A Spiritual Revolution Cometh… Part 2

When the mind is free from such pairs of opposites as “this is to be done” and “this is not to be done”, it becomes indifferent to religious merit, worldly prosperity, sensual enjoyment, and liberation. – Astavakra Samhita 16:5

Vrindaven, India

Day 20

In the last post, I described what must be the impetus for a true spiritual revolution to occur. Any type of “manufactured” revolution like we have seen throughout the world the past few decades, brought upon by an external agency, is doomed to failure, especially spiritually. A true “spiritual revolution” must follow the steps that I listed yesterday. It has happened in the past and will happen again in the future. Today I would like to speculate a bit on what might occur after the revolution has begun and specifically within the U.S.A. 

I would like to reemphasize the point once again that “ideas” precede actualities from taking place. Perhaps these new “ideas” are the first time that some have been heard and that after contemplated and aspired towards, can actually happen in the future. Or perhaps these are old ideas that have been forgotten or are no longer considered plausible so are no longer aspired towards. The changes that will occur will be purely because of inspiration. People as well as entire countries will change because they are inspired to do so. There will be a new possible way of life that did not exist before. Changes will happen on their own and they will be “guided” by pure aspirations. 

Meditation Mecca

It is important to understand the difference between a revolution where people are inspired to change their lives, rather than one where people are persuaded or obligated to change. People will be inspired and will request that they have the opportunity to change. The U.S. will slowly transform into a spiritual or meditation Mecca of sorts. When people truly understand the benefits that come from meditation, mentally and physically, centers will begin to pop up across the country at an insanely fast rate. It will be breathtaking to watch it happen so fast. 

Government Reform

I like to consider new possible ways that the government could change in the U.S. and the world. I believe a new form of government will emerge starting in the U.S. that is a combination of libertarian and socialist/communist beliefs. Most will probably read this last sentence and roll their eyes, but wait. We are already living in this sort of paradigm, it is just not official. Two opposite sides of the spectrum are already operating within the government. It is not so far fetched that this will become official in the future.

Perhaps half the population wants some sort of libertarian government where they are left alone. The other half wants the government to take care of them and to provide for their basic necessities. I do not see how either side will ever “win” this argument and will convert the other side. So why not allow both forms to exist, side-by-side, with no strings attached? People can have the right to be left alone and to go about their business without the intrusion of the government or if they like they can accept support from the government in the forms of free food, free housing, free healthcare, free education, free everything for whoever wants it. If you don’t want it that’s perfectly fine. Most will once again roll their eyes at this, but I believe this will happen. 

People can choose to be half-libertarian and half-socialist, accepting limited support and still being free to do as they please. People can go back and forth without being looked down upon by anyone. If you are doing well and do not want to accept help, that is fine. If you are down on your luck and need help, then it will be provided. We have plenty of resources in the U.S. and throughout the world, we have just not learned to properly utilize or distribute them without wastefulness. Once this is taken care of, the sky is the limit.  When fully purified minds are put into leadership or management roles, unimaginable things can be accomplished. This was true for my teacher’s teacher Sayagi U Ba Kin of Burma who at one point was the head of four government departments at the same time because he was so effective.

In a recent study, it was found out that 1/3 of all food is wasted in the world. This percentage is probably higher in the United States. When this comes to a stop, it will be easy to provide free healthy food for whoever would like it. There are millions of empty or abandoned homes in the U.S., and many people own too many homes that are their “vacation homes” or just “investment properties”. There is no reason why their should be so many homeless when we have so many open homes across the country with millions more being built every year. 

I believe there will be a big movement of turning old homes into new modern efficient ones, as well as building new cheap affordable housing for anyone that wants it. A full “tiny” home can now be built for a few thousand dollars. I see no reason why this price couldn’t drop further and anyone that wanted to  own a home could have one. 

This is very important change in my opinion. The obligation to work will be removed. People’s work,  when it is obligated or compelled for whatever reason, is usually a very low quality. People who want to work, on the other hand, their work is a very high quality. The idea that we must have this extremely low unemployment rate will no longer be important. If people want to stay home with family, they can. If people want to work a farm and grow vegetables without worrying about how they are going to make it, they can. If they want to practice meditation or spirituality everyday, they can. If they want to create art, or write, or make films, or play sports, they can. This is true freedom. People should not be obligated or compelled to work if they do not want to. Of course, many people love their work and love to work and so they will be allowed to work. 

Technological and Healthcare Reform

Greed and corruption will eventually be extinguished by inspiration and spiritual purification, which will eventually lead to the natural extinction of a “for-profit” business model.  Technologies that either have been “held back” from society because of their probability of taking market-share and profits from the major corporations will be released into society. Those that have not been thought up yet, will also be discovered as human beings will be thinking “more clearly” than they have before. 

One major technology will be “free energy” that will change the world as we know it. This technology is either known or will be known soon from now, but it has not been allowed to be released because of the ramifications it will have on the energy producers in all fields. People like Elon Musk and others are already challenging the major energy producers by releasing energy cells for home and car use. Huge increases in renewable energy sources like solar and wind are occurring everyday. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time before fusion becomes widely adaptable. Fusion and energy cells equals free energy for all.

One day people will look back at the US healthcare system and think that it was all one big joke. The idea of a “for-profit” business model when it comes to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals is repugnant to me at the moment. People are literally dying just so others can make a few extra dollars for whatever reason. There are cures for every known disease (I believe), but they are not released because it would not make financial sense to the pharmaceutical companies. Anytime they are discovered, they are “held back” by whoever is funding the research and those that try to make them public “disappear” before it can happen. 

They dont make money on cures, they make money on treatments and keeping people sick. It is ridiculous to contemplate. This will change however and people will be cured of their diseases. If the cures are not created yet, they will be soon. Furthermore, meditation has the ability alone to cure nearly any disease, physically or mentally. These combined will radically transform the healthcare system.

As people become healthier and the profit motive drops from healthcare and Big-Pharma, a huge amount of money will be free for other purposes. A visit “from a doctor” and not “to a doctor” will once again become a rare occurrence. These former megalith buildings can be transformed into housing, distribution centers, or meditation teaching centers. The only way for-profit healthcare has survived in the U.S. is because of lobbyists (which will also become extinct) and perhaps inventing new illnesses, whether physically or imaginatively. 

In the future, there will not exist this huge movement to prolong life past certain ages. When people realize that once they die, they are going to “be alright” there will not be this huge attachment for their current body and life. Why hang on to “old clothes” when new ones are waiting for you in the next life? 

Law Reform

One of the main things that I see happening is all laws that have been passed beyond the ones expressly stated in the constitution will be done away with the stroke of a pen. America will once again be the land of the free. đŸ™‚ No strings attached. 

The income tax will be revoked as it is already an illegal tax as it is. The original income tax was passed because it was going to pay for a specific war or project in our past. Now 100% of the income tax goes to pay the interest on our national debt, which is specifically illegal. People will once again keep 100% of their earnings. Production will skyrocket because of this alone. Perhaps excise taxes will still be charged for certain things; aka people who drive pay a gas tax to maintain the roads. Eventually though, all taxes will be unnecessary. I won’t go into exactly why at the time. 

I believe all drugs will be legalized soon after the spiritual revolution occurs. The war on drugs has been a complete failure since it’s inception. When will we realize that if people want drugs they are going to find them? Criminalizing drug possession or usage is one of the greatest failures of the past century. We must treat the underlying causes. There are now very simple methods to purify addiction, whatever it may be for and however strong the case. 

Drugs will first be completely legal and swiftly they will become less and less used until they eventually become extinct. The only reason that the drug war is still going on is two reasons. Pharmaceutical companies have a ton to lose from marijuana and other drugs being legal and there are plenty of people in government who are paid “under-the-table” from the profits that illegal drugs bring in. 

Prison Reform

In the United States, we currently have the greatest prison population that the world has ever seen. There are around 2.5 million prisoners and another 5 million parolees spread across the United States. Furthermore, we have moved into a for-profit prison system where the more prisoners there are, the more someone is actually make money off of them and charging the taxpayers. 

I believe meditation courses will be implemented in all prisons and for parolees as a way to bring down a sentence. This is already happening in the U.S., in India, and other countries around the world. As soon as the higher levels of spirituality are achieved and verified, the prisoners will be rendered unable to perform malicious acts of violence or crime and can then be released back into society with their slates cleaned and records expunged, regardless of past crimes and sentences. They will be treated the same as everyone else. They can and will no longer be threats to society because of the transformations that have taken place within. It’s dharmically impossible. Prisoners will become a rare breed, until they are extinct. The former prisons can also be easily converted into either housing or meditation centers.

Corporation and Financial Reform

I believe corporations will be treated the way that they used to do a hundred years ago or so. Corporations used to not be a permanent part of life. They would come and go when they were necessary for a specific reason. Corporations would have to prove that they were doing something for the common good of the people. They would have to apply for their corporate status once every year and would have to show what they did during the previous year. This is a much better system in my opinion. 

The idea that a corporation can exist just to make money would make our founders roll in their graves. If we went back to the laws that existed before, every single one of the banks and Wall Street companies that are sucking America dry would lose their charters and only the companies which provided specific reasons in helping people would be allowed to stay. We are already starting to see signs of corporations changing back to this paradigm and many are very important for our day-to-day life. 

Competition is perfectly ok when it comes to developing the best product for the best price. It is not ok when we corporations compete to hoard wealth. The market and financial system propagate this world. Competition for who has or can make the most money. Competition over who is the best con men. That is all it is. A big con and everyone is in on it. It’s only a matter of time before it fails. Once it does, it will never be built again and the world will be an infinitely better place. 

The very idea that one can make millions or billions of dollars with a few clicks of a keyboard is a travesty. Anyone that doesn’t feel bad about this ability has little to no objective ability and can’t empathize with those who toil and sweat for their own hard-earned money. I have worked in the financial industry and when I reached a point where I was making “crazy money” I gave it up, realizing that it was just building my ego and separating me from people who actually have to work for their money.  I will say with 100% assuredness the current financial system of trading public stocks, commodities, and bonds will not last for another few decades from now. 

Immigration Reform

I believe the U.S. will be the first country to allow un-restricted visa-free access to every single human being of the world. The free amenities, including food, housing, healthcare, etc. will also be offered to every immigrant. Our country has more land and resources than India or China and yet we have 1 billion less people in our country!  There are literally millions and millions of un-used acres within the U.S. What other reason would they be there then for them to eventually be used for people to spread out and to learn to grow their own food, etc.? 

Military and Law Enforcement Reform

I would be surprised if in 20 years from now our police and military was even 5% the size of what it is now. Hard to believe, but I think it is true. What need when there are no more criminals and no wars to fight? The spiritual revolution will “connect the world” in that we will no longer see other countries as our enemies, but as our brothers and sisters. We will be sorry for the damage and conflict that we have waged for such a long time. The money saved from our military expenditures will be enough to pay countries back for the damages that we have caused.

Furthermore, there will no longer be this cops vs. citizens war that is currently going on. The fear will be removed on both sides.  Crime will cease to exist because of the amount of inspiration that is exuded in every community within the United States. Once again, people will be connected like never before. 


Because of the huge amount of money saved from healthcare, protecting our borders, paying for wars and the police state, imprisoning civilians, wasteful and needless bureaucratic expenditures, fighting a “drug war”, money stolen by Wall Street, we will have plenty to pay down the national debt and plenty leftover to use for free food, housing, healthcare, etc. for anyone that comes to the U.S.A. It may seem far-fetched, but something like this will occur.

Some may read this and think I am delusional. I would only ask you to consider these to be “possibilities” that may occur. In the future, I believe the best possibilities are more likely to come true, however likely. If this is true, then these speculations are more then likely to happen. I’d like to apologize at the “unpolishedness” of this post. I’ve been quite sick recently and so my “polishing” skill is not at full capacity. I wanted to get a post like this up before I served the vipassana course though so here it is. I will be back at 100% once the course is finished with plenty of new ideas and realizations to share. 

Have you ever seen a tree or plant waving at you? Occasionally, when I go for walks in nature, I can find trees and plants that seem to be waving at me. To see them, it helps to be a windless day. They are characterized by the entire tree or plant to be relatively still and a single branch or leave shakes profusely and it looks very much like a “wave”. Every time I see them it makes me happy and I always wave back. See if you can find any waving trees!

List of daily expenses and donations for May 10th and 11th, 2015:

Total spent on food: $2.39
Room: $3.18
Random: $.95
Travel: .95
Total: $7.47 + $142.46 = $149.93 divided by 20 days = $7.50 per day

Donations given to random strangers = 70 Indian rupees or $1.11
Donations given to sadhus or holy men = 70 INR or $ 1.11
Donation to Nepal Earthquake rural relief
Total = $52.23 + $954.39 = 1005.27 divided by 20 days = $50.26 per day

Expense account = $507.50 – 7.47 = $500.03 (Avg. $7.50 per day will last 67 more days)
Donations account = $196.54 – $52.23 = $144.31 (Avg $50.26 per day will last 3 more days)


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