Finding a New Way to Help those in Nepal who Need it the Most

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

Varanasi, India

Day 9: 

If we choose to donate money to an organization or charity, specifically for emergency relief, it is helpful to have absolute trust in the individuals who will be dealing with the financial or material distributions. If there is anything that I am trying to do with this blog, it is to offer a trustworthy place to donate money. If you trust me, then I hope that you will trust the people that I deal with as they are all friends.

I have found a new easy way to donate money and supplies straight to the people in Nepal who need it the most. There is a ton of work being done in Kathmandu and Pokhara, but the rural villages are suffering the hardest.

A friend of mine will be using money sent from Western Union online or bank wire transfers to bring supplies to the rural areas that are not being reached by the major charity organizations or government. She will keep a list of all supplies bought, where it goes, and to whom. She will be on the ground herself and with other trusted friends.

To donate, this is all you have to do.

Go to and click on the transfer money to Nepal option. For everyone in the U.S. there is currently a 0% transfer fee to people in Nepal. For everyone else, the fees should be low.

Register your details and then for the contact information add the name of “Anjali Maharjan”.

Her email is

This is all you need to do to transfer money from your debit or credit card to the rural villages in Nepal who have no other support at this time. If you would like to send a wire transfer or need her contact phone number, please email me at and I will forward you her wiring information.

Once this is done, you will receive a “code” or number from Western Union. Is all you have to do is to send her an email with this code and she will be able to collect the money anywhere in Nepal.

This is an extremely easy and transparent way to donate directly to where it is needed most.

I hope that people will take advantage of this method rather then to just send it to an organization where the money may or may not be used the most effectively. She is going to keep a list of all supplies bought, where the money goes, and to whom. Time is still of the essence and lives are still at risk.

Today the blog received two donations. One for $50 and one for $500. As I have been saying, the more that is donated here, the more that can be channeled to where it is needed most.

I have pledged $400 to sending supplies to the rural villages through my contact Anjali and her friends and will be sending it when the banks open on Monday. This will bring the total donations to $900 for Nepali earthquake relief.

Edit: As of 10:45 PM, another $500 has been sent directly to Anjali for distribution bringing the total to $900.

Yesterday was a pretty extraordinary day, but a little hectic. In the past few weeks, the most views per day for a post was 250, but yesterday’s post garnered 1050 views. Seems like it must have struck a cord with others. Thanks so much for the kind words of support for the article. 

It was a story that I wanted to share with everyone for sometime now. I am very thankful that it came out how I have been envisioning it for the past two years. 

Perhaps now, I can stop thinking about it and just let it be. If you would like to read it, you can find it here

List of daily expenses and donations for May 1st, 2015:

The blog received it’s 4th and 5th donation today for $50 and $500 from a few special people I know. I have divided the $50 it into the expense and giving account equally and the $500 was requested to be put into the giving account alone.

Total spent on food: $2.46
Total spent on room: $1.59
Random (Paints): $2.78
Total: $6.84 + $79.47 = 86.31 divided by 10 days = $8.63 per day.

Donations given to random strangers = 75 Indian rupees or $1.19
Donations given to sadhus or holy men = 50 INR or $ .80
Total = $1.99+ $434.09 = $436.08 divided by 10 days = $43.08 each day

Expense account = $520.49 – 8.63 + $25 = $538.65 (Avg $8.63 per day will last 63 more days)
Donations account = $166.04 – $1.99 + $25 + $500 = $689.05 (Avg $43.08 each day will last 16 more days)

Bhakti Yoga Chanting session Sadhana Yoga Jaunary 8, 2013 Part 2 (Gopala Devaki Nandana)


Photo courtesy of Manoj Shrestha.

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