Please vote where I should go after India.

Bodh Gaya, India

Day 23

I was going to hold a vote where to go after Bodh Gaya, but to be honest, my options are pretty slim with the coming monsoon season. I believe after the vipassana course I will spend a few weeks in West Bengal as I have heard good things and then after that I’ll escape into the mountains of Sikkim and Darjeeling and then perhaps a jump over to Kashmir and Ladakh.

I would still like people to start voting on where I will go after India. It is probably good to start early and then with one month left in the trip I will start to work on getting the proper visa arrangements etc. I am going to put on the list a few countries that it may not be possible for me to go to, but there may be a chance.  Whatever country receives the top vote, I will try there first and then will go down the list if it doesn’t work out.

I plan on returning to Nepal in November for an extended volunteering reconstruction trip and am welcoming anyone that can hang to come along. Since I was already there this year, I would not get to spend much time there as the most they allow in one year is five months.

Also, all five of these countries are places that I have never been so that will be an added element of the adventure. I’ll close down the voting June 22nd to then start working on visa and travel arrangements.

I will be serving the vipassana course here in Bodh Gaya and sending metta to the people of Nepal, as well as the readers and donors of the blog. I should be back and going strong with the blog May 26th or 27th.


My sanctuary for the next two weeks, Dhamma Bodhi.


I always say this before I go to sit or serve a vipassana course, but I’ll say it again. Anything can happen.


Edit June 3rd, 2015: The voting is finished! Sri Lanka has won!


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