Everything is always going to be ok…

There unity is too close for search and clasp And love is a yearning of the One for the One. And beauty is a sweet difference of the Same And oneness is the soul of multitude. – Sri Aurobindo

Try to enjoy every moment of the ride of your life. God may one day ask you are you enjoying the ride I have built for you? Every moment? The ups and downs and spins? Even what you may consider to be “good” and “bad”? And the answer should eventually be yes, not I enjoy sometimes but not others. If one can learn to accept everything without great reaction, slowly one will learn to enjoy everything. Even hardwork becomes enjoyable overtime. And the difficult times can even be enjoyable with perseverance. It is all about perspective… Enjoy the ride. Really excited about sharing this blog and story with you all. Everything is always going to be ok.

Published by

This American Sadhu

Wandering traveler, writing a story, contemplating spiritual stuff, living austere, and helping random strangers... all rolled into ONE. What fun!

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