Our right to change the future.

As my knots are untied, the world’s knots are untied. As my pain decreases, the world’s pain decreases. As my joy increases, the world’s joy increases. As my mind settles into peace, the world’s mind settles into peace. And so I shall continue to untie these knots, until there is not a single one left and the love flows unto all …

If you haven’t had a chance to read the post from yesterday or the new “about” page, please go give it a read. It is pretty important and helpful in explaining the purposes of this blog.
Minimalist Travel
Minimalist travel promotes or teaches us to have less of an ego, which increases our natural happiness levels. The ego thrives on what it considers to be “mine”. When possessions are limited, the ego is limited. Spiritual development is conducive to this atmosphere. Have you ever met or seen a sadhu? They carry very little. One can tell the size of the ego of a sadhu by the size of the bag he/she carries.
Dana or Donations
Dana is the pali word for donations. When the journey begins, the dana that will be received will be divided into two separate “banks” for the reader and donor to keep track of along the way. I will add a “bank” widget on the sidebar which will constantly update the two banks, one which will be used for travel and blog expenses and the other half which will be used as a “donation bank” to pass on to others.
The donation bank will fluctuate daily as I will pass along small donations to individuals and larger donations to random causes or organizations that are in need of financial support. Each day I will give 10 Indian rupees to the first ten sadhus that cross my path. Furthermore I will give 50 rupees to the first 3 people that are begging and cannot possibly earn the money themselves. This will work out to around $5 a day.
The “Dana Bank” will be built and updated daily starting shortly. It will be continuously visible in the sidebar or menu list. Furthermore, Bitcoin, as well as credit and debit card will be accepted shortly through Paypal. All donations will be tax deductible as This American Sadhu is a sub-project of P.T. Charities, a charity I have ran for the past 5 years. Keep an eye out soon.
Sadhus have lived this way throughout history, living off the charity of others. This blog and project is just a modern day version of what has been going on for thousands of years: the modern day sadhu. Sadhus travel from place to place as “karmic sinks” for the population or karma generators as I like to call them. When someone gives to a sadhu without expectation or intention, then the benefits will eventually come to them, whether in this life or the next. With that said, I will attempt to be a karmic generator for the readers and supporters of this blog, channeling the karma that I may have received for providing service or financial aid to those in need.

Mantra. Mantra. Oh crap. Right when it was his turn, he forgot the mantra. The man and woman to his left had sung their’s perfectly. He had forgotten his in the mix. What to do?!  “…. Ommm guru… ommm guru…. ommm guru ohm…” Phew! That was a close one.

Take back your right.
We have an amazing “right” in this life to create or adopt different values than are currently important to society as a whole. Even if we are born or engrained with certain values we can make the choice to “give them up” and choose from a new set. This is one of the greatest “rights” that a human can have, but it takes a courageous and strong individual to do so. Whether gradual or immediate, a change in values within an individual can and will transform a life from that step forward. Furthermore, the greatest right that humanity has as a whole is to create a completely new set of values for society to live by.
Our current values may or may not be higher than multiple periods of history, but they are surely not as high as they will be in the future. If the opportunity for a value shift is available, it should be the individual’s duty to set an idea or example for the collective to follow. Hopefully this blog and journey will be able to convey a different set of values that I now hold to be important in my life. I feel we are in the process of building the foundations for the climax or culmination of this cycle. The eternal climax…
One could say it is an ultimately unimportant or relatively important time,  and if ultimacy and relativity are of equal “importance”, then it would also be considered an ultimately important time. The present moment is leading to the climax of why we are here… Relatively. The eternal climax.

EDIT: Added noon time Nepal.
The blog is now setup to collect donations from credit and debit cards. Hopefully soon Bitcoins will be accepted. Not only that but we have received the first $100 donation to go towards the Dana Bank. The Dana Bank is now available to be seen on the sidebar or menu bar for those on smartphones or Ipads. As you can see $50 have been distributed to the expense account and $50 to the giving account. Hope this makes things a bit more clear.
I will not start using the donated money until Day 1 of the trip to India, which starts in around 6 days. Hopefully we can build up the amount before the date arises so everything is ready to go. Until that time, I will continue to use my own money on various things to get the blog running smoothly, etc.
Dharma works! Exciting times. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! We all have the right to change the future!
There is also a link that can be copied or pasted and directed to the donation site:

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