What is fate?

“Whatever a pure man desires in his mind and whatever may be his object, he can obtain it.” – Upanishads – A “miracle” is a thought clearly expressed.

What is fate? 

Anyone can reach a high spiritual state. What is difficult is to learn how to sustain it, what you use it for in real life, and how you share it with others. I am looking for other “seekers” that are interested in the same things that I am and will take this journey with me online. Even if you may be sitting at home or working somewhere in the world, I will do my best to be a vicarious traveler or spiritualist, or someone that can “be lived through”. I have always been a very private person, so this will be a good challenge that I believe I am prepared to take. I believe that is my “fate”. 

To me fate means that whatever happens in the present moment or has happened in the past was supposed to happen or it had to happen that exact way in this existence. On the other hand, the future is uncertain and there are an unlimited amount of possibilities for what could happen. The future will happen how we want it, but we must have an idea of how we want it before the actuality can manifest. How long can we continue in the same direction? 

That is what I talk about when I say an idea or theory must precede an action from occurring. If new ideas or theories are not presented to the world to ponder then which direction will we go? The same way into the wrong direction or a new way leading closer to where we would like to be? Hopefully this blog will present a steady flow of new ideas that the “consciousness” wants to express for others to ponder. Whether they happen or not only time will tell. 

Per the theory of fate, whatever happens is supposed to happen. Whatever you are doing at this moment is exactly what you are supposed to be doing at this moment. Whatever you believe at this moment is exactly what you are supposed to believe. It couldn’t be any other way. Perhaps it may be different in the future, but at this moment what you do and believe is “perfect” in that it couldn’t be any different then it actually is. 

Whoever is drawn to this blog and reads the posts everyday are supposed to. Whoever doesn’t read this blog, they are not supposed to. It’s pretty much that simple. I will be equanimous to the readership of this blog for I know that it is “out of my control”. At the moment my main focus is to continue to build the main structure of the project and blog before the first day begins in India. 

I am getting to a point where I will solely be focused on writing and the entire experience without having to worry about the “behind the scenes” work. I will continuously write things that I think are important and “helpful”,  but this blog is also a way for me just to remember everything that I experience. If people like it, great! If not, I will still continue on. Perhaps it is better to have a few dedicated readers than thousands or millions, but we will see. 

Whatever happens happens. 

In this mindset, every post I write will be exactly as it should be. This takes a lot of the weight off of my shoulders, because occasionally I can be a perfectionist. The imperfection of my writing will be perfect for it’s “job”. Something I write may “be for a specific reader”, even if other readers or myself don’t fully understand it. It may be a “trigger” or something that will answer a deep question that person had. This is the way that dharma works. This is how we are all connected. 

 A “Tree” of Sadhu blogs

I believe it is the fate of this blog to exist and to thrive. I believe if done correctly, it could spark a movement or new paradigm of living and traveling. If this site grows in reach and the donations increase, I would like to pass the “surplus” of the donated expense account to other people who want to start their own “sadhu” blog. If the expense account rises to a level of say $10,000 and my average expenditure is $10 a day, that will last for 3 years! Couldn’t this money go to a better cause by having one or more people doing the same thing as I? 

If i deducted $1000 and distributed the “start-off” money for a new “sadhu” blog, the original donors of the combined $10k would in theory be a part of the new blog just as much as this one. As the new blogger builds up their donations, eventually they could start their own branch. This would be the start of a tree of “sadhu” blogs. 

It is not so easy to find others “like me” and so one reason for this blog is to “put out thefeelers”. I have full faith that this blog will be a “beacon” for this purpose and that the dharma will connect me with people who I am looking for or who are looking for me.  It will surely be the work of fate to bring fellow “seekers” to the blog. 

This blog and project are an “expirement” for me letting the “new” ego room to spread it’s legs and breathe. It has been “under attack” for some time now, but I am realizing the importance of it in the worldly existence. The ego is special in the fact that we must consider the worldly existence and ultimate existence to be of equal importance. The Buddha emphasized that we must be aware of the relative and absolute truth. Relatively, we have a self and an ego. Ultimately, we do not. We must learn to set the rules for our mind to follow, and not allow the mind to set the rules for “us” to follow. 

The Buddha called the uncontrolled ego a “wild elephant” because it could ruin lives, families, and nations. Once we learn to tame the “wild elephant”, only then can it go to properly helping society. To build a project such as this one must use the ego to create the “role” that one is to play. The key is to learn how to purify the ego to keep it in check; to not get a “big head”. This is where most fail when attempting something like this, when the ego gets out of control. Since I will be traveling with nearly nothing, spending very little money, and continually purifying myself through my own sadhana, I believe it will be a success in these regards.

During this trip, I will make a strong determined effort to continue to “rise” spiritually and perhaps one day “ego-death” may arise. Maybe, maybe not. If this occurs, which it nearly has in the past, I have no idea what to expect because I have never fully experienced it. Hopefully the egoless entity that will be writing this blog will continue it’s mission, but I can’t guarantee it. In the past when it has been close to happening, I have given away all my stuff because there was nothing left that considered anything to be “mine”. Since I will be traveling with limited belongings, hopefully it will keep these tools to continue the blog and project that is now being set. Furthermore, I believe we can still aspire even with zero desire. 

Maybe some will come here for the writing, and get hooked on the artwork. Maybe some will come for the artwork, and get hooked on the writing. Maybe some will come for the traveling, and get hooked on the spirituality. Maybe some will come for the spirituality, and get hooked on the traveling. Fate will decide. 

Nothing has to be done. 

There is no such thing as a “last chance” in spiritual terms. We will always have a chance until one day we take it.  There is only the illusion that there is a last chance. Of course, the idea of a last chance  is very important for progress to happen, especially throughout history. The only way for religion to have grown the way it has the past 2,000 years is because it was spread through fear of one’s “last chance” to make things right. When we realize fully that there is no such thing as a last chance, that we will always have a chance, it will be a turning point for this existence.

We may occasionally lose a battle here or there, but it is impossible for us to lose the war. 

Today I will add a new small feature of the blog. Occasionally, I will record an original song from one of the street musicians from wherever I travel to. Afterwards, I will post the song online for people to listen to. This guy’s name is Sam, from Kathmandu, and his song is titled “Wave Of A Tide.”



Link for audio: http://chirb.it/OMLOqH


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