We had a group of around 40 people and they asked us all to be silent as we entered near the bottom into a lower chamber room. As we came in, they provided fresh socks to walk throughout the building. It felt like a mixture of Star Wars and Star Trek (different worlds for those non sci-fi fans ) and some utopic vision of the future.

The middle chamber we entered after putting on socks in the lower chamber. The stairs lead to the upper chamber and crystal ball.

There were no less than ten volunteer “Aurovillians” there to help us throughout the whole structure, which shows their belief and reverence for the sacredness of it. It also worked for me and sent the right message. This was a place for seriousness, not a place for games even if it looked like it could exist in EPCOT. Although everyone was silent, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time, but it was a seriously happy smile.

As a “full-time” regular meditator, this was like me stepping into Wrigley Stadium or perhaps whatever the newest most bad-ace stadium is in the world. I felt like a gladiator coming into the Roman Colosseum, ready to take on anything thrown at me. I immediately noticed how it was “different” from normal meditation areas and what it had been built for.

When we entered into the inner chamber I was just enamored. It is a large spherical floating chamber with the world’s largest crystal in the center and a ray of sunlight that enters it from above, which provides a perfect amount of light for the room. It is the quietest room I have ever been in and I believe its purpose is to replicate that of a cave, but it is quieter than a cave as there are no bats or drafts, although I could feel a very slight cool breeze without being able to notice where it was coming from.

As I sat down, the ringing in my ears was extremely loud. This is ok though and is a good sign of a place suitable for meditation. I immediately went into my practice and knew I had found the place that I had been looking for to move further down the path.

The inner chamber.

Unfortunately, we only had around 10-15 minutes to meditate as the group was mostly inexperienced, but I found out that after one’s first trip there, it is possible to come back whenever and stay there for an extended period of time, something that I fully intend of taking maximum advantage of. This place was built for me; that is how I felt and feel.

After finishing, we left back the way we came, through the middle chamber and lower chamber depositing our socks and then to underneath where there is another smaller crystal ball surrounded by a descending waterfall fountain. It is also a special place and in every direction there are 12 individual meditation rooms for 5-6 people each. (Can this place get any better?)

November 2009, Auroville, India --- Auroville (City of Dawn) was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa. The Matrimandir, which means Temple of the Mother, is situated at the center of the experimental city of Auroville. --- Image by © Frederic Soltan/Corbis
Underneath the Matrimandir. — Image by © Frederic Soltan/Corbis

Supposedly after the individual extended meditation in the inner chamber, one can spend an unlimited time in these smaller cells. Afterwards, we walked through a small forest with a huge banyan tree next to the Matrimandir. I had seen photos of this at night and it looks just like the scene in Avatar where they are meditating around the “Mother” tree. I am sure I will spend some time here as well.

Volunteer Interview

During the guided tour and meditation, I met a follow volunteer from Germany named Joanna. She is there on an internship for her studies in Berlin. She had a scooter and so gave me a ride to my volunteering interview a little outside of Auroville at a place called Cholla Gardens. She wished me luck and in I went!

The interview went amazing! I had been trying so hard to find the “right” job the past week and it just was not working out. I had to surrender and let God show me where to go. Finally it happened. I have realized that so often I have some idea of what I would like to do or go, but when I just surrender God will show me something better than even I could have imagined and later on I am just so grateful. I feel like this is going to be one of those experiences. It is the perfect place, perfect job, with a perfect couple, at the perfect price. (Even volunteering costs a little at most places these days.) I’m less than a kilometer from the beach.

The two owners are a sweet little couple and I just had an instant connection to both, even though they are different in their own ways. The man is in his later years, he was or is a world traveler born in England, and he is an artist and quite jolly all around. The woman is of Indian or Tamil descent, she is perhaps a decade or two younger, and also full of life. Our conversation just went perfectly and by the end, Geoff, was just as excited as I was and let me know “that I had scored”, meaning that I had “won” the job, since they had interviewed people before but I was to be their first volunteer. It really felt like pure fate and like something that I would have designed for myself (which I have talked a little about in the past).

Above is a picture of a part of their land, which is around 2 to 2.5 acres. The main “job” is that they need a way to generate an income and so they want to build a few huts or bungalows to be able to rent out as part of an eco-village. They mentioned multiple times that they have next to zero money and no budget so we will have to build out of what we have available. With this being said, it is possible to build houses in the adobe-style and so that is my job over the next month. Here is a great article on the Matador Network about how I will do it.

I will do my best, in this short amount of time, to design, draft, and build them 1-2 houses and corresponding compost toilets. At least I can get them started. I will add a small amount of donations from the site to get started and we will just see where it goes. I am confident I can build the foundations out of stone that they have collected near the site and I can also build the compost toilets semi-cheaply. I already started researching some design ideas and here are a few pictures of them below.

adobe hut cal-earth
Very Hobbit-ish. I like it.
East side of earthbag roundhouse.  Note finished earthbag bench.  Go to our Earthbag Building Blog for more details:
Something like this would be nice.
Potential interior. Mad cute.

So this will be what I am focusing on over the course of the next month before I go to Sri Lanka. Very exciting as it seems what I have been doing the past few years has been leading to this moment. I have always been a builder, ever since I was young. This is a step beyond as it is total creative control building a livable dwelling for almost free. I have heard it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. I want to become a master. One day I will perhaps build my own home in the same method and I feel I would make my Native American ancestors, who lived in huts like these (Or so I would like to believe), proud.

After the Interview

On my way back from the interview I met an amazing young Indian man who invited me to come and learn about Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world. I checked out their site and found this picture of a demonstration with a weapon called an otta.

This is what it posted about the weapon. “The otta is the most important weapon in Kalaripayattu. It is a wooden weapon, and it is carved out from a tamarind wood. This weapon was never used in battle, though it is considered as the most important weapon. They say that if a person practices Otta, then his studies in Kalaripayattu is complete, because practicing Otta is learning the grammar of Kalaripayattu. Otta is the only weapon which includes all the “18 ADAVUKAL” ( sequences). Otta fight is a battle between An Elephant and A Lion. This picture was from TANTROTSAV at Kalarigram, Auroville. This was a performance between Lakshman Gurukkal and Vinod Gurukkal.”

I’m excited to learn as much as I can about Kalaripayattu and the otta. Tomorrow after my first individual meditation at the Matrimandir, I will go check out their center, and then move to Cholla Gardens and get to work on the eco-villlage. Exciting times. And oh yeah, meditation is going super well, but that is all I will say for now. 🙂

List of daily expenses and donations between June 6th and June 12th 2015:

Total spent on food: $30.72
Room: $15.71
Random: $3.85
Travel: $1.70
Total: $80.97 + 297.28 = 378.25 divided by 52 days = $7.27 per day

Donations given to random strangers and sadhus = 110 Indian rupees or $1.73
(Will be using nearly the rest of the money for the upcoming building project)
Total = $1059.40 + 1.73 = $1061.13 divided by 52 days = $20.41 per day

Expense account = $352 – 80.97 = $271.03 left (Avg. $7.27 per day will last 37 more days)
Donations account = $90.18 – 1.73 = $88.45 left (Avg $20.41 per day will last 4 more days)