First painting towards Donor’s Raffle Finished

Varanasi, India

Day 11:

The first painting is finished! This is one that I drew while I was in Kathmandu at the Garden of Dreams in Thamil. I am not for sure if the building is still standing or not. I spent a lot of time in this garden throughout all my trips to Nepal and consider it to be a shelter from the craziness that Kathmandu can sometimes be. Although it is not perfect, I feel it is a good starting point for what is to come.

At the end of the year, all paintings will go into a raffle for the donors of this blog and donors to the Nepal rural village relief fund through Anjali. For every $50 donated, one raffle ticket will be earned for the chance to win a full book of paintings. The first book is made 100% from hand-made Nepali paper. Each donor can only win one prize so many people can win. For those who donate less than $50, raffle tickets will also be given for every $10 donated for a boxed set of prints. Perhaps there may be many books and boxed sets to give away!

Have a nice day!

List of daily expenses and donations for May 2st, 2015:

Total spent on food: $2.23
Total spent on room: $1.59
Random (Internet and Fort ticket): $3.98
Travel: $1.99
Total: $9.80 + 86.31 divided by 11 days = $8.74 per day.

Donations given to random strangers = 30 Indian rupees or $.48
Donations given to sadhus or holy men = 20 INR or $ .32
Total = $.80 + $436.08 divided by 11 days = $39.72 each day

Expense account = $538.65 – $9.78 = 528.87 (Avg. $8.74 per day will last 61 more days)
Donations account = $689.05 – .80 = 688.25 (Avg $39.72 per day will last 17 more days)

Nepal Earthquake Charities: $350 (+$150 Facebook matching) = $500
Nepal Rural Village Relief direct to (Anjali): $500 ($400 more pledged) = $900

Total given towards Nepal = $1300


 Garden of Dreams. Kathmandu, Nepal. Drawn 4/18/15. Painted 5/3/15.

Bhakti Yoga  chanting sesh Sadhana yoga January 8, 2013 – Part 3 –

Edit 4/4/15 10:30 am: Today I was offered 5,000 rupees for this painting! Almost $100, which is quite a lot in India. I told him that even if he offered 50,000 rupees I could not sell it as it is for the donors of this blog. ☺ I have a new one of my friend the Maha Naga Baba Rajendra Giri coming out tomorrow or the next day.

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One thought on “First painting towards Donor’s Raffle Finished”

  1. Yes fortunately the building of Garden of Dreams still stands
    There were some minor damages like cracks on walls but they say it will be repaired soon


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