A Present for the Maha Naga Baba

Varanasi, India

Day 13

Two years ago I met this sadhu. I don’t know why, but we had an instant connection and friendship, even though we barely spoke the same language. Perhaps we were old friends from a past life or something. I am very happy that I got to see him again and got to do something special for him. 

This is the first painting I have ever done of a human being. It went quite fast. 20 minutes to draw and then off and on throughout a day, the painting was finished. It gives me great confidence to know that I can do a painting in one day. Over the course of the next year, I will try to continue this and paint “holy people” throughout my travels. Surely my skill will improve, as this was the first. 

When I presented this to him along with 12 prints to hand out to friends, his face lit up like I have never seen before. He was so excited and I knew that we would always be connected wherever we were. I will probably never have an official “guru” for the rest of my life, but if I did, it would hopefully be someone like him. 
I salute the Maha Naga Baba Rajendra Giri!


First Supplies Delivered to Sindhupalchok

The first supplies paid for through donations from readers and supporters of this blog have been delivered to Sindhupalchok, Nepal. I will write up a full report within the next 48 hours based on Anjali’s, as well as my Chinese friends Roxy and Yushain’s, reports and photos of how everything went. They purchased a number of tents as well as food for those in need. 

There is upwards of 40,000 homes that were demolished in this area and the support is just now slowly beginning to come in.  Another $400 has been sent from this blog’s giving account and $60 was directly sent to Anjali through Western Union.

Thoughts on Nepal

Nepal has been a country that is a perfect working example of “voluntourism” over the past however many years. They are great at “accepting” support from the outside. 

It is important to have people or countries that “accept” support from others. An important function of a sadhu or holy man is to give people the opportunity to help them which gives them good karma, etc.

Nepal is like the “sadhu” of countries. It is great at accepting support from outside. The government should perhaps just let this happen. Now they are trying to stop all this help and supplies coming from outside, but they should let it come in.  Open up the customs. 

This could be a very big “bringing together” of multiple countries and people throughout the world for a common purpose.

Let it happen. Nepal will be built again, better than before… it can be and will be a haven for international connection in the future. We are all connected… let us show it.

News Article coming on the Blog

I met a very interesting man today with the media while I was showing the Naga Baba the finished painting.  They may be writing an article about what I am doing with the blog and paintings, etc. in the Varanasi newspaper. I’ll keep an eye out. Could be great exposure.

Visiting the cities of Shiva, Krishna, and Buddha

I have written a little about “plans” in the past, but not so much recently. Most of the time, we consider where we go, what we do, etc. to be “our plans”. Like we are the one’s in control and “pulling the strings”. It of course feels this way, but occasionally we experience or see things from a different perspective that these “plans” may not be “ours” but “the plan” that was meant to happen. My destinations have changed multiple times since I started planning this trip through India. I find it interesting to see what “the plan” is now though.

I have started off in the City of Shiva, Varanasi. In a few hours from now, I am heading to the City of Krishna where he was born,  Vrindaven. After that, I am heading to Bodh Gaya, or where the Buddha achieved supreme enlightenment. I don’t think this is a coincidence, and I certainly didn’t consciously plan it out this way. It just sort of is happening this way, but it is cool to see what “the plan” is. 🙂  

I know I have said and thought this often, but I feel like something big is coming down the road… perhaps personally, perhaps collectively. It seems like a personal culmination or climax is coming soon, and it feels the same for the world. Something must give. Something must happen… A great change is in the air and I’m excited to see what it is. Nothing has to be done and whatever happens will always be for my and our own best interests. 

The man was waiting at the train station with a big smile on his face. Each place that he visited could only be “planned” so far. The rest would be left up to “chance”. 

How fateful and fun the past ten days had been he thought. Swimming in the Ganges, with dead bodies floating no less. Meditating in the underground “cave room” under the Nepali temple sending metta to the earthquake survivors. Observing the Burning Ghats, the hungry dogs, and snorkeling gold-diggers.  Meeting so many wonderful people for the first time. 

Stina from Sweden, Bastion from France, Timo from Germany, Kashmara from Russia, Kaska from Japan, Mama Marish from India, all would be missed… but he would see them again. Was it all by “chance” or was it “fate”?

Varanasi would forever hold a special place in his heart, but the journey led onwards to the land of Krishna, Vrindaven. Something was pulling him there. He could feel it. It was a pleasant tug. He had felt it before going to Nepal, Israel, and Japan for the first time. 

One thing he hoped for; To meet the bhakti yoga masters of the area. For he was no master in this field, but he could be, if he met the right teacher.

A deep echoing whistle came through the station like a wild banshee. It was the Marudhar Express. His train.

List of daily expenses and donations for May 3rd and 4th, 2015:

Total spent on food: $5.64
Total spent on room: $3.18
Random: $ .56
Travel: $6.44
Total: $15.82 + 96.09 = 111.91 divided by 13 days = $8.60 per day

Donations given to random strangers = 160 Indian rupees or $2.54
Donations given to sadhus or holy men = 280 INR or $4.45
Donation to Nepal rural relief fund (Anjali) = $400
Total = $407 + $436.88 divided by 13 days = $64.91 each day

Expense account = 528.87 – $15.82 = $513.05 (Avg. $8.60 per day will last 60 more days)
Donations account = $688.25 – $407 = $281.25 (Avg $39.72 per day will last 17 more days)

Nepal Earthquake Charities: $350 (+$150 Facebook matching) = $500
Nepal Rural Village Relief direct to (Anjali) – $500 + $400 + $60 = $960

Total = $1,360 towards Nepal Earthquake relief.

Recorded at Bana Lassi, Varanasi: http://chirb.it/v3t5nE


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  1. This is wonderful. How can I subscribe to this blog? I would like to donate a little here also… Thanks and Godspeed!


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